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Board Meeting Minutes for February 27th 2012

Board of Directors Meeting

February 27, 2012

ATTENDING: (Board members) Arthur Aldridge, Beverly Block, Aaron Curtis (OSFCI President), Rick Lindsley (OSFCI Treasurer), John Lorentz (OSFCI Secretary), Andrew Nisbet III, Devlin Perez, D. Stephen Raymond, Lea Rush, and Marc Wells.

Also attending were James Fiscus (Clayton and Endeavour), Sam Justice (OSFCI Attorney), Michael Monical (GameStorm 14 Chair), Tracy Penner and Paul Brinker (OryCon 34 Chair and Treasurer), Jason Bostick (GameStorm 15 Chair) and Ruth Sachter. (And possibly others who did not sign in.)

The meeting started at 7:30PM ACPT (Aaron Cell Phone Time).
(At request of James Fiscus, who had to leave early, the Clayton and Endeavour reports were presented out of order, at the beginning of the meeting.)

B. Funds and Awards
2. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund (James Fiscus)

A written report was submitted (see below). We will probably need to raise more money for the Clayton Fund in the near future, since about $7000 has been paid out in 2011 and January 2012. (Usually $1000 is given out in response to requests, but the most recent need was substantial.)

Aaron asked how much money was raised during the last year. About $4000-$4500 last year, much of it due to Jay Lake's efforts. (A follow-up email put the amount at $6,617.47.)

3. Endeavour Award (James Fiscus)

A written report was submitted (see below). There have been 43 books submitted so far for the next award, and the deadline for receiving those has been extended out to March 15th. We will probably need two new committee members sometime in the near future–one committee person has moved out of the area and another has had her time taken up with family health matters.

The reports were accepted by the Board.
(Returning to the regular agenda.)

I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted unanimously.

II. Treasurer's Report (Rick Lindsley)

(Copies were distributed at the meeting–see below.)

The biggest change is in the OryCon 33 (OryCon Odd) account, since that convention is paying the final bills, and the bank balance is appropriately going down. Other than that, there's been very little change since the last meeting on February 6th.

Rick requested an increase in the amount budgeted for meeting space, since we now have two more Board meetings each year, raising that amount to $900 (from $650). This was approved by the Board.

He is working with OryCon treasurers (past and current) to prepare a budget template for OryCon treasurers to use, so that they can compare their finances to previous years. Andrew: Why isn't GameStorm included in this? Rick: This is somewhat of an experiment–GameStorm may be included later.

The treasurer's report was then accepted.

IV. Reports on Sponsored Activities
A. Conventions and Bids
1. OryCon 33 (Devlin Perez)

The books are basically done for OryCon 33, with the exception of determining where the surplus is going. The total surplus is $1350.96, so $675.48 will go to OSFCI and $675.48 will be distributed by Devlin. There are no uncleared checks or outstanding debts. (The names of the people who did have some bad debts have been passed on to GameStorm and the OSFCI treasurer.)

Aaron: Do we have an explanation why the actual membership income is $12,000 less than budgeted? Stephen: It's my understanding that we had a larger number of daily memberships, and a lower number of full weekend memberships, than in previous years. Rick: Is this dealer income number correct? ($7200 actual vs $3500 budgeted.) Lea: Yes. (It does include the memberships that came in with the dealer applications, so it helps counter the lower membership income a little.)

There was discussion on how to determine the number of people attending, and how to better estimate the expected income. It's unclear how many of the unclaimed badges were actually duplicated badges, or comped program participants who did not attend (and therefore would normally not be counted in the membership numbers). Aaron: We need to determine if the $35K figure for registration income is correct (the budget was $47,750, which was based on previous years), and if it was–why the drop? Tracy thought that we just might have seen fewer at-the-door registrants. Devlin confirmed that we did see more one-day memberships than we've had before. Andrew: We haven't been seeing the traditional breakdown in the OryCon reports listing how many memberships were received at which rate. If the current OryCon would start doing that again, it would make the Board's job easier.

