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Board Meeting Minutes October 8th 2012

Board of Directors Meeting

October 8, 2012

Board Members in attendance: Arthur Aldridge, Beverly Block, Aaron Curtis (OSFCI President), Rick Lindsley (OSFCI Treasurer), John Lorentz (OSFCI Secretary), D. Stephen Raymond and Lea Rush. Andrew Nisbet was in Kansas because of family reasons, and Devlin Perez and Marc Wells missed the meeting because of work–their absences were excused.

Also attending were Jason Bostick (GameStorm 15 Chair), Debbie Cross and Paul Wrigley (Susan Petrey Fund), James Fiscus (Clayton Fund and Endeavour Award), Ruth Sachter, and Tracy Penner (OryCon 34 Chair).

The meeting started about 7:35PM


I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted unanimously.


II. Treasurer's Report (Rick Lindsley)

(Copies were distributed by e-mail before the meeting and in printed form at the meeting–see below.)

The one item of importance is that Paul Brinker (the OryCon 34 treasurer) has taken a new job and has relocated to Texas (although he will return for the convention itself). He will continue to act as treasurer, working remotely. Rick has possession of the checkbook, and will write checks if they are needed, but Paul will continue to pay most expenses electronically. (Income coming in to OryCon can be deposited by anyone who knows the account number, so that won't be a problem.)

The check for Jennifer Geske (for an old GameStorm expense, that was approved for reimbursement at the April board meeting) is still in Aaron's hands. He's trying to find out what address he should mail it to, but she has not responded to voice mail messages and e-mail that he has sent her way, asking for her address. He will continue to try to make contact with her, although the check that Rick wrote is in danger of going stale (it was written six months ago–we may need to write a new check).

Rick is trying to check on some capital purchases–he wrote a check for the purchase of new refrigerator(s) and it has been cashed. Have the refrigerators been purchased? Stephen was pretty sure that a refrigerator had been obtained. (Devlin was unable to make it to this meeting.) Rick will check with Devlin on the status of this. (Later in the meeting, Devlin texted that he'd purchased refrigerators last year.)

Now that the site of the 2014 Worldcon has been determined (London), he'll purchase a membership for the John Andrews grant. Aaron pointed out that we've given Rick, as OSFCI treasurer, the mandate and authorization to purchase memberships to each new worldcon as cheap as possible, which means as soon as the memberships are available. So he doesn't need to wait until the next board meeting for authorization.

Stephen: Paul Brinker was also the person handling the Clearwire Internet equipment, and was the only person who knew how to set it up. Rick spoke with Paul at the last OryCon meeting, and Paul said he was working on passing the knowledge on about how to set up the equipment. The equipment itself is still at Paul's old apartment, in the possession of Paul's former roommate. (His new employer paid for the old apartment through the end of the lease, another four months, as part of moving Paul to Texas.) Paul had been training his roommate (who is associated with Kumoricon) in setting up the equipment. Tracy will work with Paul to make sure that the setup information and the equipment is in hand for OryCon. (The equipment will probably be moved to another location, probably the storage locker. It wasn't moved there before because of the need to have access to it for GameStorm and the game days.)

The treasurer's report was then accepted unanimously.


IV. Reports on Sponsored Activities
A. Conventions and Bids

1. GameStorm 14 (D. Stephen Raymond)

The last checks from GameStorm 14 have been cashed, and the books are closed.

The report was accepted.


2. OryCon 34 (Tracy Penner)

The budget sent by Paul Brinker (OryCon 34 treasurer) was distributed. There is still no financial report that reports income or expenses, despite requests from Tracy for that information.

Lea Rush reported that there were 399 paid memberships (with an additional 84 dealer memberships, for a total of 483). Additionally, there are about 160 program participants and guests. At this point, OryCon needs 353 people (full memberships or equivalent) at the door to break even.

Rick: While we're missing a few people due to the conflict with World Fantasy Con, the panels are full up and there will be some interesting items. The ballroom is booked all of Saturday afternoon with things that will draw people in.

Aaron: The other major risk the convention has right now is the chance of missing the room block. What is the status there? Currently, there are 523 room nights booked right now, with a total of 616 needed in order to avoid attrition costs (the entire block is 770 room nights). The attrition cost is the difference between the revenue of the room nights booked and the revenue from 616 room nights, so Orycon doesn't gain anything by purchasing additional rooms itself–the cost will be the same in any case. When does the block expire? This week. [This was later extended to October 23rd.] Does the current room night list include the rooms that OryCon itself is renting? Yes.

