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Board Meeting Minutes for February 25th 2014

Board of Directors Meeting

February 25, 2014

Board Members in attendance: Beverly Block (OSFCI President), Car Bostick, Jason Bostick, Aaron Curtis, Jacob Engstrom (arrived late, due to a conflict with another meeting), Rick Lindsley (OSFCI Treasurer), John Lorentz (OSFCI Secretary), D. Stephen Raymond, Lea Rush and Debra Stansbury.

(All unanimous votes listed below were unanimous votes of the board members who were present at the time of the vote.)

Also attending were Tammy Lindsley (WHC 2014 Chair), Jim Milne (WHC 2014 Ads and Sponsorships), Devlin Perez (OryCon 36 Chair).


I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted unanimously.


II. Treasurer's Report (Rick Lindsley)

(Reports were circulated. with the meeting packet.)

Not too much has happened since the last meeting (on February 3rd). He just handed Sarah the check for the John Andrews grant before the meeting. (He had already transferred the membership to her last week.) The overhead fee for OryCon 35 has been paid since the last meeting, so that's more than $3000 into our accounts, with the calculation of the surplus still going on. GameStorm 16 is having a lot of activity There was a PayPal transfer into the wrong account (the GameStorm Odd account), but that's been straightened out. So GameStorm 16 is poised to happen, and GS 17 is ready to start up after GS 16.

The bank account has been opened for the Westercon bid (they're still waiting for the checks); Sarah will be treasurer there. John has been added as the World Horror Convention 2014 treasurer (and has checks for that account now). Looking at the account summary, OryCon Odd has gone down a lot, since they paid many bills since the last report. The GameStorm Odd checkbook has passed on to the GS 17 treasurer.

Rick was asked about the $1,900 tax penalty. He said that the IRS sent us a notice that we had filed late, and they were fining us that amount. Rick checked into it and discovered that they hadn't accepted (or hadn't received) the second extension that he had filed with them. So he paid the fine, and included an explanation that he thought the second extension had been filed. When this has happened in the past, they have refunded the fine (with interest), so we have good expectations that this will happen again in this case.

Aaron has a backlog of game purchases that he'll be asking for reimbursement for.

The treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.


IV. Reports on Sponsored Activities
A. Conventions and Bids
1. OryCon 35 (Lea Rush)

((Some copies of the treasury report were circulated at the meeting, having not gotten to the Secretary in time for the meeting packet))

Lea: It happened, it was awesome, we're about to close things down. Beverly: What is left to do? Car: I believe I have all the checks out. I need to meet with Rick to determine what's left (to close the books).

The OryCon 35 report was accepted by the Board.


2. GameStorm 16 (Aaron Curtis)

(Registration report was circulated with the meeting packet.)

Aaron: GameStorm is looking to be really, really awesome. There are already more memberships now than at the close of pre-reg last year. So we should be in the 1200-1300 person range. We're doing a lot of new things; people are getting a lot done.

The GameCon software isn't running (web-enabled) yet. Workarounds are in place–it just takes a tremendous amount of effort on the schedulers' part.

The treasurer report for GameStorm was postponed until the GS treasurer (Jacob) could get to the meeting.

There was a question about the comped memberships, in that they're 30% ahead of last year. Are more people being comped? Comps are being entered into the system earlier this year. Stephen: We also have more staff this year, the under-6's are going into the system as comps and there are more industry guests.

The report was accepted by the board, except for the treasurer's report which will be presented later.


3. The 2014 World Horror Convention (Tammy Lindsley)

Tammy: As Rick mentioned earlier, John is now in place as the WHC 2014 treasurer. And we have money in the bank–quite a bit of money. People have been joining the convention and signing up for the Stoker Awards banquet, so we're quite flush.

Tammy and John did meet and put together a "starter budget (a copy was included in the meeting packet). We also now have a contract addendum from the hotel, making it clear that the contract with the Doubletree is with OSFCI, not just with Tammy. There are currently 252 people registered for the event. The room block is looking really good–there are 438 room nights reserved so far. (560 is the minimum to avoid penalties.) The programming head, Rose, has sent out a preliminary list of the major events. What is your target membership? Tammy: About 400.

