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Board Meeting Minutes for February 2nd 2009

Board of Directors Meeting
Morrison Room, Doubletree Portland Hotel
February 2, 2009

The meeting was called to order at about 8:23M, immediately after the close of the AGM.

I. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

We didn’t have any minutes yet from the previous meeting. (We do have an audio recording of that meeting available.)

John: Was there any business that carried over from that meeting? Debra: I don’t believe so. About the only item of note was that we chose the OryCon 32 chair. We did authorize the purchase of a new all-in-one laser printer/copier, but that didn’t happen. (The offer expiring before we could take advantage of it.)

II. Election of OSFCI Officers

The current Board officers were re-nominated (Tammy was nominated for Secretary, but couldn’t accept due to the Bylaw forbidding people from holding the same office on the Board and on an event) and reelected by acclamation:

President: John Lorentz
Secretary: Debra Stansbury
Treasurer: Arthur Aldridge

Nominations were closed, and these three officers were elected by acclamation.

III. Corporate Budget

Arthur had a proposed budget for the year, but that was one of items that he was unable to print. Items last year included $2500 for insurance, $2600 for storage, and the budgeted total last year was about $6500. The actual expenses were about $3500, with an estimated income on a yearly basis (mostly from the overhead fees) of about $4000. So if we hadn’t gotten the nice deals on the storage and the insurance, we’d have had a deficit. But with the good deals we got, and the unusually large surpluses, we’re doing fine. Tammy asked if it was appropriate to siphon some of the surpluses off to the OSFCI charitable funds. It was decided this would be a topic of discussion at the next meeting.

IV. New Business

The Board approved up to $300 for new hand trucks ($200) and storage bins ($100) for our storage unit.

Tammy also asked for safety equipment for use in art show setup. This was postponed until the next meeting, by which time Tammy will have a firmer estimate of the cost.

The Board passed John’s motion that “it is the intent of the Board that there will be a GameStorm 12, chair to be decided later”, and allow GS 11 to sell memberships for GS 12.

V. The Date of the Next Board Meeting

After some discussion, the Board decided that they would discuss possible meeting dates for the April meeting, and the date would be decided by the end of the week.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:55PM.