Jim Fiscus suggested that the board, at the next meeting, discuss putting together a multi-year PR effort, since the memberships continue to spiral downwards. Paul disagreed with this, in that nearly every OryCon has had a surplus and (besides last year) those surpluses have usually been a few thousand dollars. Debbie suggested that this, as Jim said, is a topic for discussion at another meeting.

Aaron: Is this going to be a good convention? Yes–programming has some good items (both Laika and Dark Horse are represented), and the dealer room has a record number of dealers.

The refund for the canceled murder mystery dinner still hasn't been received. OSFCI will pursue that now, and the money paid ($750) as a deposit won't be taken out of OryCon funds.

The OryCon 34 report was then accepted.


3. GameStorm 15 (Jason Bostick)

Registration and financial reports were circulated at the meeting.

It's progressing pretty well. The new registration person has taken over from Phoenix so that she can concentrate on developing the GameCon software.

Registration is running 156% of last year at this time, and already at 66% of their total membership last year. They just had a price increase of $10, so that's some of the reason for the bump in registration numbers, but certainly not all of it.

Yesterday's game day was one of their busiest ever. Every table was filled, the hotel brought in more tables, and then every one of those filled up.

Expenses so far have been $132, and total income around $8000, so GameStorm is in good shape.

The role-playing guest of honor has been confirmed; they're still waiting on the board game guest of honor. (They're hoping to have that confirmed by the end of the month.) Publicity is getting a little slower start than he'd like, but it will be ramping up soon (there's still 5½ months until the convention.)

The report was accepted.


4. OryCon 35 (Lea Rush)

There will be a convention. The ad for the OryCon 34 program book has been put together, and they're working on a poster. Paul: What time will you be selling memberships (for next year) on Sunday this year? Lea: From noon until later (probably about 4PM). There will be a lot of posters at OryCon this year telling people about the time for buying for next year. The price structure will remain the same as it was this year, holding at $25 until the end of the year. The web site for next year will go live by Friday of this year's convention (November 2nd).

She will need to get Car (Bostick) added as a signer (in addition to Lea) to the OryCon Odd checking account (as the OryCon 35 Treasurer).

The report was accepted by the board.


5. GameStorm 16 (Aaron Curtis)

No real changes since the last meeting. Aaron is slowly recruiting staff. At this point, they could get the GameStorm Even checkbook, but they don't really need it.

The report was accepted by the board.


6. The 2014 World Horror Convention Bid (Rick Lindsley)

There's been no additional news. Tammy hopes to have the decision from the WHC board by Thanksgiving.

The report was accepted.


B. Funds and Awards

1. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund (James Fiscus)

(See report below.) A grant was given out in the amount of just over $1800. He anticipates a further request later this year for several hundred dollars. Patrick Swenson has made a donation to the Fund, in the amount of $35.97. There's still over $5000 in the account, and they're going to be doing some additional fund-raising in the near future.

The report was accepted.


2. Endeavour Award (James Fiscus)

(See report below.) There are 19 books in so far for 2012, with is significantly ahead of last year. There's $5200 in the bank, and things are moving along well. The winner for this year's award has been chosen, and will be announced at OryCon.

The board accepted the report.


3. Susan Petrey Fund (Paul Wrigley and Debbie Cross)

The financial report wasn't ready yet, since the September bank statement was still in the mail. [A report was received later in the week, and is included below.] The third annual brewpub tour was held recently and it netted about $400 for the fund. Patty and Lily Wells are running the egg sales/prizes at OryCon this year. The fan lounge at OryCon this year will be the Susan C. Petrey Fan Lounge.

The Board accepted their report.


4. John Andrews Worldcon Grant (Beverly Block)

The announcement letter for the 2013 grant went to the OryCon and GameStorm email lists, and has been submitted to the Ory 34 souvenir book. It's also on the web site. This is providing a membership (and travel expenses) to LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio.

The report was accepted.


IV. Other Continuing Business

A. Proposed Code of Conduct and Related Policies

The committee's proposed code of conduct, and procedures for implementing the code, were distributed to the Board prior to the meeting and written copies were distributed at the meeting. (The idea is that the code is what's printed in the event publications, and the procedure governs OSFCI's actions after the event.)

The committee borrowed heavily from other groups who have gone through this before, and tried to follow Sam's [Sam Justice, the OSFCI attorney] suggestions that he gave at the last board meeting, to give the board a maximum amount of flexibility. There was much discussion, mostly about the proposal that person ejected from an event should (in most cases) be given a refund of their membership.