Aaron: The reason for us focusing on this is that last year's low registration income threatens the budgets next year's OryCon if the same thing happens. So we need to monitor this a little more closely than we have in the past. Stephen: The full OryCon treasury report (which is many pages long) includes detail on how much was paid at what rate.

OryCon 33 will close its books no later than the next Board meeting.

The OryCon 33 report was accepted by the Board.

2. GameStorm 14 (Michael Monical)

A convention summary, with financial and registration reports, were distributed. (See below.)

The concom is meeting about twice a month, and there were about 100 people who made it to the Game Day in January. They've gone through the storage unit in preparation for the convention. About 700 people have been scheduled for events at GameStorm, with a few more weeks before the cut-off. The room block is close to filled, and they're trying to add some more rooms.

Currently, there's a bit over $8,000 in assets. There should be enough with that, and our usual at-the-door income, to meet our bills. Rick: I see that registration is about a third of what you're budgeting. Is that what you would expect at this point? Michael: We are a little ahead of where we were last year at this point. Stephen: The registration income in the treasury report is updated at the end of each month. The current report doesn't have February's numbers yet, and we're almost at the end of February (and there's been quite a bit of income this month). The total income in hand is significantly higher than $8,000. (Beverly: February so far has been $3,280.)

There was some discussion on the registration numbers, in that "ConCom" and "Staff" are listed separately, while last year they were combined into one number.

The report was accepted.

3. OryCon 34 (Tracy Penner)

Tracy had a draft of an OryCon 33 regress report, and passed around a few copies, as well as a few flyers. There is no art from the Artist GOH yet–she's having a difficult time getting a response back from that guest so far.

There are 187 members for OryCon so far this year. Rick, who helped work out the problems with registration last year, said this was slightly ahead of last year. Paul: We have a budget. It's not as good as we'd like to get it, and it's definitely higher than last year's actual (income) numbers. There was some discussion of how we might set up a scaling budget (one amount for x number of members, a higher amount for more members, etc.). It was felt that the dealer income last year was probably higher than we can expect for this year, and that will be budgeted for $6000, rather than last year's actual amount of $7200+.

Rick reminded Paul that the special $4000 credit we received from the hotel year won't be repeated this year. (Paul discovered that $2000 of that credit was still included in this year's budget this year.) Aaron: Are any of the budget items significantly different from last year. (No.) John: It does worry me that the registration income is still budgeted for 20% than OryCon actually received last year in memberships. Aaron: How much are you budgeting per membership? Paul: $30 a person. Aaron: So that's 1400 paying people, in order to reach the budgeted $42,000. Paul said that the per-person amount does take into account the comped memberships, so that would be 1400 memberships of all types (comped and paid).

Andrew said that he would like to see a somewhat more conservative budget, and Aaron would like to see it scaled for various levels of memberships numbers (1200, 1400, etc.). Rick: Does the GOH expense line include the hotel room? Paul: Yes–it's included there, and not part of the "Hotel" budget line. (The budgeted GOH costs are based on last year's, and will likely be lower this year because some of the guests are local. However, the GOH lineup is still in flux, so that might change.)

There won't be an Editor GOH because so many of the folks will be at World Fantasy Con in Toronto (which we're in conflict with this year). Aaron: When was the last time OryCon did not have an Editor GOH? Someone thought that it was likely the last time that OryCon conflicted with WFC; someone else said it was around OryCon 29. Andrew: Not having an Editor GOH has more of an impact on Programming, because an editor attracts authors. Aaron: Does this then trickle down to making it harder to attract memberships? Yes, but it's likely that WFC itself will draw people away from OryCon, although it won't be a high percentage of the attendees (probably a lower percentage than in times past).

Aaron: Is the web site up-to-par? Yes. How is the recruitment going for committee? We're in need of a couple of people, including someone to run Gaming. Do you have an ad ready for the GameStorm program book? (Tracy gave a flyer to GameStorm, and they'll put together an ad from that.)

