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Board Meeting Minutes for September 16th 2007

Board of Directors Meeting

Sepetember 16, 2007

ATTENDING: (Board members) Arthur Aldridge (OSFCI Treasurer), Beverly Block, Mark Burns (joined meeting late), Aaron Curtis (OSFCI President), John Lorentz (OSFCI Secretary), Andrew Nisbet III, Michael Pinnick, Debra Stansbury, Patty Wells; Debbie Cross and Paul Wrigley (Susan C. Petrey Fund); Steve Criss (OryCon 29 Chair), Mary Olsen (OryCon 28 Chair), Ruth Sachter (Potlatch Chair); Kai Jones, Melvin Krehbiel, David Lohkamp, Kamila Miller, Dave Moreland, Sue Renhard, Brenna Sharp and Vincent Vaughn. Sam Justice (OSFCI attorney) was not able to attend the meeting but was available by cell phone.

The meeting started at about 5:04PM, Aaron cell phone time.

Before taking up the agenda, Aaron moved that the Board meeting go into an executive session to discuss a short topic. The motion was seconded, and passed unanimously. Following the short executive session, the meeting then continued with the regular agenda.

I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from both the regular Board meeting on July 15, 2007 and the emergency Board meeting on August 23, 2007 were accepted as correct without dissent.

At this time, the Board appointed John Lorentz to the Board of Directors to fill the vacant director position until the next Annual General Meeting.

II. Treasurer's Report

Arthur Aldridge: Since taking over the role, Arthur has secured signing authority over most of the accounts. There are two left–one is the Endeavour account, which already has several signers, and the other is one that has popped up with about $500 in it. Arthur will work with Linda or John Williamson to get that one taken care of. The CD is expiring in January or February of 2008, with a balance of about $3,000. Unless there's any objection, Arthur will cancel that CD at maturity and try to arrange for an account drawing a higher rate or return.

As far as money out, there's still an outstanding check written to Oregon Festival and Events Association. (John W's note said that it hat been given to Beverly Block, but it was actually given to Tammy Lindsley.) Arthur will check on the status of that check. We've paid for the bulk mailing permit for this year ($175), and the check has been sent to the IRS for the 2006 late penalty ($840).

Paul: Do we actually have numbers–such as the balance right now, and the income/expense statement since the beginning of the year? Arthur: In the rush to get to the meeting, he didn't bring the current balance numbers with him–and the switch over from John W. has left the beginning-of-the-year balance up in the air because he was transferring money in and out of the OSFCI and OryCon 29 accounts. The current balance is about $9,000 plus the $3,000 CD.

The audit committee has met yet–Arthur's priorities right now at to get the credit card system set up for OryCon 29 and to renew the insurance policy. (The insurance runs on a 12-month cycle, rather than calendar year. It comes up for renewal right before OryCon each year.) The current numbers will be ready by the time of the December Board meeting, and Arthur will try to have the audit committee ready by then, also. Paul: The audit meetings will probably take 4-5 afternoons to do it properly. Debbie: The biggest task to get everyone to have the needed paperwork in hand to do the audit. Arthur: The biggest priority for those audit meetings is to get the information together to file the 2007 forms, so we get them filed in time next year.

III. Reports on Sponsored Activities
A. Conventions and Bids
1. Potlatch 16 (2007)

John: Potlatch has been shut done, the bank account closed and the surplus distributed. He still needs to put together the statement of what was spent where, but the final surplus was $2,016.91. Half ($1,008.45) went to OSFCI (along with the remainder of the $2/attendee "overhead fee"–most had already been spent on OSFCI expenses during the last year), and the remaining half was split between the Clayton Fund ($672.31) and the Petrey Fund ($336.15).

2. Gamestorm 9 (2007)

Beverly: No real change from last time. Mark Burns and Aaron Nabil are working on closing the books–that's all that needs to be done. Arthur would like to know when they are going to close GameStorm 8. He moved about $2,000 from the old GameStorm checking account to a savings account in order to save on fees and he would like to know where it goes. He's asked both Mark Burns and Aaron Nabil, but hasn't had a response yet. Paul: Is this a surplus from GS 8? Should it go to OSFCI? Arthur: We don't know if it's a surplus. John: Part of their agreement is that some money is rolled over as seed money for the next GS–it might be seed money from GS 8, post-surplus split.