John: The tentative budget is very tentative–virtually no one on the committee has even seen it yet. We have a committee meeting in 10 days or so, and we'll find out then if there are any drastic changes needed. Tammy: The expenses are pretty solid, but the income projections need some work. We know we have roughly 15 ads so far. John: I put this financial statement together as of last Friday, and over the weekend quite a bit more money came in or was invoiced.

Rick: Is Rose going to use the OryCon programming system, or another system? Tammy didn't know yet-Rose hasn't responded to the email Tammy sent to her. Rose has put together programs for other events, so she might very well have her own system that she is using.

Guy Holaday has been removed from the committee, due to email that he sent to another committee member. Both the recipient and Tammy felt that the email that he sent was harassment. A check will be sent to refund him for the money he paid for his staff membership. Guy is not barred from attending the convention, but he will have to pay the regular rate, not the staff rate. Additionally, one of the committee members told Tammy about another person who's caused problems at other conventions (and has been barred from attending at least one other convention). So WHC 2014 will keep an eye out for him, should he register for the convention.

Tammy will forward the email from Guy that caused the problem for the OSFCI records (not to be distributed outside the OSFCI Board).

The board unanimously accepted the WHC 2014 report.


4. OryCon 36 (Devlin Perez)

His reg person just got her Internet back after an outage and wasn't able to give him updated numbers for the membership count. He will forward on that information after he receives it from her. Publicity is getting started. OryCon 35 now has an Editor GOH: Jacob Weisman (of Tachyon Press). Not much else to report right now-everything is getting up to speed.

The report was accepted by the board members


Since Devlin had to leave early,
the other items on the agenda that he had a part in were moved up in the order.


IV. Other Continuing Business
A. Storage Manager Report (Devlin Perez)

Brian from GameStorm has the keys to the storage units. Devlin still needs to get copies made for the other two sets we need (so that we have one for OryCon, one for GameStorm and one for OSFCI). That will get taken care of after GameStorm.

The board voted unanimously to accept his report.


V. New Business
A. New Radios

There was a proposal sent during the last Board meeting, to be considered at this meeting. (A copy was including in the meeting packet). Elena Fernández-Collins (part of GameStorm Operations) did some research on whether new radios that OSFCI needs should be purchased or rented. Based on the numbers that she came up with, she suggested that we should rent radios for our events because we can rent more powerful radios than we can legally own without also having the proper licenses.

There was discussion. Jason said he couldn't see the value in spending $700 just to rent radios for one event. (Her proposal just covered GameStorm 2014.) Beverly asked about the statement in the proposal suggested we might have problems unless we rented the radios from a licensed owner. Devlin: The channels we are using are open channels. As long as we stay on those frequencies, we're fine. If we used channels that required licenses, then everyone using the radios would have to be licensed ham operators. In addition to the $700 rental to use the radios she'd suggested, it cost us $300 to replace a radio the year one went missing when we rented that type of equipment.

Devlin: The radios that we own last about four years, until they physically start breaking down. A pair of that type of radio would cost $40 to $50, and they keep raising the coverage range on them (up to about 30 miles now). Of course, the buildings cause problems with reception–but really the biggest problem is all the wifi signals. Beverly: Do we know how many radios we have right now? Devlin: Approximately 14–they're at my house, to protect them more than they would be at the storage unit.

Devlin suggest that we purchase 20 radios (10 pairs). Could they be bought in increments, such as five a year (well six, since they're purchased in pairs)? Yes, that could be done. Stephen: And the price? Devlin: Approximately $50 a pair. And we'd need some batteries–we found that rechargeables overheat in these radios, and also don't have a very long life. Car: Is there a difference between these radios and the ones (rental radios) described in the proposal? Very much so–the radios in the proposal are 800MHz radios, similar to police radios. The $75 (purchase) radios described in the proposal are closer to ham radios.

Devlin said that while it's true that the rental radios might give somewhat better reception, it's still not going to be 100%, and he felt it wasn't worth paying $700 per event for that slight improvement. Beverly said that the proposed included a repeater–can you get a repeater for the ($50) radios that we're talking about purchasing? Devlin: No, that's just for the 800 MHz radios.

After some more discussion, Stephen that OSFCI authorize up to $600 be spent in purchased five pairs of radios, and the needed headsets. John seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


This wrapped up the items that involved Devlin, so he was able to leave and the meeting
returned to the regular agenda.


III. Reports on Sponsored Activities
5. GameStorm 17 (Debra Stansbury)

GameStorm 16 is in three weeks, so the hope is that a lot of people will say "Hey, this is fun. Let's do it again next year."

