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Board Meeting Minutes for May 19th 2003

Meeting Minutes

May 19 2003

Present: Board and officers: Linda Pilcher, David Schaber, Lea Rush, Aaron Curtis, John Williamson, Melanie Schaber. Also present: Aaron Nabil, John Bunnell, Sam Justice, Andrew Nisbet, Wendy Kieth, and John Bartley.


The meeting was called to order at 8:35 pm by Linda Pilcher.



Treasurer's Report:

Submitted treasurers report (in record)

Received a check from L.C.C. for $3,800


Election of Officers:

A motion to appoint John Williamson and Jean Stump to the BOD for a one year term was passed.


Nominations for Officers were opened:

Linda Pilcher was nominated for President

Jean Stump was nominated for Treasurer

David Schaber was nominated for Secretary


There were no other nominations.




Convention Reports:



A motion was made to take care of urgent business and adjourn the meeting, all non urgent business to be taken care of at the next meeting.

The motion passed.




Continuing Business:


George Harrison request the use of the OSFCI Hospitality equipment at the upcoming LARP convention. The BOD approved.


New Business:


David Schaber suggested that due to recent privacy concerns, we update both the Management agreement and Convention Guidelines.

After much conversation, there was a motion to have John Bartley to research the current hotel privacy policy and present any information gained to the BOD.


There was also a motion to research creating a privacy policy to be used by the various conventions. Passed. John Bartley, Andrew Nisbet, and John Williamson were appointed to this subcommittee.


David Schaber is to update the Management agreement and Convention Guidelines and put the updated versions on the web page




Motion to adjourn passed


Meeting adjourned at 9:31