It was agreed that for egregious actions (such as committing crimes at the event), it's reasonable not to issue a refund-but what about other ejections? People might go to the convention, and intentionally act up to get their money back after being there for a day or two. It was pointed out that it's likely that person would not be allowed to attend at all the following year, so they won't be able to make a habit of this. John: Refunding the money they paid gives them fewer avenues to go after OSFCI after the convention. They can't argue "They won't let me return to the event, but they kept my money." This has been discussed by a lot of convention runners across the county, and a lot of people have said it's better just to give them their money back and tell them to go away. Jim: It will be safer and cleaner if we give them their money back when they're no longer allowed in the event. It removes possible grounds for suit because of that financial issue.

Debbie suggested that the code of conduct include wording stating that someone who is ejected from an event will be banned or potentially banned from future events, because that's a more severe punishment than simply ejecting them from the current event. Jason: Something that warns them that the events will be reviewed by OSFCI after the event. Beverly: We want to make sure that the chair is still the ultimate authority during the event, but that OSFCI will review the actions after then event.

Paul: I'm assuming we have a motion from the committee to accept the code of conduct and procedures. (Yes.) Paul suggested that between now and the next meeting, the code and procedures be sent to the entire board, and people make suggested changes so that we can vote on it at the next meeting, since no one's yet proposed clear changes to what the committee suggested. (And we'd have to rerun this by our lawyer again before we approve it.) Tracy: I kinda need to have this settled within 24 days (for OryCon 34). Arthur: It doesn't affect you since your management agreement is already signed. John: It has nothing to do with the management agreement and everything to do with the event. Lea: It's 24 hours, rather 24 days (the program book deadline was the day after this meeting).

Jason: The proposed code of conduct is fine; it's the procedures that might be changed. Jason proposed that we adopt the code now and discuss the procedures at the next meeting (after OryCon 34). John seconded this. Debbie suggested the following amendment, to be included after stating that at the event, the decision of the chair is final:

     After the event, OSFCI make take further action, including banning you from future events.

Everyone liked the amendment and it was included in the motion, which was passed unanimously.

Beverly said that she'd prefer that we also adopt the new procedures now (with the understanding that there might be changes discussed at the December meeting, because of the new requirements (immediate notification to the board of any ejections, and timely receipt of the security logs) included in those procedures. Aaron: Should we adopt the procedures now? Arthur: This wouldn't have a binding effect since the management agreement's already been signed. Beverly: But this also talks about what the board is going to after the event. John: The existing agreement already requires that the event keep written security logs –all we're changing is the timeline for passing those logs on to the board, to make sure we get information right away. Beverly: I'm more worried about people going to the web site, looking at the Bylaws (and existing banning policy) and argue that we aren't following that procedure. I haven't heard any real objections to the proposed new procedures so why are we putting off adopting them? John moved that we adopt the new procedures to cover the period of OryCon, and that we will entertain any changes made at the December meeting. This was seconded and it passed unanimously. (The new code of conduct and OSFCI procedures are listed below.)

B. Storage Manager Report

No report at this time. (Devlin was unable to attend the meeting.)


C. Hotel Committee

Nothing new to report. Lea: How long do our (OryCon) contracts go? We 're signed for three years on a rolling basis, usually signing for a new year after the end of an OryCon. What happens to the Hilton Honors (meeting planner) points? They usually go to whoever the hotel liaison is for that year. Tracy: How many points are involved? John: I got 80,000 points for the year that I was hotel liaison. Aaron: Which is roughly enough for one night at a nice hotel. John: Or two nights at a Hilton Garden Inn in Bend.


D. IT Committee

Beverly: The new VPS account is set up and Matt & Dave have access to it. The (new GameStorm) pages are being designed. We're assuming that the GameCon software won't be ready for this year (although there is still a slim chance it might be). We're moving over the web site and the current scheduling system so that it's running on a more powerful server and cutting out the timeouts we've been encountering. And this will allow the Gamestorm people to have access to admin functions, which is no longer the case with DreamHost. Coding for GameCon is moving along.

Rick: That's the software report. There have also been more problems with DreamHost as a hosting provider. When the program schedules were ready to send out for OryCon (this are normally sent out in HTML format because of the tables and such), DreamHost's new outgoing spam filters decided these are all spam. The mail would be passed on to DreamHost's mailer, and then it would simply disappear. So none of the schedules were being sent out, and DreamHost would not tell Rick how to avoid their automatic checks with his legitimately-non-spam mail. So Rick spent the last week using all his free time to re-code all the e-mail into simple text, manually adding any necessary formatting. Rick is now ready to switch from DreamHost–knowing that it will be a slow process (both in deciding on a new host, and in moving the existing content). It will cost a lot of manpower to make the move. Arthur: And cost us more money.

Aaron: Is our GameStorm domain registered through 2013? (Yes.)