Are we ready to sign a management agreement? Andrew: There is a budget, and we said we'd sign one as soon as the budget was ready. (The management agreement was signed after the meeting.)

The OryCon 34 report was then accepted.

4. GameStorm 15 (Jason Bostick)

They are talking to the hotel, since the hotel has another group that would like to use space on Thursday of the con. Jason is recruiting people to fill the committee positions.

Michael: It's getting harder to schedule everyone–should we have a contingency plan for when we can no longer fit everyone in? Stephen: That shouldn't be a problem for GameStorm 15, although it might sometime in the future. We've calculated that if we get as crowded as we were at the previous hotel, it would mean we have 1500 attendees. There was some discussion on this, since the space used for scheduled games is growing faster than the total attendance. It was felt that it is important to keep open gaming space available, and not allow scheduled gaming to infringe on this.

The GameStorm Odd checkbook was given to the GameStorm 15 treasurer (Stephen), and the management agreement was signed after the meeting.

The report was accepted.

B. Funds and Awards

1. Campbell Pin Fund

There is nothing new to report.

2. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund (James Fiscus)
3. Endeavour Award (James Fiscus)

Reported above.

4. Susan Petrey Fund (Paul Wrigley and Debbie Cross)

A report was submitted via e-mail, as Paul and Debbie had a conflict and could not attend the meeting:

We have already circulated our annual report for 2011 which includes the 4th Quarter financials. Updates since the end of the quarter include the $20,000 donation from Renovation, and shortly the issue of a newsletter to our supporters including information about the third annual beer tour fundraiser.

5. John Andrews Worldcon Grant

There is still no one who is interested in accepting the grant this year. One major problem is that Chicon is on Labor Day weekend this year and that conflicts locally with Kumoricon and nationally with several major conventions (such as Dragon*Con and PAX). Was someone going to send information out to the list of program participants? John: There was discussion on that, but the counter-argument was that we were aiming this at the fans, rather than the professionals. Aaron: Another limitation is we have a large number of people locally who have recently attended a worldcon (Renovation).

Aaron: At what point do we give up on trying to find an applicant for this worldcon? Arthur: The only factor is how late can we sell off the membership. Ruth: Having publicity about this at GameStorm (program book notice, flyers, or posters) might give us some applicants. Andrew: I had thought this was intended to reward someone who was doing good work. Simply tracking down a warm body to use the grant doesn't seem like a fruitful use of time and money. Stephen: We can sell the membership off and try again next year. Beverly: We don't need to cut this off yet. I'm not sure how many people have paid attention when it's been posted on the GameStorm staff (e-mail) list. Having information at GameStorm itself might be more productive. Has this been mentioned at OryCon meetings?

Aaron: It sounds like the guidance from the Board is not to go to extraordinary lengths to find someone.

IV. Other Continuing Business

A. Banning Policy

No news so far. (Both Andrew and Tammy have been very busy recently.) Tammy's report (via Rick) is that discussions are continuing by e-mail.

Andrew: One of the weaknesses with the current policy is that there is no middle ground between actions that will get you thrown out immediately, and incidents that you need to be written up twice before anything happens. There should be some things that would be discussed after the convention, but only one such incident might be enough for you to be banned. We do want to avoid having a chair that is arbitrarily powerful, or letting personal feuds determine what happens. Stephen: Can an event chair ban a person from OSFCI events? Andrew: It's been rarely done, but a chair can eject a person from an event and then this results in a ban for all OSFCI events for the next year.

After some discussion, the report was accepted.

B. Bylaws Committee

One change was passed at the Annual General Meeting, changing and expanding the Board meeting scheduled. No other changes are being considered at this time. Andrew moved that the committee be dissolved, and Stephen seconded the motion. This motion passed unanimously.

C. Storage Manager Report

GameStorm has had access to the storage for that event, and the detailed inventory will be produced after the convention is over (and the wheels put on the carts). A batch of storage bins have been donated to OSFCI and are now in the storage units.