Paul: Do we have a financial statement from GS 9? Mark Burns might. (He was late in arriving, since he was driving down from Longview.)

3. Gamestorm 10 (2008)

Beverly had copies of a proposed management agreement for GameStorm 10, with her as the chair of the convention and Mark Burns as the treasurer. John also had draft copies of an agreement. Neither was an exact fit for what was needed–Beverly's had a different distribution of surplus from previous years, as well as a requirement that OSFCI would obtain insurance; John's had a clause specifying the $2/person OSFCI overhead fee, which had been left out fo the GS 9 agreement.

There was some discussion of the stated distribution of surplus. A line will be added specifying that a portion of the surplus will go to OSFCI if the total surplus is over $4,000. (Any surplus below that amount will be split between seed money for GameStorm 11 and the Susan Petrey Fund.) The Board authorized Aaron to sign the modified agreement, once it's ready.

GameStorm 10 will be back at the Red Lion Inn at the Quay (who are very happy to be hosting GameStorm). They're trying to be creative about the space, since it's smaller than the Sheraton used last year. Beverly has an enthusiastic web guy in hand.

4. OryCon 29 (2007)

Steve: Ryan (the treasurer) says there's about $16,900 in the bank (not counting the PayPal funds). There are 539 paying members registered so far–that's 50-100 more than last year at the same time. He's been hearing from a number of people who are saying that this year's OryCon sounds very interesting. A number of things were covered at the Exec Committee meeting last night. Additional committee people are coming in. October 15th is the ad deadline for the program book, Ilia Whitney is taking over registration, with Mark Burns working with her to come up with a new Reg system.

Paul: Is there a financial statement? Steve: They were going to have a treasury meeting before the exec meeting but it didn't happen. Arthur: He talked to Ryan and told him that, while there's better information about the checks being written, Arthur still needed a financial statement. Ryan told him that this would need to come from Steve. Paul: Not really interested in budget, but we need to have an income statement. (Steve will try to get one from Ryan right away.) Paul will send a copy of the financial form to both Arthur and Ryan so that Ryan knows what format to give the info in.

Steve: Should this information be only for the eyes of the con com? Paul: We used to publish the closing financial statement in the regress report. We've always been public about this information.

Andrew: More of the information presented should be in written form, so that it can be included in the minutes. The Board directed all events to email their information to the Board mailing list soon.

Paul: Some statements made by Steve–including one that "late night parties define the convention"–are really worrisome. We're a 501(c)(3) organization, literary an educational, and this is discoverable. If someone sent it on to the IRS, it could be very dangerous. Also statements were made about offsetting (party) costs and not telling the parent body (meaning OSFCI). If that happened in the real world, he'd walk around the corner to his company's general counsel and Steve would be out of there immediately after making comments like that. In the Sarbanes_Oxley world, you can't make statements like that. We have to count money above board and we can't be funneling money below the line and doing things like that.

Andrew: It is particularly bothersome because of the confused status of our books. Even if Steve were completely virtuous, demonstrating to an outside group that we have not chosen to move money off in this way would now be very difficult. Andrew does not want to explain to the IRS that his house wasn't part of the deal when the IRS comes after a no-longer tax-exempt OryCon. Debbie: What's even more worrisome is the bad judgement shown in posting "Don't tell OSFCI about this." That is really, really disturbing.

Steve: I had one person tell me that "'Reply All' is a harsh mistress." That sidesteps the fact that it was gross negligence and bad judgement to post that message. For me, a lot of the room parties define the depth of the convention. It would be nice to underwrite some of these costs, but we don't have the money.

Patty: That brings up another problem. The hotel budget is a fair share of the convention. We don't have the money in the budget to funnel it off to parties–yet this statement was posted without talking to Patty or John Williamson first. Debbie: Funneling some money can be done (as with the Petrey reception that's going to be held at OryCon this year), but the posted tone of how you feel about the OSFCI Board and the people you're supposedly working with is worrying, and pushing OryCon as a "party con" and not literary goes against our non-profit status. If that reached the IRS, it could kill our non-profit status.