The report was accepted.


E. Game Library Insurance

Heidi (Aaron's wife) checked their homeowner insurance policy, and found that it should cover the game library. (The policy covers contents up to 2/3rds of the value of the home itself.) They do need to do an inventory of all the stuff with a camera.

Paul & Debbie suggested a company that covers books and collections, if additional coverage is even needed.

The report was accepted.


F. Other Continuing Business

We still haven't received the refund for the canceled murder mystery dinner. Following up on a suggestion from Sam, John will write a letter to them, again requesting a refund, once he has the contact information. If that has no result, Sam will follow up with a letter as OSFCI's attorney.


V. New Business

Capital Purchases
Rick suggested two capital purchases:

  1. Since Sam has said that it's not good to transfer cash to Kumoricon as a donation to express our thanks for them loaning us tech equipment (and people), maybe OSFCI could purchase a (small) piece of tech equipment and donate that to them. This way, it would not be compensation for using their equipment, but just a way to express our gratitude. Lea suggested that we could also loan people to help them. (Maybe running security.) They have used our computers. (Rick: What computers are those? Tammy: Our registration computers.) The board was in general agreement with the idea, and Aaron directed Lea to ask Jackie (Kumoricon) about this.
  2. More and more people are asking for laptops to use at OryCon to make their presentations. (As they're planning on just bringing in on a CD.) Rick suggested that we purchase a small number of computers to use for programming items. We have registration computers, but we can't pull those out of registration. We have projectors to use at the convention, but we don't have computers for this use. Arthur suggested that we approach Free Geek about this. Aaron said that, since we don't need the computers except for a few days in November, that we lease rather than buy. Beverly: How many laptops are we talking about? Rick: This year, it would be one, maybe two. These would specifically be for OryCon, since GameStorm doesn't have this need. People will investigate the various options and report back at the next meeting. (It's too late in any case to do anything for OryCon this year.)

Future OryCon Guests of Honor
Ruth suggested that the board seriously consider inviting some of the high profile potential Guests of Honor that we've looked at various years, that need to be asked several years in advance. That would be one way to build OryCon back up. Ruth is not putting in a bid to chair a future convention–she's just making a suggestion on how to bring in a well-known guest. Rick: If the board does this, isn't this saying the board will run the convention? No, it's just saying that whoever is running the convention will have a high-profile guest of honor. (They can add additional guests.) Debbie: It might be if we have a high-profile guest lined up for a future year, it might be easier to attract a chair for that year. John: Contacting people about being guest at an OryCon in the future is how we got Terry Pratchett. It's how we got Robert Silverberg (he wasn't available for 1980, but said that he was for 1981-so he was immediately invited for 1981, event though there wasn't a chair in place yet).

After some discussion, the board decided to set up a "Long Term GOH Search" committee, that will put together a short list of possible people to invite and report that back to the next board meeting. Ruth will set up the committee, which taken from current and past board members and OryCon chairs, and schedule a committee meeting.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, December 11th, at 7:30PM at the Doubletree hotel

The meeting adjourned at 9:35PM.


Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI)

Code of Conduct

OSFCI does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking or unwelcome physical contact. This policy applies to your interactions with fellow con-goers, program participants, hotel employees, and guests of the hotel.

Be respectful of and courteous towards others. If you have graduated from kindergarten, we expect you to understand that you need to ask before you touch and that "no" means "no". If someone tells you "no" or "go away", your business with them is done.

Violation of this policy can result in action by the con committee ranging from warnings to having your badge revoked with no refund, and the decision of the event chair is final. Action by the convention in no way precludes the injured individual or the hotel from pursuing whatever remedies, civil or criminal, they see fit.

After the event, OSFCI may take further action, including banning you from further events.

Please note that other behaviors, including but not limited to destruction of hotel property, can also result in the actions described above.



  1. The events shall draft written policies listing who is designated as having the power to revoke event memberships, and the event chair shall forward a copy of this to the Board prior to the event. (These people may be designated by name or by staff position.)
  2. The event security of any OSFCI event shall note any warnings given in the written security logs for the event.
  3. Except in the case of extraordinary situations, anyone who has their event membership revoked shall have their membership fee immediately refunded.
  4. The event chair is the final authority on any actions, including membership revocations, during the event. (The OSCFI Board is only involved with any further actions taken after the close of the event.)