D. Hotel Committee

Nothing to report.

V. New Business

A. OryCon 35 This was taken up out of the order listed on the agenda, in order to allow more time to discuss the GameStorm scheduling software.

Lea Rush will be presenting a formal bid to chair OryCon 35 (2013) at the April Board meeting, and already has some committee people in place. However, she would like to tentatively invite a possible Guest of Honor now, rather than taking the chance that waiting two months will result in him already being booked. (Any invitation would make it clear that Lea wasn't the authorized chair yet, and the invite was contingent on her bid being approved in April.)

There was some discussion on this. Overall, the Board felt that this was allowable, as long as the possible bid chair receive approval from the Board first. Andrew moved that Lea be allowed to make a conditional invitation to a possible OryCon 35 GOH. This was seconded and the Board approved it unanimously (save for Lea, who abstained). Lea will copy the OSFCI secretary on any tentative invitations.

This only applies to Lea's request for OryCon 35, and any future tentative GOH invitations will also need to be approved by the Board at that time. This was also conditional that Lea have a formal bid ready to present at the April Board meeting (since this conditional invitation commits OSFCI to making a decision on OryCon 35 at the April meeting).

The Board also approved a motion by Andrew that the OSFCI secretary shall make a general announcement that the Board will be considering bids at that meeting, in case anyone else desire to bid for OryCon 35.

Back to the item order listed on the agenda.

IV. Other Continuing Business
E. GameStorm Scheduling Software

Beverly distributed copies of a proposed development agreement and project specifications for the new GameStorm scheduling software (this was different from the proposal that was included in the meeting packet), and there was considerable discussion.

Beverly: This is result of discussions with the OSFCI IT committee, including David Levine. The discussion showed that it wasn't clear in the previous draft that this was specifically not an agreement for OSFCI to hire ODS (Phoenix and Rachael) to write software for GameStorm (which would be owned by OSFCI). So this is a licensing agreement, showing that OSFCI would not own the software–in exchange for OSFCI advancing them the money to create the system, OSFCI would receive a perpetual license to use the software. It would include the code being held in an escrow account–so that if something happened to Beverly or Rachael, OSFCI would still have access to it.

Question: What makes this different from something that's commercially available?
Beverly: There probably is some commercial software out there that would work for us, but only if we had lots of money to spend on it. The software used for Origins costs them $5000 or $6000 a year, and they have to pay additional for modifications.

Devlin: Are we going to require future GameStorms to use this software? Probably. Michael: It's like a hotel contract–OSFCI signs the contract with the hotel, and the convention is obligated to use that site. John: If OSFCI is going to lay out the money for this project, we need to commit to use the system–I think for at least a three-year period. Jason: Would this work for programming at OryCon? No.

Sam has some reservations. All contracts need to define what is a breach, and this document is very ambiguous. It doesn't define what would constitute a breach and what the consequences of a breach would be. It also doesn't state what compensation would be required for any requested changes, or how to determine what is reasonable compensation for the changes. OSFCI and ODS may have very different ideas on what constitutes a breach and the consequences of a breach are.

Beverly: On the point of determining compensation for changes, we thought we would negotiate then on the cost if the changes, and they would be outside the scope of this agreement. It's difficult to define now what the cost of future changes would be because it depends on the scope of those changes.

Sam: What happens if the initial payment of $3000 is made and then everything goes off the rails? Right now, there's no way what OSFCI gets that money back. Phoenix: We'll fix that.

Andrew: it seems like rewriting this contract to make it work would be more work than would be covered by the annual amount we pay Sam. How much would it cost? Sam: I'm not asking for additional compensation.

Sam: There is no perfect contract. There is a point where we're reasonably comfortable with what we have.

Andrew: I would be willing to pre-approve that the Board pay $5000 if the support agreement can be re-written to meet Sam's approval and the specifications be approved by an appointed group. Rick: During the IT committee discussion on this, it sounded like some people were uncomfortable with the whole idea of paying OSFCI (Board) members for software. Andrew: I don't think it's a violation of our responsibility to buy professional services from people who are professionals and are producing a product we need. Arthur: I'm not against entering into an agreement like this–I just want to make sure it (any potential conflict of interest) is discussed.

