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Standing Meeting Rules

(NOTE: In all items below: "Directors" is defined as the elected voting members of the OSFCI Board of Directors; "Board Members" is defined as all members of the Board, including ex-officio Board members; "President" is defined as the person who is currently presiding over a Board meeting.


I. Items under New Business shall be considered in the following order:

  1. Items on the printed agenda.
  2. Items submitted to the President prior to the start of the meeting.
  3. New items introduced during the body of the meeting.
  4. Items may be discussed out of order upon a two-thirds majority assent of the Directors.
  5. The Treasurer is authorized to issue payments for budgeted expenses without the need for individual approvals by the Board of Directors.

II. Meetings

  1. Board of Director meetings shall be no more than 2 1/2 hours (150 minutes) in length. After that time, no new items will be considered -- however, consideration may continue on items already under discussion. This time limit may be extended upon a two-thirds majority assent of the Directors.
  2. Starting in 2017, meetings will start no earlier than 6:30 PM on Weekdays and 1 PM on weekends.

III. OSFCI officers who are not elected Directors shall be considered ex-officio Board members.

IV. Motions may be presented to the Board by any member, including ex-officio members.

V. Motions put to the Board of Directors pass with a simple majority of affirmative votes by all directors who vote on the motion.


VI. With the exception of the person making a proposal, and someone answering a direct question by another Board member, no person shall speak more than once on an item under discussion until all members have had a chance to speak.

VII. With the exception of a person who is presenting an item of business to the Board, discussion shall be limited to Board members. However, the President may invite other persons to participate in the discussion.

VIII. The President has the power to determine whether discussion is germane to the item under consideration, including whether it is simply repetition of points already made.


IX. If a person is present and participating at a Board Meeting at which possible penalties are being discussed concerning that person under OSFCI's Security Guidelines, that meeting shall be considered the person's appeal hearing. This person shall be allowed to speak, and not be subject to the limits of discussion under Item VI.


X. These Standing Rules may be amended at any time by a majority vote of all Directors.