There currently aren't any Guests of Honor yet, but Debra is working on that. GS 17 might be looking at the hotel contract to see if the space can be expanded. She will be meeting with her exec staff, as soon as she tells them that they are her exec staff. This will include someone from Reg, the hotel liaison, Aaron (as an adviser in general), someone from Ops, someone from Events, and the treasurer.

The GameStorm 17 report was accepted unanimously. Stephen said that he plans on having a GameStorm 17 budget ready for the next meeting.


6. Westercon 2016 Bid (Lea Rush)

It will be awesome. The bid now has a bank account, with the $1000 in seed money, and several things to spend the money on. What they don't have so far are pre-supports; just two, both from bid committee members.

Publicity is going amazingly. There will be parties at Norwescon, BayCon, two parties at the Westercon this summer in Salt Lake City. So far, no one else has filed to run, but there are no plans take it easy. (It's likely the party at Norwescon will bring in some pre-supports.) The Facebook page has 134 members so far. Aaron: GameStorm is going to have fan tables–does the Westercon bid want one? Lea said they'd thought about it, but the potential number of Westercon voters at gameStorm is pretty small. There will be an ad in the GameStorm program book, as well as an ad in Norwescon's and there was one in RadCon's (as well as bookmarks there). The Westercon bid report was accepted unanimously.


Rick pointed out that this is the most active year we've ever had, with five active conventions & bids right now, so there have been times when things have been queued up behind the (OSFCI) treasurer.


B. Funds and Awards

1. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund (James Fiscus)

Jim was ill and not able to attend today's meeting. He sent in a report via email which was circulated at the meeting (see below).

The report was accepted unanimously by the board.

2. Endeavour Award (James Fiscus)

Jim was ill and not able to attend today's meeting. He sent in a report via email which was circulated at the meeting (see below).

In his report , Jim asked that the board ratify the requested reappointment to the Endeavour Board of Sara Mueller, Sheila Simonson and Shawn Wall. John has already sent email back to him telling him that we did this last December.

The report was also accepted unanimously by the board.


3. Susan Petrey Fund (Paul Wrigley and Debbie Cross)

A report was circulated (see below).

Car asked about the "OCF" (Oregon Community Foundation) listed on the Petrey financial report. Rick explained that he had talked to the OCF last year to find out exactly what the situation is with them:

The OCF is a charity that invests funds and makes grants to nonprofit groups. The Petrey Fund (e.g. OSFCI) has made grants to OCF–most notably, the recent $20,000 grant that the Petrey Fund received from the 2011 Reno Worldcon–and in return, the OCF makes periodic grants back to the Petrey Fund, based on the income their investments bring in. The OCF is not an investment fund–money given to them belongs to the OCF, not to the entity giving them the money. Groups such as the Petrey Fund can request to have their money returned; in that case, the OCF board meets and decides whether to make a grant back to the group. (It may or may not happen–in any case, the original group in no way owns the money that the OCF is holding.)

The Board accepted their report (after correcting "Oregon 35" to "OryCon 35").


4. John Andrews Worldcon Grant (Beverly Block)

A check was given to Sarah Gulde earlier tonight for the grant this year, after the announcement of her being the winner was made at the Annual General Meeting earlier this month. There is an announcement in the GameStorm program book about the 2015 grant.

Beverly said that she really needs some additional people helping her with this, since Marc and Ruth (who were on the committee for this) haven't been able to help out. Debra volunteered to help out.

The report was accepted unanimously by the board.


IV. Other Continuing Business

B. Hotel Committee

Aaron reported that GameStorm may be growing even faster than previously anticipated, and after GS 16 this year, he will re-evaluate and consult with other members of the hotel committee–and possibly negotiate for additional space for next year. (GameStorm is still committed to being at the Vancouver Hilton through 2016.)

GameStorm has sold out its room block this year. The Hilton has added more rooms to the block (so no one is being turned away), but this should help the negotiations for adding more meeting space next year. Stephen: How many rooms does the hotel have? Aaron: Roughly 220 rooms, and GameStorm's peak night right now is 100 rooms.