Michael: If this isn't decided tonight, then the new system is off the table until GameStorm 16 (2014). Andrew: There's more to this than simply developing a new system for GameStorm. We're talking about taking money from a non-profit and paying it to a profit (entity) that involves a member of the board of directors of that non-profit. While Sam assures us this is legitimate, it appears illegitimate. Dealing with the mechanics of this, and writing it all up in the minutes is about as good as we're going to be able to handle this. John: We have purchased services from people involved with the group in the past–we used to often purchase typesetting from Michael Pearce for the program book. The IRS does allow for non-profits to have business transactions with people involved with the group, but it has to be carefully documented. Phoenix: This has been in the minutes, and listed in the agenda, so we are being very open about this. Sam: If Beverly abstains from the (Board) votes concerning approval of this, there's no legal impediment against her staying on the Board.

Arthur: I'm not against this proposal, I just want to make sure we're spending the time needed to evaluate it. We keep hearing that we need to move now to have it ready for next year, but we're talking about software that we're planning on using for many years in the future (not just next year). I want it to be done right. Andrew then again moved that we pre-approve this project, with the provision that the final agreement first meet Sam's approval. Lea: I am not comfortable in approving something (the final agreement) that I have not read yet. (Andrew's motion did not receive a second.) Sam would like to see another draft from ODS, based on his comments on what constitutes breach and what the consequences of breach are. After that, he would suggest recommended changes, and will hope that by the next meeting we'll have a contract ready to discuss. Likewise with the specifications, those need to be reviewed by a committee so that a final draft will be ready for the Board at the next meeting. We need to define who is going to be reviewing the specifications.

Aaron: If this software is not available for GameStorm 15, how would that affect that convention? Jason: We'd just have to rely on our current staff and it would continue to be a clunky pain-in-the-neck.

Andrew moved that, at the point that these two documents are ready (the specifications and support license), the Board would agree to discuss them–either at the next meeting, or by e-mail if they are ready before the next meeting. John seconded this, and the motion passed 8-0. Jason Bostick will approach Car (Bostick) about also being part of the specifications discussion.

Sam suggested that, when the Board does approve a contract with ODS, that someone be appointed to act for OSFCI in case of emergencies, so that we don't need to wait for the next Board meeting to handle everything. Aaron said that he would be the logical person for this role.

V. New Business

Conflict of Interest Policy
John suggested, based on the discussion on the GameStorm software, that the Board might want to adopt a written policy concerning conflicts of interest. He will circulate the policy that was adopted by RCFI (Renovation) to start the discussion.

Insurance Coverage for the OSFCI Games Library
Aaron's wife has realized that their homeowner insurance will not cover the games library being stored at their house. We will investigate coverage for this, and determine exactly what OSFCI's current insurance policy does cover.

The next meeting will be on Sunday, April 29th at 3PM, at the Doubletree Portland Hotel (assuming hotel space is available).

The meeting adjourned at 10:23PM ACPT

Treasurer's Report 2/26/12

1. Current Status

Preliminary report from the O33 treasurer is that O33 will be slightly better than break-even.

The Petrey Fund and the Clayton Fund are in different funds and their totals are not included below. All other OSFCI accounts below are at a single bank to which I have easy access.

In general, much of the OryCon Odd monies went to OSFCI to pay back the $10,000 loan made in October and the membership charges. GameStorm is happening in less than a month, of course, and GS Even had a variety of activity.

The O33 treasurer was able to collect on $110 of old unpaid debts from previous conventions. Kudos!

