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Who We Are

Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) is a group of fans in Portland, Oregon that sponsors science fiction conventions and related events. OSFCI and all OSFCI events are entirely volunteer-run, and any surpluses are donated to recognized non-profit organizations. OSFCI itself is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

Membership in OSFCI is open to anyone who has worked at the committee level for at least two OSFCI events in the last four years. If you have worked on OSFCI events and would like to see how many "credits" we have for you on our books, here is the current list.

The OSFCI Board of Directors currently consists of Beverly Block, Aaron Curtis, Shyrl Hester, Fargo Holiday, D. Stephen Raymond, Lea Rush, Alexis Smith, Debra Stansbury, Marc Wells, and Patty Wells.

If you'd like to know more, you can read an essay called What is OSFCI?.

Board's Statement

OSFCI, and all of its events, strive to be inclusive and safe for people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, heritage, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or any other category. To this end, we have a Code of Conduct that we have developed to ensure that all of our members can be aware of our intent to achieve this goal.

As some of you are aware, there was an incident during Westercon 69 in which a member did not feel safe and, as stated in our code, reported it to our staff. Unfortunately, we as an organization failed to properly realize the gravity of the incident, and we failed to follow our own noted procedures for follow-through, with both the offended party and the offender. This inaction and inappropriate handling have caused considerable distress for all of those involved, and shows that OSFCI as an organization has a great deal to learn in order to prevent and handle comparable situations in the future. One member of our convention staff violated our Code of Conduct with inflammatory remarks directed at the person who reported the event; that former staff member has been removed from their position.

While we cannot erase this incident, we are taking steps to better improve our processes, as well as our understanding of issues relating to diversity. We are taking steps to better interact with everyone, and to continue to provide an environment we believe will be safe, inclusive, and fun for everyone. Toward these ends, we are taking the following steps:

While we own that the responsibility for improving our organizational culture is ours, we warmly welcome and sincerely would love more involvement from members of any and all groups who have been or could be impacted by inappropriate or insensitive behavior. We appreciate any and all feedback from anyone in any community on how we can continue to improve these standards.

Our goal is to have all of this completed in time for our next event, OryCon, which is in mid-November. We look forward to continuing to run events at which everyone can feel welcome and safe. We appreciate any communities and individuals open to collaborating with us to prevent and address any future concerns.

Please feel welcome to contact us with any feedback, suggestions, or inquiries:

Thank you,
OSFCI Board of Directors

Letter from the President
Apology regarding Westercon

Upcoming OSFCI Events

OSFCI is the sponsor of the following events and projects: Previous OSFCI events included OryCon 1 through 37; Con (the generic science fiction convention) 1 through 7; SMOFCon 5; CascadeCon; GameStorm 1 through 18; Left Coast Crime 12; Westercon 37, 43, 48, 54, and 69; Potlatch 5 and 8; ConComCon 11, and the 1996 and 2014 World Horror Conventions. The Westercon 48, Westercon 54, Westercon 69, OryCon 17, OryCon 18, OryCon 19, OryCon 20, OryCon 21, OryCon 22, OryCon 23, OryCon 24, OryCon 25, OryCon 26, OryCon 27, OryCon 28, OryCon 29, OryCon 30, OryCon 31, OryCon 32, OryCon 33, OryCon 34, OryCon 35, OryCon 36, OryCon 37, Potlatch 5, Potlatch 16, and SMOFcon 23 pages are still on-line.

A table summarizing the history of OryCon is also available.

Upcoming Meetings

The next OSFCI Board meeting will be February 21, 2017, at 6:30pm, at a location yet to be determined.

How to Contact Us

You can contact the officers of OSFCI at the following addresses: Most of our events also have their own contact addresses; see their pages above.

You can also send postal mail to us at:

PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703

OSFCI Documents

The following corporate documents are currently available on the web: Thanks to David Schaber, John Bartley, Kate Yule, John Lorentz, and Robert Verde for contributing to this project.


E-mail addresses on this page and its subpages are provided for the convenience of our convention members. These addresses are not to be used for commercial solicitation, mass mailings, or any other purpose unrelated to OSFCI events. Unsolicited commercial e-mail or any form of mass mailing will be subject to a $500 reading fee. Sending of such mail will be deemed to constitute acceptance of these terms.

"OSFCI" and "OryCon" are service marks of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc.

"Westercon" is a service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

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