Rick: One of the things we discussed at the last regular board meeting was the hotel block for World Horror Convention 2014, and whether the convention will meet the minimum. Are you satisfied that we'll be OK? John: It's certainly sounding a lot better. The room count has doubled in the last couple of months and they're still being grabbed quickly. Lea: Right now, there are 1.5 to 2 times as many rooms reserved as for OryCon at this time. Car: Did we get the updated hotel contract, with OSFCI listed rather than World Horror Convention? Beverly has it; she just needs to sign it and return it to the hotel.

Debra reported on the hotel negotiations training that was put on by Patty Wells. It went very well, and Lea recorded it for future reference. Lea said she used that training when going in and talking to hotel recently (for the Westercon bid?–it was very hard to hear the rest of what she said).

Lea also reported that the room block for OryCon 36 had already been lowered to 700 rooms (the Board had previously discussed asking for this reduction)–we just hadn't received the contract addendum.

The hotel committee report was then accepted unanimously.


C. IT Committee

Beverly: There had been a suggestion of going with a company called Jetfire for the Westercon bid website, and that we could use that as a test for the Gamecon software. They spoke with the owner of Jetfire for about an hour, and were comfortable that this would be a good fit. He'd had someone working for him, but there had been a problem with that person and he now had someone new. Because of that, this person had very busy and there have been delays in getting everything ready. Just today, all the components had finally started working together. When Beverly gets home from this meeting, she will start installing GameCon on that server. For GameStorm, they have been collecting gamemaster information from forms posted on the man website. That information will then be imported into the database.

John: Let me get this straight. The Westercon bid site is using Jetfire, and so is the GameStorm scheduling system? Rick: We realized that Arvixe was not working out, and we thought we use the Westercon web page as a test site for using Jetfire, and maybe we could move GameCon over there.

Car asked if we have the specs for what Jetfire offers (is it web hosting? Is it email?)–she'd like to look them over. Beverly said that we have pretty everything we'd want with Jetfire. John: So we have three providers now-Dreamhost, Arvixe and Jetfire? (Yes.) Are the numbers fitting in to what we have budgets for web hosting this year? Rick: We did raise the budget this year, because we knew we'd be moving to a provider who would charge us more than $9.95 a year, but it will probably be off a little because we were just estimating the cost. Lea said that Jetfire's rate was $720 a year. They gave us a 50% discount, so we paid $360.

John: We have one more Internet provider than we used to have, and there's been no discussion on what things are costing. Rick: GameStorm has been covering the Arvixe cost. John: And GameStorm will cover both Arvixe and Jetfire now? Beverly: The Arvixe contract will be allowed to expire in August. Stephen: The plan is to move everything over from Arvixe to Jetfire right after GameStorm (which is next month). Aaron reminded people that the GameStorm domain registry expires soon, and that has to be taken into consideration. Jason volunteered to make that happen-he'll just need the authorization code from Aaron.

Here is the list of current providers and which OSFCI sites are hosted by them:

  • Deamhost: OryCon, OSFCI, World Horror Con 2014
  • Arvixe: GameStorm (web page and mailing lists)
  • Jetfire: Westercon bid and GameStorm scheduling

Jason brought up the contract between OSFCI and Beverly & Rachael. According to the contract, GameCon was supposed to be operative for next month's GameStorm. Do we want to review that? Beverly: According to the contract, we will forfeit the final $2,000 and return the previous $3,000 that was already paid, minus any expenses. We've already spent more than $3,000 on this project, so the rest of the expenses will be out of our pockets–we are definitely not going to meet the contracted deadline.

The committee report was accepted unanimously.


D. Using Square with Android Tablets for at-con registration

The question that came up at the December meeting was: Is there a contract with Greater Giving that precludes us from switching to another credit card processor? The answer is no–we use them one convention at a time. However, arrangements have already been made to use Great Giving for GameStorm, so the Board voted unanimously to table this topic until the next meeting.


E. ASCAP/BMI Licenses

Rick needs the information to send in the payment-Beverly will pass that on to him.

This did remind Rick that this mistakenly got left off of the budget for 2014, so Rick will update the budget to include this cost.

There was some discussion on whether this should be an OSFCI expense, or paid for by the events, since we are being charged by event. John pointed out that, either way, the account is going to be in OSFCI's name. It was decided that at least for this year, the fees will be paid for by OSFCI. We can discuss later whether we want to shift it to the events.

The report was accepted by the board.


F. Insurance

Aaron spoke with Oak Tree, and canceled the employee liability coverage that we decided that we didn't need. Our agent there will inform the insurance company–we don't know if we will get a rebate going back to November, when they'd automatically added on that coverage.