Current (as of 2/26/12) account status:

Acct Balance Change from 2/6 report
Orycon Odd $1149 (-$12961)
OSCFI checking $22322 (+$12403)
Endeavour $5295 (-$100)
GS Even $8746 (+$1329)
Merchant $568 ($0)
GS Odd $1010 ($0)
Orycon Even $6359 ($0)
Campbell $288 ($0)
OSFCI savings $19415 ($0)

2. Old Business

– none –

3. New Business

a) I would like to note that with the increased number of meetings per year we will need to expand the meetings budget. I would like permission to expand it from $650 to (7*$122) or (rounded up to the nearest $50) $900.

b) In order to make comparing one convention's finances to another from year to year, I'm working with OryCon treasurers current and past to make a spreadsheet template for the OryCon treasurers to use. At this time it will not be required, but it's something of an experiment – if it succeeds in making reports easier to compare, it may be required in the future.

There is no plan, at this time, to do the same for GameStorm.


D. Stephen Raymond, Treasurer


Area Department Budgeted Actual as of 2-25-12
Chair Art Show $2,000.00 $2,880.78
Miscellaneous $500.00 $3.10
Dealers $3,500.00 $7,269.45
Hotel $0.00 $2,000.00
Registration $47,750.00 $35,778.31
Member Services Artifacts $0.00 $771.41
Child Care $0.00 $127.86
Hospitality $0.00 $176.69
Bar $0.00 $207.25
Programming Writers Workshop $0.00 $190.00
Publications Souvenir Book Advertising $1,000.00 $60.00
TOTAL REVENUE $54,750.00 $49,464.85
Credit (1) $4,000.00 $0.00
Donations (2) $1,160.00 $1,160.00
Total Credits/Donations $5,160.00
Total Revenue and C/D $59,910.00 $50,624.85
Area Department Budgeted Actual as of 2-25-12
Chair Art Show $2,400.00 $2,418.84
Chair/ Misc. $300.00 $154.54
Contingency $500.00 $461.94
Meeting Expense $300.00 $31.98
Dealers Room $1,200.00 $517.87
Hotel $14,000.00 $15,395.84
Registration $600.00 $777.23
Treasury $300.00 $248.31
OSFCI Overhead (@ $2.00) $3,000.00 $2,798.00
Total $22,600.00 $22,804.55
Events Events/Tech/Pipe & Drape (3) $3,000.00 $2,044.60
Masked Ball $500.00 $394.72
Opening Ceremonies $200.00 $143.26
Total $3,700.00 $2,582.58
Member Services Artifacts (T-Shirts) (4) $1,800.00 $1,800.00
Child Care $1,000.00 $750.00
Hospitality $5,000.00 $4,074.39
Bar $1,500.00 $1,120.58
Internet Café $0.00 $0.00
Teen Lounge $250.00 $248.47
Total $9,550.00 $7,993.44
Operations General Logistics/Supplies $1,200.00 $837.07
Office/Information Desk $200.00 $164.30
Ribbons/Awards (5) $800.00 $751.34
Security $100.00 $0.00
Volunteers $200.00 $0.00
Total $2,500.00 $1,752.71
Programming Creation Station $200.00 $188.35
Gaming $175.00 $0.00
General Programming $400.00 $80.26
Green Room $750.00 $435.08
GoH Gift Baskets $250.00 $186.20
GoH Per Diem ($225x4) (6) $900.00 $900.00
GoH Travel Expenses and Dinner $4,500.00 $3,589.95
Musical Guests (Tempest) $1,160.00 $1,160.00
Video $50.00 $0.00
Writer's Workshop $200.00 $198.52
Total $8,585.00 $6,738.36
Publications Daily Zine $100.00 $89.96
Fliers & Publicity/Sponsorships $800.00 $580.84
Pocket Programs (1500) $1,750.00 $1,587.00
Progress Reports 1 & 2 $525.00 $0.00
Regress Report $525.00 $0.00
Souvenir Books (1500) $6,350.00 $5,144.45
Total $10,050.00 $7,402.25
Total Expenses $56,985.00 $49,273.89