Beverly: It's bad that a chair on an event would publically badmouth the sponsor of the event. This was not a staff list–this was a publically-accessible list. It would be appropriate to post an apology to the list. Patty: Our person at the Marriott reads the list. So far, this hasn't caused a problem, but that may not be true anytime in the future. Other people at the hotel may start reading the list at any time. We've been a house divided before, but it's been behind the scenes–and more honest. We've had problems before, but we've discussed them openly at Board meetings or committee meetings…not on a public e-mail list.

Michael: The posts made it sound like Steve wanted to emphasize the parties from the beginning. If the original presentation to the Board had been for a "party con", that panels were an old-fashioned idea, that guests of honor were an old fashioned idea, it would been rejected. Was this your intent from the beginning? Steve: This was something that came up after talking to people who used to come to OryCon and don't anymore.

Andrew: The question is "Is this enough of a problem to change the management of OryCon 29?". He inclination is to say "no", since the only action the Board can take is to remove him as chair. The fact that he has a vice-chair is less relevant, because Karyn has pretty much dropped away from that job. If Steve were removed, the Board would not only have to come up with the effort to chair the convention, they'd also have to fill several of the jobs throughout the convention. And we're only two months out from the convention.

Patty: Are there non-Board people here to speak on OryCon 29? (Yes)

Andrew moved that we go into executive session in order to discuss OryCon 29 more freely. Upon a suggestion from Ruth, this was changed to go into a meeting of a "committee of the whole." This motion passed, and the Board meeting recessed for this committee meeting.

The report from the Committee of the Whole was that a frank and earnest discussion was held concerning the status of OryCon 29. The committee adjourned and the Board meeting was called back into session.

Patty would like Steve contact Michael Pearce who edited the program book last year for information on that job. (Someone else will be editing the souvenir book, not Steve.)

A. Funds and Awards

1. Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund

Paul: There's no financial report for this meeting, since they've already issued one for this quarter. There's been no activity, other than the donation just received from Potlatch 16.

Debbie would like to have the previously-approved $250 from the Board (for the Petrey reception) now so that she can start getting ready for it. (Arthur will mail her a check.)

Ruth: In conjunction with OryCon, there will be a fund-raiser with Pizza Schmizza on OryCon Saturday (probably during the dinner hours). If people use the coupons that will be distributed at OryCon (and via the OryCon web page), the Petrey Fund will receive 35¢ from every $1 spent. There are two locations participating in this promotion, both within easy walking distance from our hotel.

There has been no work done towards the idea of splitting the Petrey Fund off from OSFCI. There is now a PayPal donation button set up on the Petrey web site.

2. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund

(See report below.) They've received no valid requests for aid, but have just received a $670 donation from the Potlatch 16 surplus. They have enough money now to cover the next 8 to 15 years, at the present rate of disbursal.

Arthur was appointed to take Karyn Reinebach's position as the OSFCI representative to Clayton, since Karyn is no longer an OSFCI Board member.

3. Endeavour Award

(See report below). They will have to do some more active funding since some of their donors in the past are giving the money elsewhere. The Endeavour Fund also has a PayPal account set up.

The OSFCI Funds in General

Ruth will be running an OSFCI fan table at OryCon. We can accept donations there and we'll promote the funds there. We'll need people to staff the table.

IV. Other Continuing Business

A. Hotel Committee

Patty: She was authorized to go talk to the Marriott about OryCon 31. The hotel now has a brand-new general manager. So we'll wait until after this year, so the GM can experience OryCon first. We will want to look again at the Vancouver Hilton and the Red Lion Jantzen Beach because the new parking contract the hotel has with the city means that our hotel bill will cost us about $2,000 more. But it's still likely the Marriott will be the best choice–we'll discuss it in at the December meeting.

GameStorm has a signed contract with the Red Lion Inn at the Quay, a hotel that really wanted them back.

B. Audit Committee

Arthur: Nothing yet. Will try to have something to report at the December meeting.

C. Other Old Business


(John: "We only have 33 hours left on the recorder."
Patty: "Funny, I thought we'd already been here for 33 hours!")

V. New Business

1.OryCon 30 Bids

The Board received two bids for OryCon 30: Melvin Krehbiel & Michael Pinnick (Czarcasm), and Kai Jones & Kami Miller. (Copies of both bids are presented below.)