Aaron will make sure that the policy has the rental truck coverage for GameStorm. Do we need anything for World Horror Con 2014? No–we're using a hotel that's already listed in the policy.

The report was accepted unanimously by the board.


Jacob Engstrom arrived at 8:56PM. In order for him to be ready to present the GameStorm 16
budget, the board decided to move on with the next item of new business.

V. New Business
B. Role of Board Liaisons to Conventions

Beverly: This started with the World Horror Convention, when we realized that we weren't getting information about the convention. She had to go back and look to see who was supposed to be the board liaison to that event. It was Devlin–but we didn't expect to get information from Devlin, and it's likely he didn't remember that he'd been appointed the liaison. We need to define what it is that the liaison does. Rick: What I was the liaison to OryCon 35, I thought my role was: (a) prod Lea when she wasn't doing what I thought she should be doing, and (b) know enough about the event that I could report to the Board when Lea couldn't make it to a meeting. I think that's a starting point (for a liaison's duties).

Car said that if there was something that she needed and could get from a chair, then the liaison was the person who spoke to about it. Stephen: Part of it should go the other way. If a convention needs some sort of help, then the liaison could come to the Board and ask for that help. Beverly: When I was the liaison for OryCon 32, I went to all the committee meetings, and didn't have another role on the convention besides being the board liaison. It would be ideal if the liaison wasn't otherwise on the con com. Stephen: As liaison for OryCon 36, I'm not otherwise on the committee.

More discussion: Sometimes it can be hard to meet that ideal, since there is a lot of overlap between the members of the board and the event committees. Ideally, the role would not be adversarial–the liaison would be a conduit of information, not someone enforcing the dictates of the board. And there is a large variety in event committee roles–it'd be more difficult for someone to be an effective liaison and be on the exec committee of an event, than being a liaison and just running a small event department.

After a bit more discussion it was decided that the guideline for being an event liaison (possibly post this on the wiki) should be:

A Board liaison to an OSFCI event should not be on the executive committee of that event except in his/her role as the liaison to that event.

On the subject of event liaisons, Lea said that it's been sometimes difficult to get a response back from Tammy to questions about the current status of World Horror Convention 2014 (probably, many of the board members felt, because she's been busy with the multiple roles she's taken on for the event).


Now that Jacob Engstrom had a moment to catch his breath, we moved back up the agenda to finish…

III. Reports on Sponsored Activities
4. OryCon 36 (Jacob Engstrom)

Jacob now has the OryCon Even checkbook, and is getting preliminary data from the chair in order to start building a budget. He should be able to have an OryCon 36 budget ready by the next board meeting.


2. Game Storm 16 (Aaron Curtis & Jacob Engstrom)

Jacob wasn't able to get financial statements printed for the meeting, so he didn't have any to pass out. GameStorm has over $16,000 right in the bank and the PayPal account, plus between $1200 and $1600 in checks from dealers that he's holding on to until it's decided which are in the room and which are being sent back. (That also affects between $300 and $800 in publications money.)

As far as expenses, $700 has been paid for the travel expenses for one GoH–that amount's going to skyrocket, once GS hears back from another GOH about his travel plans (he's on a cruise right now). Other than that, outside advances for merchandise and hospitality and printing for signage, there has been very little spending.

Jacob will send copies of the financial statement to the OSFCI Board mailing list, and anyone who has questions can ask about it there. (The Board has never voted to accept the budget for GameStorm 16.) Rick pointed out that the event was in about three weeks, and there was little the board could do even if they disapproved of the budget. After some more discussion, the board was in general agreement that they'd skip the process of approving the GS 16 budget. Jacob said he took full responsibility if there are money problems with this event–it would not be Aaron's fault.

Aaron mentioned that there are some things they're spending more on this year–a lot more. But GameStorm is also drawing a lot more attendees this year. Last year's GameStorm had a surplus of about $10,000. This year, he's trying to end up with less.

The board then voted unanimously to accept the GameStorm 16 report.


Back to the regular agenda…

V. New Business
C. Code of Conduct Poster

Jason asked for money ($80 to $250) for a large durable poster displaying the OSFCI Code of Conduct, so that it's readily visible to people as they come in to register for the conventions. There was discussion on the proposed cost of this banner/poster. John felt that it was too expensive, compared to the cost of printing a simple large paper sign for each event. But Stephen said that he'd investigated the cost of large paper (one-time use) posters, and they're running close to $100 for the printing. So it would take only a couple of events to pay for the permanent sign.