  1. The hotel has given OryCon 33 $2,000.00 in credit toward the bill, as part of the deal allowing them to take part of our room block for another convention. We have also received a $2.000.00 payment from Travel Portland as part of the same deal.
  2. OryCon 32 donated $1,160.00 towards the hotel room and per diem expenses for the musical guests Tempest. *OryCon 32 also paid the $3,000.00 fee directly to Tempest.
  3. Events Tech budget increased $500.00 by transferring funds from the Internet Café budget.
  4. The Chair has increased the Artifacts budget by 20%, from $1,500.00 to $1,800.00. Additional Artifact costs have been paid from the Chair's Contingency fund. This was to add hoodies to Artifacts.
  5. Includes Art Show and Hall Costume Awards.
  6. This item should have been budgeted at $900.00, not $1,125.00. Musical Guests (Tempest) budget of $1,160.00 (a donation from OryCon 32) included $600.00 for the group's per diem.

GameStorm 14 Quarterly OSFCI Report
Feb 27, 2012

  1. Treasury - See Treasury Report
  2. Registration - See Registration Report
  3. Activities
    1. ConCom Meetings 1/8, 1/22, 2/12, 2/25
    2. Game Day Jan 21st
    3. Storage locker visit 2/25
  4. Status
    1. Treasury Expenditures with in budgets, income slightly ahead for dealer revenue, no identified budgetary shortfalls
    2. Registration slightly ahead of last years.
    3. Scheduled events at about 700.
    4. Sign ups live
    5. Hotel room block requirements met
    6. GOHs confirmed
    7. Scheduling system working but frustrating
  5. Scheduled Activities
    1. ConCom meeting 3/11 @ hotel and final ConCom 3/17
    2. Convention Activities start Wed 3/21 with truck rental and pick ups
    3. Convention 22-25 March Official Open 3 PM

D. Stephen Raymond, GameStorm 14 Treasurer


Area Budget
INCOME Received as of 2-24-12
Chair General Fund $5.00
Dealers $1,250.00 $2,010.00
Hospitality Donations $1,000.00
Merchandise* $1,850.00
Publications (Program Book Advertising) $400.00 $320.00
Registration $24,100.00 $8,063.69
TOTAL INCOME $28,600.00 $10,398.69
EXPENSES Spent as of 2-24-12
CHAIR Operational Area
Chair General Fund $1,350.00
Game Days $700.00
GoH $3,000.00 $657.40
Internet $300.00 $10.00
IT** $800.00 $92.00
Registration $1,200.00 $729.35
Treasury $100.00 $21.98
OSFCI $2,000.00
Sub-total Chair Operational Area $9,450.00 $1,510.73
EVENTS Operational Area
Board Games $150.00 $81.18
CCG $50.00
Children's Programming $200.00
Console Gaming $50.00
Events General Fund $150.00
GameLab $1,100.00
Game Library $300.00
Indie Hurricane $100.00
LARP $200.00 $154.91
Miniatures $50.00
Organized Roleplaying Campaigns $250.00
Panel Programming $50.00
Printing and Supplies $550.00
Roleplaying $50.00
Sub-total Events Operational Area $3,250.00 $236.09
OPERATIONS Operational Area
GS Bucks/SWAG $200.00 $200.00
Hospitality $4,500.00 $446.32
Hotel $3,000.00
Info Desk $50.00
Logistics $1,000.00 $764.99
Operations General Fund $100.00
Security $50.00
Signage $50.00
Sub-total Operations Operational Area $8,950.00 $1,411.31
OUTREACH Operational Area
Dealers $100.00
Merchandise** $2,300.00 $1,388.00
Advertising/Printing $1,500.00 $1,167.59
Publications $2,500.00
Sub-total Outreach Operational Area $6,400.00 $2,555.59
TOTAL EXPENSES $28,050.00 $5,713.72
Checkbook Balance 2-24-12 $7,941.28
PayPal Balance 1-31-12 $948.69
Minus: Pending debit card transactions
Ryder Truck deposit -$705.00
TOTAL ASSETS $8,184.97
Total Income $10,398.69
Plus: Transfers from PayPal $2,500.00
Minus: Total Expenses -$5,713.72
Plus: OSFCI Seed Money Loan $1,000.00
Balance $8,184.97

BOLD within an operational area indicates a department or subdepartment name.
Otherwise, the line item budget is controlled by the head of that operational area.

