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Board Meeting Minutes for May 21st 2007

Board of Directors Meeting
Smith Memorial Student Union, PSU Campus
May 21, 2007

ATTENDING: Several people stayed from the Annual General Meeting, including all of the Board members except Patty Wells (she was teaching a class and she represented by proxy–the absence was excused) and Steve Criss, who left between the AGM and the Board meeting.

The minutes from the last meeting were adjudged to be "fine." The books were discussed during the AGM, with the only additions being a few checks that John Williamson wrote for OSFCI secretarial expenses, and a few OryCon 29 expenses (since he didn't have the Ory29 check book with him).

The only specific item on the agenda for this meeting is the election of the OSFCI officers. Before that, the Board acted on the General Meeting's request, and Debra Stansbury was named to the Board of Directors, for a term ending with next year's Annual General Meeting.

These OSFCI officers are elected by acclamation to serve the 2007-2008 term (Linda Pilcher was also nominated for President, but withdrew):

  • President: Aaron Curtis
  • Secretary: John Lorentz

Both Arthur Aldridge and John Williamson were nominated for Treasurer. John W won the vote, 5-4. (Only nine Board members voted.) Arthur will act as an apprentice to John W this year.

Board Meetings: John Lorentz: According to the Bylaws, we need to set the meeting dates for this coming year within two weeks of tonight's meeting, so I suggest using that time to decide on some good dates, rather than deciding tonight.

Susan Petrey Fund: Debbie Cross and Paul Wrigley are somewhat worried about the long-term stability of the OSFCI Board, and they would like to investigate spinning off the Petrey Fund as a separate organization. The Board should also be thinking about this between now and the next meeting, and what effects it would have on OSFCI.

Andrew Nisbet moved that we re-appoint Debbie and Paul as the Petrey Fund administrators. This was approved unanimously.

The Board approved joining the Oregon Festival and Events Association, donating 2 OryCon and 2 game Storm memberships, as long as the cost is $200 or less (not counting the value of the memberships). John W will investigate the specifics.