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Board Meeting Minutes for December 13th 2004

Meeting Minutes

Dec. 13, 2004



Present: Board and officers: Linda Pilcher, David Schaber, Aaron Curtis, Aaron Nabil, Scott Sanford, John Williamson, Patty Wells, and Andrew Nesbit. Also present: Sam Justice, Jim Fiscus


The meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm by Linda Pilcher.



Treasurer's Report:


John still working on getting all info from Jean Stump



Convention Reports:    



     Orycon 26:

Still working on closing books.

Hotel Bill not received yet.

Attendance was low. Need to work on advertising the convention better in future years.


   Orycon 27:

No Report



     GameStorm 6:

Books Closed.



     GameStorm 7:

Coming along nicely. We have very good pre-reg numbers.

Game Days working out very well.

May use some of surplus to pay for future years Game Days.



     Smofcon Bid:

We Got the bid. Planning in the early stages.

Mel has been talking to several hotels.



Westercon bid:

The bid is coming along nicely

The voting will be in calgary in 2005






Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

Nothing new to report.


Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

See report



Endeavour Award:

See Report.


Continuing Business:


     Subcommittee reports:


The banning policy re-write subcommittee is disbanding, having re-written the policy.




New Business:




Other New Business:



Motion to adjourn passed


Meeting adjourned 9:22