The Board voted many to one (John) to approve a purchase for up to $250 (while trying to keep the as low as possible).


D. Other New Business

  • Jason said that GameStorm has fan tables this year and suggested that it might be good to have an OSFCI table.
  • Jacob would like to test a wireless (wifi) amplifier at GameStorm (looking forward to OryCon next year, where much of the meeting space is in the basement), to try to extend the wireless signal from the Clearwire receivers. The cost for one box is (at most) $75. If it works at GameStorm, he'll come back with a proposal to purchase more. Rick: How well are the current Clear boxes working. Jason: The dealers love it, and it's great at Reg. The members? It's hit or miss. But we're certainly getting the value out of the $50 we pay per event to turn them on that weekend. Rick: The hardware is holding up? Jason: The hardware is holding up fine. Aaron moved that the board approve the purchase of one wireless amplifier. The motion passed unanimously.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 28th at the Doubletree.

OSFCI Treasurer's Report 12/6/13

1. Current Status

Loncon3 membership has been transferred to Sarah Gulde as the winner of the John Andrews Scholarship award. Her stipend check will be given at this very meeting.

Headcount fee for O35 has been paid, but they are still calculating their surplus.

GS15 is poised to happen.

Account has been opened for the Westercon bid and seeded $1000.

John Lorentz has been added as the WHC treasurer. In the process of adding Sarah Gulde as the Westercon treasurer.

The Petrey Fund and the Clayton Fund are in different funds and their totals are not included below. All other OSFCI accounts are below.

Current (as of 2/23/14) account status:

Acct Balance Change from 12/6 report
Orycon Odd $14933 (-$24905)
OSCFI checking $14091 (+$1084)
Endeavour $2512 ($0)
GS Even $6568 (-$2183)
Merchant $568 ($0)
GS Odd $7000 (+$6000)
Orycon Even $5230 ($0)
World Horror $32509 (+$20585)
OSFCI savings $25816 ($0)
Westercon $1000 (+$1000)

2. Old Business



3. New Business



The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

February 25, 2014

My apologies to the Board for not being able to attend, but I returned from RadCon with a nasty cold, and don't want to spread the joy.

Requests for Aid:

We have had no requests for aid since our last report.

Account Balance:

We conducted a fund raising campaign in December, with publicity from John Scalzi, Jay Lake, and others. We received donations totaling $2,110.00 by the end of the year, and are receiving a recurring gift of $20.00 a month from in donor.

The campaign brings our funds to about $5,300.00.

Fund Raising:

We expect have another on-line fund raising effort later in the year.

Board of Trustees

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2016
Page Fuller, Treasurer October 1996 November 2016
Rick Lindsley, OSFCI Rep. Febraury 2012 While serving on OSFCI Board.
Ruth Sachter November 2002 November 2015
Marc Wells November 2003 November 2015

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Clayton Board of Trustees

The Endeavour Award
Report to the OSFCI Board

February 25, 2014

As I said in my Clayton report, my apologies to the Board for not being able to attend, but I returned from RadCon with a nasty cold, and don't want to spread the joy.

Books Received:

We have 43 books entered for the 2014 Award.

Financial Report:

We have about $2,500.00 in our account, which will pay cover the 2014 Award expenses. We expect to hold an on-line auction later this year, selling material donated by Ursula Le Guin and others.

Motion Requested: Committee Renewals:

I ask the Board to ratify the reappointment of Sara Mueller and Sheila Simonson, and Shawn Wall to the Endeavour Committee.

Endeavour Committee

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2014
Page Fuller October 1996 November 2014
Marilyn J. Holt September 2000 November 2014
Sara Mueller October 2003 November 2016
Sheila Simonson October 1996 November 2016
Shawn Wall, Treasurer November 2005 November 2016
Helen Umberger November 2012 November 2015

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Endeavour Award

Susan C. Petrey Scholarship
The Petrey Report has no new financial report since the 4th quarter has not yet ended. This year's OryCon was the most successful ever. We raised over $2,300 from the egg prizes, beer tasting, silent auction… Special thanks to Patty & Marc, Lillie & Jorden, John & Ruth, Rel & Phil.