* Name changed from Artifacts

** Combines previously separate items Scheduling System Programming and Website

GameStorm Registration Report 2/27/2012

GS14 GS13
Purchased at Previous Con 186 158
Purchased since Previous Con 207 183 * (as of 2/26/2011)
Guest GMs n/a 41
Dealers 6 12
Press 1 n/a
Total 400 394
ConCom 48 128
Staff 33 n/a **
Guest GMs 54 29
Dealers 21 17 ***
Press 4 n/a
Industry Guests 27 24
Rollovers from Previous Con 32 7
Other Comps 1 2
Total 220 207
Total Membership to Date 620 601

* All GS13 figures are end-of-con except for Purchased since Previous Con

** ConCom & Staff were combined for GS13
*** Comped dealers included in table fees

OryCon 34 Budget

February 27, 2012

Art Show 2,500 Estimated Income 55,100
Artifacts 500 Estimated Costs 54,500
Office 100 Estimated profit 600
Dealers 6,000
Registration 42,500
Misc 3,500
Total 55,100
Art Show 2,500
Chair 300
Contingency 500
Meetings 300
Dealers 600
Hotel 14,000
Registration 1,000
Treasury 300
OSFCI 3,000
Events Tech 2,000
Mask Ball 500
Opening Ceremonies 200
Artifacts 1,800
Child Care 1,000
Hospitality 6,500
Teen Lounge 250
Fan Lounge 100
Logistics 1,000
Office 200
Ribbons 800
Security 100
Volunteers 200
General Programing 1,000
Green Room 500
GOH 5,750
Musical Guest 0
Video 50
Event Pubs 8,200
Publicity 1,850
Total 54,500


The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

February 27, 2012


We sent our tax report to OSFCI's Treasurer in early January. Because the report contains information for the IRS that we are legally obligated to keep confidential – the names of our aid recipients – we must keep the report private.

Requests for Aid:

In January, we made an additional grant of $2,031.91 to the writer we helped last year. The aid was based on medical receipts for the last half of 2011. At this point, we do not anticipate additional grants to the writer, though we are prepared to provide aid if needed.


We have had no donations since our last report.

Funds Available and Fund Raising:

We have approximately $ 7,245.00 in the bank.

The Fund's response last year and in January totaled $7,031.91. While our most common grant is for $1,000, we have several times had to exceed that amount. Our balance is now low enough that we will not be able to respond to a major request for aid without fund raising.

Board of Trustees

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2014
Page Fuller, Treasurer October 1996 November 2014
Arthur Aldridge, OSFCI Rep. July 2005 While serving on OSFCI Board.
Geri Jeter November 2002 November 2013
Ruth Sachter November 2002 November 2013
Marc Wells November 2003 November 2013

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Clayton Board of Trustees

The Endeavour Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

February 27, 2012

We sent our tax report to OSFCI's Treasurer in early January. If any Board members are interested in our full report, we will email them a copy of the report.

Books Entered:

We have 43 books in so far, and have extended this year's deadline until March 15.

Financial Report:

At the end of December, we had just under $5,300.00 in our account, with one or two small checks still outstanding. We have had no expenses since our last report to the Board.

Committee Membership:

We are seeking several new members for the Committee, as two members had indicated they may be leaving.

Endeavour Committee

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
Sarah Bryant October 2006 November 2012
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2014
Page Fuller October 1996 November 2014
Marilyn J. Holt September 2000 November 2014
Sara Mueller October 2003 November 2013
Alan Rosenthal January 2006 November 2012
Sheila Simonson October 1996 November 2013
Shawn Wall, Treasurer November 2005 November 2013

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Endeavour Award