Mel and Mike made their presentation first:
Melvin: We have proposed Guest of Honor for several positions, as well as several people lined up for committee positions. The treasurer (Shannon Thomas), along with being a fan and a treasurer for the Costumer's Guild, is also a real-life accountant for McCormick and Schmick's. Michael will be co-chairing and is better at rounding up workers than I am. Updates for the proposal: Arthur Aldridge has confirmed that he is interested in doing hotel and Michael Pearce has offered to produce the Program Book.

Paul suggested that it would be a good thing to do a check first to make sure that proposed GOHs haven't been a Guest elsewhere in the nearby Northwest recently.

Michael: Our theme is "Past Futures Lost". This is the 30th OryCon and for that it would be nice to have a retro look back at all the science fiction "futures" that were predicted in the past…and compare them to what we have now.

Patty: Why do you want to chair OryCon?
Michael: I want to do this. I've watched how the departments have been done for many years, I've seen (and read through the records to see) what's worked and what has not worked.
Mel: I was going to bid for OryCon 31 but was asked to be part of the OryCon 30 bid. There are things I'd like to have done at OryCon…and I would like to see more of the convention. I want to see if I can do it.

Andrew: What does "Co-Chair" mean? What is the structure on how makes the decision? Mel: We've been deciding things in consensus. If there is a conflict, then Michael has final say. Paul: The important thing is to make a decision on how it's going to be run. There's been everything from six-person "chairs", seven-person executive committees, two co-chairs, three co-chairs–everything can work, as long as the decision is made what the structure will be…and stay with it. Beverly: Make sure there are defined areas of responsibility. Mel: We will be happy to learn.

Linda: What if we say no?
Michael: I'll put in a bid to run security. Mel: I will still work on the convention, in something other than art show.

Kami Miller and Kai Jones then made their proposal:
Kami: I am extremely passionate about OryCon, and have been attending for many, many years. I come to it from the literary side, but I appreciate all aspects of it. I am really, really nice and Kai is really, really mean. I can get people excited about things, whereas Kai can make sure that they meet deadlines. We want to step up because there has been a shortage of people willing to chair. Even when I heard about Melvin's bid, I felt there should be more than one person wanting to run the convention. There's been a communication gap this year and I feel I can help with that.
Kai: I've been coming to OryCon for a while, and have worked on the committee a few years. OryCon was my first convention and I want there to be an OryCon for other people. I am a legal secretary, which means I am good at staying on task, meeting deadlines, and making sure that what gets done gets done well. I want to give back to other people.

If the other guys win, we want to help on the committee any way we can.

We don't have a committee set up yet, but many people come forward each year at the January meeting. Kami: Many people show up at that meeting only to find out that many of the jobs are already taken. We want to give them to opportunity to participate. (Ruth also mentioned that the Monday committee "afters" party is when a lot of people start having ideas of what they'd like to work on the following year.) They haven't settled on which guests to invite yet, but they have three or four people in each category that they are considering.

Linda: Who's the treasurer? Carissa Reid. She does bookkeeping for a living.

Division of labor and authority? They'll divide the departments between them (reflecting each of their strong points) and will control their own departments. Kami will have final say. There's been a feeling that some departments (like video and gaming) are being left behind–they want to make sure that everything's included.

The theme is "The world is an oyster, and OryCon is your pearl" (since 30 years is the pearl anniversary). They want to celebrate the diversity of OryCon.

John (to both groups): Are there any significant changes planned on where the money is going to be spent (i.e. are major shifts from/to departments being planned)? No (from both groups).

Andrew: He was somewhat nervous about handing the chair position to someone who hasn't run one of the major positions (art show, hospitality, registration, etc.) Patty: She would really like Mel and Mike to chair this year, and have Kai and Kami take on "really ugly jobs" to gain experience this year and come back with a proposal for next year.

Andrew moved that the Board accept the bid by Melvin Krehbiel and Michael Pinnick, and invite Kami and Kai to take on major roles for Ory30 and encourage them to them bid for Ory 31. This motion was seconded and passed without dissent (1 abstention).

Debbie: People should be encouraged to bid earlier, maybe 18 months out.
Other New Business:
Beverly: We should put together procedures. GameStorm is putting together a wiki, maybe OryCon should do the same. It was decided not to discuss this now.

The meeting was then adjourned.


Potlatch 16 Final Distribution

Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund $336.15
Clayton Memorial Medical Fund $672.31
Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. $1,016.45
Marc Wells (expense reimbursement) $22.00
Total $2,046.91

The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

September 16, 2007

Requests for Aid:

We have received no requests for aid since our report in December.