  1. Copies of the written security logs from the event shall be forwarded to the OSFCI secretary within two weeks of the end of the event or prior to the next scheduled meeting of the OSFCI Board of Directors (whichever comes first). The secretary will forward copies to corporate counsel.
  2. The OSFCI Board shall be informed of any membership revocations as soon as possible after the close of the event.
  3. The Board shall review any membership revocations and the event security logs at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting following the event.
  4. The Board may take further action-up to and including a permanent ban from all future OSFCI events. All such actions will be decided by a simple majority vote of the full Board.
  5. If the Board does vote to exclude someone from further events, the minimum length of that ban is one year, dating from the time of the Board decision.
  6. Anyone who is banned from further events shall be informed of this ban in writing, and be given to opportunity to appeal the ban at a following, regularly-scheduled Board meeting.
  7. Board reviews and ban appeals may be heard in closed session, upon request of either the Board or the person being heard.
  8. Actions by the hotel or its staff, including ejecting someone or permanently banning them from their property, are not appealable to the OSFCI Board.
  9. Anyone who owes money to OSFCI, or one of its events or activities, may not attend any other OSFCI event until this debt is satisfied. This includes (for example) debts to the Susan Petrey charity auction or an OryCon art show, but does not include private debts to dealers at an event.

OSFCI Treasurer's Report 108/6/12

1. Current Status

Mostly quiet but for one significant event. O34 active, O35 active, GS15 active.

The significant event is that the O34 treasurer (Paul Brinker) has taken a new job in Texas – he left last week. He will be back for the con, but of course will not be around physically for any of the time before then.

We have been experimenting with scanned receipts – this is no longer an experiment for O34. People seeking reimbursement will need to send their receipts to him electronically or wait for con. He will make payments to people via Wells Fargo Bill Pay (they will receive a check in the mail). There is a nominal charge for this of $6/month for the first 25 payments, but it seems a cheap solution to an otherwise thorny problem of a suddenly missing treasurer.

I have physically taken custody of the O34 checkbook in case there are any emergencies where Bill Pay just won't do. (I'll give it back to the treasurer during the time he's at O34.)

Jennifer Geske was issued a check for $132.50 on 4/29 of this year for a GS debt we felt we philosophically owed her. The check has not been cashed. Was it ever distributed?

We paid $50 for an annual membership in Portland Geek Council.

No capital expenses yet. I have a proposal later in the meeting (wearing my O34 Programming Head hat.)

The Petrey Fund and the Clayton Fund are in different funds and their totals are not included below. All other OSFCI accounts are below.

Current (as of 10/6/12) account status:

Acct Balance Change from 10/6 report
Orycon Odd $1000 ($0)
OSCFI checking $24684 (-$5491)
Endeavour $5179 (-$72)
GS Even $1000 (-$450)
Merchant $568 ($0)
GS Odd $7787 (+$2139)
Orycon Even $9544 (+$1399)
Campbell $0 (-$288)
OSFCI savings $19699 (+$283)

2. Old Business


3. New Business

Will be purchasing a membership in the 2014 Worldcon in London for the 2013 John Andrews Award.

The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

October 8, 2012

Requests for Aid:

Following a request for help and a review of the medical bills, we have approved a grant of $1,823.46.


We have received a donation of $35.97 from Patrick Swenson of Fairwood Press.

Account Balance and Fund Raising:

We have just over $5,000.00 in the bank after the donation and grant, and hope to start fundraising soon.


Board of Trustees

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2014
Page Fuller, Treasurer October 1996 November 2014
Arthur Aldridge, OSFCI Rep. July 2005 While serving on OSFCI Board.
Ruth Sachter November 2002 November 2015
Marc Wells November 2003 November 2015

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Clayton Board of Trustees

The Endeavour Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

October 8, 2012

Books Entered and Judging:

18 books in, which is ahead of our collection last year. If anyone wants to read for us, please drop a note to our email address.

Financial Report:

We have approximately $5,200.00 in our account, which is enough to run the Award for at least this year and next year.

We are moving into the time when we start spending money, and hope to resume fund raising later this year


Endeavour Committee

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2014
Page Fuller October 1996 November 2014
Marilyn J. Holt September 2000 November 2014
Sara Mueller October 2003 November 2013
Sheila Simonson October 1996 November 2013
Shawn Wall, Treasurer November 2005 November 2013

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Endeavour Award

Susan C. Petrey Scholarship

Income Statement: 2012 Q3

Balance (6/30/2012) $9,572.76
Beer Tour $200.00
Interest $1.22
Total $201.22
Total $0
Balance (9/30/2012) $9,773.98
OCF Balance (6/36/2012) $58,269.65

2012 Recipients

  • Chuck Palahniuk (Susan C. Petrey Fellow)
  • Brenta Blevins (Rural Retreat VA)
  • Carmen Machado (Iowa City, IA)

2013 Recipients

  • Samuel R. Delany (Susan C. Petrey Fellow)