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Board Meeting Minutes for July 28th 2003

Meeting Minutes

July 28 2003



Present: Board and officers: Linda Pilcher, David Schaber, Lea Rush, John Williamson, Melanie Schaber. Also present: Sam Justice, Paul Wrigley, Debbie Cross, Andrew Nisbet, and Jim Fiscus.


The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by Linda Pilcher.



Treasurer's Report:

Not Present


Convention Reports:



Orycon 24:

The books have been closed.

Orycon 24 was $1000 in the red, Due to small attendance.




     Orycon 25:

   Memberships are at about 600 (including Guests).

Patty suggested a discussion about when people should not be on committee. (Put on next meeting agenda)

Need to do more advertising to generate memberships.

Jim Fiscus suggested OSFCI have a Public Relations position.




GameStorm 2003:

     Books almost closed.

$2000 surplus needs to be distributed.



     GameStorm 6:

     All going well.

John Williamson to be OSFCI representative to GS



     Westercon 56:

   Books still open.

Need the financial statements

Linda Pilcher will talk to Westercon 56 to get information






Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

     We have received no mail addressed to Petrey Fund sent via the PO Box since January. At a minimum, we should have received two statements from the Oregon Community Fund and letters/packages from the two Clarion workshops.

(Melanie to gather all Petrey mail and deliver to Paul)

We have been storing an OSFCI freezer for many a year. We need the space, could you let us know if you would still like it.

(If no one claims the freezer by the next meeting, then Paul/Debbie can do whatever they want with it)

As I mentioned when we sent you the final disbursement check from LCC 12 (approx $2800), one check remained uncashed. They have finally found it and would like a replacement. Could we get one from OSFCI for $500 made out to the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.

(Jean to deliver check to Paul/Debbie)


Matching Fund: Sent money to be matched, then mailed in form but it was never received. $150 to be matched to Oregon Literacy.






Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

Have around $8000 in fund (Page Fuller has actual numbers, but is out of town)

     Westercon 58 donated an advertisement in their Program Book.

Asked David Schaber to be on the Clayton Board (accepted)

Motion to add David Schaber and re-appoint Geri Jeter to Board until 2005 was passed


John Williamson suggested placing an ad in the GS6 Program Book.






Endeavour Award:

We have enough in fund to handle expenses this year.





Continuing Business:


     Subcommittee reports:



Banning Policy:

David Schaber re-wrote the banning policy.

Sam said we can use draft.

Will post on web site


Privacy Policy:

       Sam suggested something be created and posted to the web page.

       After a draft has been written, sam to look it over


A motion was made to have the Clayton Memorial Board only disclose to the OSFCI officers the names of anyone submitting a request for assistance. Motion passed.




Other continuing business:


The person that was banned did not show up to appeal. The letter was sent in January.


Linda requested a timeline of events for the lost art of Gail Butler.


Jean requested a list of people who had bounced checks at previous conventions.









New Business:


Patty brought up the fact that a convention committee member, without authority, was making decisions that the convention chair should be making. (inviting someone to be a con GOH)


Sam suggested the person cover all costs.


Patty suggested person not be allowed to work on committee.


Patty to ask Ben Yalow for advice on this matter.


Motion to adjourn passed


Meeting adjourned at 9:11