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Board Meeting Minutes for February 7th 2011

Board of Directors Meeting
Doubletree Portland Hotel
February 7, 2011

ATTENDING: Several people stayed over from the Annual General Meeting–including all of the Board members: Arthur Aldridge, Beverly Block, Aaron Curtis, Rick Lindsley, Tammy Lindsley, John Lorentz, Andrew Nisbet, D. Stephen Raymond, Debra Stansbury and Marc Wells; as well as ex-officio members Debbie & Paul Wrigley (Petrey Fund) and Jim Fiscus (Endeavour Award and Clayton Fund).

The meeting was called to order at 8:39.

I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from the last week's (January 30, 2011) special meeting haven't been prepared yet.

II. Election of OSFCI Officers

The current officers were nominated:

  • President: Aaron Curtis
  • Secretary: John Lorentz
  • Treasurer Rick Lindsley

There being no other nominees, these people were re-elected by acclamation.

III. New Business
A. Banning Policy

The Board discussed the new banning policy that may or may not have been adopted about a decade ago. (The minutes from that period are not clear on what, if anything, was adopted, but it's likely that the original policy adopted in the late 80's or early 90's has been superceded.)

Debra: Maybe we need to set up a committee to draft a new policy. Rick: First we should find out if someone has a copy of what was adopted then. Andrew: We need to take care of this before the next OSFCI event (GameStorm, in March). It's possible that Sam Justice (the OSFCI lawyer) might have a copy. Aaron: We need a contingent subcommittee in case he doesn't have a copy. A committee was set up: Tammy, Jim and Andrew. They will draft a policy if Sam doesn't have a copy of the 2002/2003 policy; if he does have a copy, they will look it over to see if there are any suggested changes for the next Board meeting.

B. Other New Business

  • Beverly moved that we increase the budget for meeting space to $650, since we're planning on having all meetings (Board and AGM) at the hotel. Andrew: Can we no longer get the free space at Everest? Rick: Yes, but having to end the meetings there at 9:30 meant that we could never deal with everything on the agenda. We need space that will let the meetings run longer. Tammy: And we get free parking at the Doubletree, along with it being a central location, easily reachable by transit. The increase was approved by the Board.
  • Bylaws Committee: The Board has been directed by the corporation to appoint a committee to explore possible changes to the OSFCI Bylaws. Stephe, Beverly, Tammy, Arthur and John were appointed to this committee by the Board.
  • Jim requested that he, Page Fuller and Marilyn Holt be re-appointed to the Endeavour Award committee. The Board approved this request and re-appointed these people.
  • Andrew: Have we sent Sam his check yet? Not yet–we usually pay him at the AGM, but he couldn't make it this year. Rick will make sure he receives the check.
  • Rick requested that we increase the budget for this year for the John Andrews scholarship, since we'll be purchasing three Worldcon memberships this year as we get it started (one a year after that), in the amount of $1100. This was approved by the Board
  • Rick: How much should we allocate to fund the games library for each year? After some discussion, it was agreed it would be no more than $500.
  • Paul pointed out that the budget was now showing a deficit of $2,000, so maybe we shouldn't allocate any more money. Rick said that he'd deliberately used a very pessimistic estimate of income for 2011. Andrew: And we've also changed the rules for GameStorm on the amount of any surplus that will be going to OSFCI, which will increase the income from there.

VI. The Date of the Next Board Meeting

It was decided that the next Board meeting would be Monday, April 25th, here at the Doubletree.

The meeting was then adjourned at 9:08PM, Aaron Cell Phone Time.