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Board Meeting Minutes for November 12th 2004

Emergency Meeting Minutes

Nov. 12 2004


Present: Board and officers: David Schaber, John Williamson, Aaron Curtis, Scott Sanford, Patty Wells, Melanie Schaber, Aaron Nabil, Lisa Axmaker and Andrew Nesbit. Also present: Sam Justice.


The meeting was called to order at 7:39 pm




Board Attendance:    



Jean Stump resigned from the BOD and as OSFCI Treasurer.

Lisa Axmaker and John Williamson were both appointed to the BOD

John Williamson was appointed OSFCI Treasurer



New Business:



We need to work on ways of increasing attendance at the General Meeting.

We should also work on changing the Bylaws from the 6 meetings a year back to 4 meetings a year


State tax form need to be resent to the state.

Melanie to handle this.


Need to find out what forms that have not been filed that need to be .

Andrew to call Sec. of State to find all forms we need to file and the dates to be filed by.


Should consider creating a Corporate Calendar and have it on the website


Endeavour Awards : Starting in 2006 – Must have funds available to pay for Endeavour Awards to cover expenses for the year ahead. (funds must be available Jan 2006 to pay for Nov. 2006 Awards)


Discussion on cost savings. Aaron Curtis to look into web server costs and come up with alternative web host.



Meeting adjourned 9:25