Funds Available:

The Fund has about $7,000.00 in the bank.

Board of Trustees

No changes

Board of Trustees, September 16, 2007

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 Novermber 2008
Page Fuller, Treasurer October 1996 Novermber 2008
Karyn Reinebach, OSFCI Rep. July 2005 November 2007
Geri Jeter November 2002 November 2007
Ruth Sachter November 2002 November 2007
Marc Wells November 2003 November 2007

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Clayton Board of Trustees


The Endeavour Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

September 16, 2007

Financial Report:

We have a bit over $1,700.00 in the Award's account, giving us enough to ensure our health for the 2007 Award. We continue fundraising to ensure the future of the Award.

Finalists and Judges:

Our finalists for 2007 are:

  • Children of Chaos by Dave Duncan
  • Forest Mage by Robin Hobb
  • Fortress of Ice by C.J. Cherryh
  • Horizon by Mary Rosenblum
  • Spirits that Walk in Shadow by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Our judges are:
Adam-Troy Castro, Claude Lalumière, and John G Hemry.

Tenth Endeavour Award in 2008:

Next year we will hand out the tenth Endeavour Awards. We are working on plans now and hope to work with OryCon and OSFCI to make a bit of a splash at the con.

Endeavour Committee, September 16, 2007

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
Sarah Bryant, Administrator October 2006 November 2009
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2008
Page Fuller October 1996 November 2008
Marilyn J. Holt September 2000 November 2008
Sara Mueller October 2003 November 2007
Alan Rosenthal January 2006 November 2009
Sheila Simonson October 1996 November 2007
Shawn Wall, Treasurer November 2005 November 2007

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Endeavour Award

Proposal for OryCon 30

I propose to Chair OryCon 30 and request OSFCI for a management agreement delegating the authority to conduct and manage the convention to myself (Melvin Krehbiel) and Michael Pinnick (aka czarcasm). Orycon 30 will use OSFCI's insurance, mailing permit and will be conducted as a charitable, educational and literary event, in compliance with OSFCI's status as a not-for-profit corporation.

As head of the OryCon Art Department for the past 3 years, and having served in many other concom roles in during the past good number of years, I feel I have the necessary experience to lead OryCon to a successful 30th year.

As head of hospitality for this year, co-head last year, and "night troll" for some years before that, and as a general assistant prior to that, Michael has a grasp of various parts of the convention that I may lack.

We are currently operating on a Co-chair and consensus basis. If OSFCI rules insist on Chair/Vice-Chair, we are willing to promote Michael as Chair and myself as vice.

OryCon is blessed with a strong and experienced community of convention runners from which we will draw our concom and solicit their consul and advice.

Please find attached a proposed budget.

Our hotel will be the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, with whom OSFCI is currently negotiating a contract, with a target date of the third weekend of November, 2007.

We do not have any guests confirmed, but we have the following in mind:

  • Writer - Harry Turtledove
  • Editor - Sharyn November
  • Artist - Jeff Fennel
  • Fan - Cecilia Eng
  • Filk - decided by FoF?
  • Video/Media - undecided

Key Committee Posts:

  • Chair — Michael Pinnick/Melvin Krehbiel
  • Treasurer — Shannon Thomas
  • Programming — David Lohkamp
  • Hotel — Arthur Aldridge (unconfirmed), Heidi Schab

OryCon will continue to offer Child memberships to attendees under the age of 12. Cost will be half the prevailing membership rate at the time of purchase. Memberships purchased for a child under 12 must be made by an adult who will attend the convention with the minor for whom they are responsible. OryCon 30 will not offer a senior rate, but may offer a student rate. OryCon will continue to offer of complimentary memberships to Programming Participants and Guests. Guests of Honor will continue to receive complimentary memberships, room and per diem.

OryCon 30 faces the same staffing challenges that have faced many of the recent conventions; of our declining pool of volunteers and comittee. I recognize this as a significant challenge and will be working to recruit not only from within our ranks but will also try to recruit, train and develop new talent from the general con population.

