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Board Meeting Minutes for March 28th 2005

OSFCI Board meeting notes/minutes 28Mar2005

Present Linda Pilcher, Dave Schaber, Aaron Curtis, Aaron Nabil, John Williamson, Patty Wells, Andrew Nesbit III, Scott Sanford. Jim Fiscus, John Lorentz, Page Fuller, Sam, Shyrl Hester, Mark Burns (at least 3 others)


Meeting called to order by Linda Pilcher at 7:34 pm


Minutes of previous meeting not available at present will approve when Dave Schaber arrives


Minutes of emergency email meeting available as gleaned from e-mails by Linda Pilcher

Motion to approve byAndrew Nesbit – 2nd Linda approved by acclamation


Linda asked if everyone knew about the financial complexities and situation and weather there were any questions about it. Since John was there it was suggested that the treasures report was the appropriate time to discuss it and the floor was given to John Williamson

Ø      Treasures report – John Williamson submitted in writing and emailed previously to

We (OFSCI) are roughly scraping by. There is a surplus from game storm ~$1000 There is an insurance fee from game storm that should be received soon.

Patty Wells did all of OryCon 25 money get to OryCon 27

Since there around 1500 members about $750 given to OSFCI

We are due money from game storm that will come in just in time


There is a check for $2000 made to OSFCI presumably for Susan Petrey Fund


$1500 from game storm needs to be either distributed the group is owed it for $6


Motion to have Aaron Nabil to investigate moving internet stuff to somewhere else (spiritone) – moved Linda 2nd Nesbit – approved by acclamation


Discussion about separate accounts for each new event etc. – All accounts need to have a signature of the OSFCI treasure – The treasure suggests that there should be an account for recurring events like OryCon even, OryCon odd, etc.

New accounts will have a charge about $72 we should


Discussion about treasures/banking committee be created. Aaron Curtis remembers that a committee does exist just that it does not seem to meet


There needs to be at least 2 people on an account one of which should always be the OFSCI treasurer


Nisbit reminds the board that there is an audit committee though to his knowledge it hasn’t met


Patty Wells prefers that the chair of any event sign a management agreement – Aaron Nabil to sign one. Some language changes were discussed but not made and this is why the delay has happened. In the interim we should have Aaron Nabil to sign an old one

Registration as non-profit is renewed (Sam)

John Williamson is working on forms 990(federal), CT 12, CT 15(state)


John Williamson recognized Page Fuller as a most wonderful resource and she and he will attempt to find out what they can from Lacey Axemaker

Ø      OryCon 26

John Williamson, reporting. He has talked to Lacey it seems that the bills have been paid

Page Fuller said that she received an NSF check for orycon 26 and gave it to John Williamson for him to take care of

Ø      OryCon 27 Patty Wells

We have a contract with Marriott for first weekend of November

Many things are different because we signed less than a year in advance. Contracts were review by a number of people including Aaron Curtis Dave Schaber and Ben Yallow checking for everything that people could remember might be a problem. Hospitality as OryCon has had it seems to be an issue, Patty contacted Bobbie DuFault for assistance with that.

Many of the spaces have a Thursday move in time. There are a few with a late Friday move in time the worst being the big ballroom. The other party in the ballroom is Intel no chance really to get them to leave earlier


Motion: The board appoints Patty Wells to obtain penciled in hotel contracts for OryCon 28, which she will submit to the hotel committee and the board. The Board will act with all due haste if required to assure reservation or right of first refusal moved by Aaron Curtis 2nd Nesbit passes by acclamation

Aaron Curtis indicates that a hotel committee exists – Patty Wells, Melanie Schaber, Aaron Curtis, Ben Yalow motion is modified to indicate that.


Pre-Reg report numbers – to be mailed

Dave Schaber – Due to the change in hotel (venue), finances will change

Fiscus – drop in attendance might be 10% or more due to the move and more since it’s a forced move

Ø      Smofcon 23

Dave Schaber

First committee meeting has been held things are moving along

Hotel signed - Red Lion convention center

John Lorentz -

34 pre-registrations - 6 or 8 memberships on bank card hope to have 150

$900 in account

Date is December 2nd – 4th

Treasury questions handling of account after the Con – it is recommended that it be zeroed out


Ø      GameStorm 7 – Aaron Curtis

Membership 657 a growth of 10% even due the other conflicts NorWestcon and Easter

GameStorm about $15k minus expenses

Crying and whining

Room block was made – at least 170

Surplus seems to be likely

RPGA wants to turn it into a regional

Several other groups want to make it a regional

Ø      GameStorm 8 - Aaron Nabil

Potential increase

Hotel not yet picked out yet to hotel challenges

·        Patty Wells

Many hotels are not available for date

Handout - contract reviews and indicates things that were sub-optimal

Monarch may be an option

Melanie Schaber - agrees to help out once hotel is selected

Room nights is the key

A higher budget could be spent on hotel about $2250 GameStorm 7

Nesbit makes suggestion to look into space like the convention center since most of the people attending game storm tend to “be in by 9:30”. This could also help with Aaron Curtis’ desire to have more space only on Saturday for the “tournaments”

Ø      Susan C Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund

No information – Mailed by Dave Schaber nothing received yet

Ø      Jim Fiscus stuff

·        Clayton Memorial Medical- Page Fuller

No award recently

·        Endeavour award - Jim Fiscus

Bobbie DuFault – Could do a fund raiser

Possibility of corporate money


Ø      Other business

·        By-laws changes - Nesbit

Andrew suggested that the board of directors submit a board-approved list of changes to the annual general meeting. There are currently 2 versions that need to be worked together one by Andrew and the other by Dave Schaber. Among the changes discussed were:

Meeting date and time changes 4th week of every month except 1st week in December - Annual meeting will still be in May – replacing the Monday day of the week requirement

There should be 4 board meetings during the year with an additional board organizational meeting to elect officers just after the Annual General meeting

Suggested meetings should be in the months of January, April, July, October and one after the General meeting May

Suggestion that “Charted” be added to all sub-groups “Charted” means little or nothing under Oregon law. Sam indicates that they are considered sub-committees of the organization

Sam asked what types of insurance the organization has for example embezzlement other liabilities?

A discussion about Quorum rules – presently only a majority of the board members need to be present as well as to amend the bylaws

Aaron Curtis suggests that a message needs to be sent out to the membership with a Proxy form to encourage members that are unable to attend to sign proxies

·        Motions to Excuse from meetings

Motion to excuse Andrew Nesbit from next board meeting as he may still be traveling back from China made by Dave Schaber - 2nd John Williamson – approved.

Motion to excuse Melanie Schaber from this meeting made by Aaron Curtis 2nd Dave – approved (noted Dave and Mel are Grandparents)

·        NON-Profit Boards Patty Wells

Done by e-mail handout from

Linda to co-ordinate finding all items on the list

John Williamson to send copies of what he has to Sam

Nesbit moves to create a position of board archivist an Sam suggests that it just be sent to the lawyer/council

Job descriptions need to be created

There should be reports from every board office (written) at every meeting

·        Garage

Sam’s report

It’s a fight we can do but it will not be on retainer

Motion to have Sam send a letter as appropriate to parties in question at the apartments Dave Schaber to send a list to Sam with details of contents of storage units

Sam offered to make the presentation to the general board

·        Minutes of last meeting presented by Dave Schaber moved 2nd approved (acrimonious didn’t catch who moved or seconded)

Meeting adjourned at 10:?? pm


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