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Board Meeting Minutes for May 22nd 2006

Board of Directors Meeting
Smith Memorial Student Union, PSU Campus
May 22, 2006

ATTENDING: Most people stayed from the Annual General Meeting (above), including all of the Board members.

The only specific item on the agenda for this meeting is the election of the OSFCI officers. Before that, the Board acted on the General Meeting's request, and Aaron Nabil was named to the Board of Directors, for a term ending with next year's Annual General Meeting.

The current OSFCI officers are elected by acclamation to serve another year:

  • President: Linda Pilcher
  • Secretary: John Lorentz
  • Treasurer: John Williamson

Storage Space: Andrew Nisbet: We need to actually use the storage, by moving the items out of Aaron Curtis's house into the storage space. (Andrew: "We need to get this scheduled now, so we don't run into the 'But everyone knows we need to go to the squeezebox convention that weekend' situation.") It was decided to try to make this happen on Sunday, June 4that 1PM. John Williamson will arrange for the truck. (This was later changed to June 11th.) John W.: It would also be good to get all the stuck out of Jenn's attic (and anywhere else where a significant amount of OSFCI stuff is being stored).
Keeping Members Active: Paul Wrigley: Next year, do we want to strictly enforce the Bylaw that says that OSFCI members need to keep an up-to-date address on file with OSFCI to stay members? There are at least 10 on the list right now that we don't have a current address for. Yes, we will try to get address updates in short order (including posting a list of "lost" people to the OSFCI list), otherwise we will drop them.
Recording BOD Discussions: Aaron Nabil expressed some concern that some Board business was conducted via e-mail, and these discussions have not been recorded. He can create such a list/archive to save these discussions. Dan Reitman: We should probably check with Sam (the OSFCI attorney) for an OK on us making OSFCI decisions via e-mail. Phoenix: Maybe an OSFCI-BOD list should be created. Debbie Cross: Any official decisions made via e-mail should be at least included in the minuted of the next meeting.
Food Handler Permits: Patty Wells: Going back to the discussion from the Annual General Meeting concerning the need for OryCon Hospitality staff to have valid food handler permits, the hotel is expecting our folks to have the permits. This is the first time they've ever let outside people use their kitchen facilities, and we want to make sure that they're satisfied with the arrangements. (This discussion was tabled from the last Board meeting in March to next July's meeting.)
Board Meetings: John Lorentz: According to the Bylaws, we need to set the meeting dates for this coming year within two weeks of tonight's meeting, so let's get cracking on that (everyone send their date preferences to the Secretary by e-mail).

Also, now that we've had a year of fairly stable finances, we need to put together an actual fixed budget for this OSFCI year, and it'd be good not to wait until July's meeting to do so…if at all possible. We also need the information on an on-going basis giving us progress against that budget, as well as a standard income/expense state.

Database Security: Aaron N. expressed concern at the number of people who have access to the entire OSFCI master database (not just their event, but the entire master name/address list), a database that is passed around in an unencrypted form. Aaron N. was appointed to investigate encrypting this data, as well as partitioning out the data into separate files for each event. Andrew was added to this list. Andrew also mentioned that he felt that the Board should have a an official copy of these databases, besides the folks who need them for the events.