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John Andrews Memorial Worldcon Scholarship

The late John Andrews was one of the founding members of OryCon and OSFCI. Without his efforts, it is quite possible that neither would exist today. He was also very active in and devoted to Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention, which is held in a different city every year.

In his memory, OSFCI provides a scholarship to send one person to Worldcon every year. The scholarship comprises a membership for the Convention and a cash grant to help cover expenses. The 2018 Worldcon will be in San Jose, California, from August 16-20, 2018.

In order to be eligible, an applicant must have been active in OSFCI sponsored functions (including GameStorm and OryCon) for at least 2 years, and may not have attended a Worldcon for at least 5 years.

Details for the current scholarship are forthcoming. If you'd like to apply, please do so by the end of January.

To apply, please complete the application form:

and email it to or send it by US Mail to:

OSFCI Scholarship Fund
PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703

For information about the 2019 Worldcon, go to

Scholarship Recipients

The recipients of the scholarship have been:

Ellen Klowden
Jenn Contreras
(no scholarship awarded)
Sarah Gulde
Heather McLoughlin
Michael Pinnick
(no scholarship awarded)
Anna Holiday
Fargo Holiday