A novel challenge for OryCon 30 is the numerological significance of its longevity. Much like OryCons 10, 20, 21, and 25, there are some expectations based upon the convention having survived 30 years. Already there are plans to have shirts (and the accompanying research) for the "30 year survivors" if possible. I am confident there will be other requests for special "30 year" programming, publications, or other items.

Michael and I have come up with a "theme" for OryCon 30, being "Past Futures Lost". A tag line, if you want one, would be "Where's my flying car?" Looking at all the literary or media "futures" that are now in the past. Some examples: 2001: A Space Odessey. the TV show "Space: 1999", the World's Fairs of the 60's and earlier, various 1940's pulp fiction. Further (and more specific) examples will be solicited. Primary advantages, from our point of view, are that no pirates or ninjas are involved…

A meeting schedule has not yet been established, but will likely follow the pattern and timing of past OryCons.

Melvin Krehbiel

All the World's an Oyster and OryCon is the Pearl:
30 Years of Celebrating Diversity in Fandom
Proposed Chair: Kamila Zeman Miller: I've been involved in convention committee positions for many years. My strengths are in negotiating solutions, coordinating people with conflicting personalities, and verbal and written communications. I'm very successful at customer service and adapting expectations to practical solutions. My focus will be to help build departments that have suffered losses and setbacks. My secondary goals will include better communication and cooperation between departments and to establish a system to transmit knowledge, experience and information to future OryCons.

Proposed Co-Chair: Kai Jones: I have volunteered at most OryCons since OryCon 17. My twenty years of experience as a legal secretary have required excellent verbal and written communication skills and have honed my ability to stay on task and meet deadlines. My first priority is to make OryCon 30 a fun con. My secondary goal is to find ways to make it easier for people to run future conventions.

Theme: Because the 30th anniversary is traditionally the pearl anniversary, we decided to choose the suggestion of pearls in a theme that focuses on diversity in our community.

Budget: We plan to utilize records kept by Steven Criss during OryCon 29 to monitor and adjust OryCon 30's budget as necessary. We don't envision radical changes in the budget.

The Committee: We will continue the OryCon tradition of asking for volunteers at the first formal OryCon 30 meeting early in 2008. We have an individual willing to serve as treasurer and have plans in place for secretarial work but prefer to rely on the experienced volunteers who have always been the core of OryCon's success.

Meetings: We would like to establish a meeting schedule in January of 2008 to ensure maximum participation. We will attempt to rotate locations, days and times so that everyone has a chance to attend a meeting convenient to their location and schedule.

Guests of Honor: Thirty years of tradition have built an expectation of well-known guests that fandom is excited about. We have excellent local talent that often makes appearances at the convention and would be happy to feature any of them as guests. However we would also like to entertain the possibility of bringing in high profile guests for this special anniversary and treat the membership to a great opportunity to meet the people who shape our unique culture. We have several names in mind and request OSFCI's guidance in choosing guests that will serve the convention. Our categories are Writer, Editor and Artist. We hope that Friends of Filk will bring in a Filk Guest of Honor as well.

Financial Statement based on preliminary expense estimates from OryCon 29:

Chair/Misc. 900
Contingency 800
Insurance 700
Hotel 11,000
Registration 1300
Treasurer 200
Credit Card Fee 500
General Logistics/Supplies 150
Truck and Van Rental 1000
Equipment Rental 1000
Office 500
Petty Cash for Night Office 500
Rangers 75
Volunteers 50
Souvenir Book 7200
Progress Report 1300
Regress Report 800
Fliers and Publicity 800
Concom Ribbons 200
Pocket Program 750
Daily 'Zine 200
Art Show 3,000
Dealers 625
Meeting expenses 350
Gaming 100
GOH Per Diem 1350
GOH Travel Expenses 2500
GOH Gift Baskets 300
General Programming 300
Writers Workshop 50
Video 100
Panelist Invitations 200
Panelist Questionnaires 50
Tech/Pipe and Drape 2500
Embassy Ball 300
Opening Ceremonies 100
Member Services:
Child Care 850
Green Room 200
Fanzine Lounge 200
Hall Costume 200
Hospitality 4000
Internet Café 900
T-Shirts 1500
Total Estimated Expenses: 49,600

Income: No data has yet come from OryCon 29.
Total estimated income from bid proposals made for OryCon 29 is 56,000.
Net Income would amount to $6400

Thank you for considering our proposal.

Kamila Miller
Kai Jones