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Board Meeting Minutes for April 27th 2008

April 27th 2008 Minutes


Board Members: John Lorentz (President), Arthur Aldridge (Treasurer), Debra Stansbury (Secretary), Patty Wells, Aaron Curtis, Michael Pinnick, Tammy Lindsley, Beverly Block, Mark Burns.  Andrew Nisbett has an excused absence.

Others: Stephe Raymond, Page Fuller, Jay Lake, Ruth Sachter, Sam Justice and Melvin Krehbiel.

Note made to remember recorder and not leave it at meeting place.

I. Minutes of previous meeting

Reviewed previous minutes—no objections

John Lorentz called for kudos to Aaron Curtis for his tenure as President.  Applause of agreement.

John then called for help by the general board members to help out with duties.

II. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Report given verbally, see attached report. Highlights include:

  • Taxes due—Highest priority
  • GameStorm 9 and Orycon 29 information is still needed.
  • Still have question for Mark Burns regarding outstanding GameStorm 8 funds.
  • Need a new insurance policy.  Volunteer request has been made.
    • Sam Justice's opinion is that a full year policy is preferable to event insurance.
    • Storage insurance is handled through the storage locker vendor.
  • Clarification request in regards to taxes.
    • Answer:  They are due on May 15th and Arthur requires the assistance of Mark Burns and Ryan Stoneberg.  Yes, we could file an extension, but hopefully it will not be needed.
    • Penalties for previous tax liabilities for 2002 and 2006.  Paige has drafted the letters, John has signed them and they were sent out last week.

Treasurer's Report Accepted.

III. Reports on Sponsored Activities
A. Conventions and Bids
1. OryCon 29 (2007)

Orycon 29 report—books still need to be closed, no representative present at meeting.

         2. GameStorm 10 (2008)

GameStorm 10 report, given by chair, Beverly Block (Phoenix).  Event went well, 749 total attendance.

  • Mistake made in overpurchasing T-Shirts for Artifacts.  Hoping to sell more once the web site is moved.
  • There were communication problems, but the Attendees reporting back all had a good con.
  • Registered Agent issue:  Kami Miller had volunteered, but was it taken care of?  Apparently not.  Need to resolve this quickly.
  • Sales Tax question:  Referred to Mark Burns.

            Need to pay the registration fees and get Registered Agent issue sorted out promptly.

            Issues raised regarding getting information from Mark Burns.  (He arrived after this discussion)

             More questions regarding t-shirts.

         3. OryCon 30 (2008)

Orycon 30 report, by Melvin

  • The Regress/Progress mailing is waiting on Sam Butler.
  • Everything is going well.
  • There is a Hotel meeting in May.
  • Programming has had one meeting, need to schedule the next and clear up some issues with a missing file.
  • Still need a Publicity Person
  • 362 members to date
  • Online registration hiccup is being fixed
  • Having some problems however with OSFCI's tax status (we've been non-profit for 30+ years) John Lorentz is working on that issue.
  • Question regarding Orycon 30s budget as their numbers are significantly different from Orycon 29s.  Resolved that both are inaccurated, Orycon 30s are still in flux and Orycon 29s have not been confirmed.  These will be revised.
  • Badges—Orycon 30 will go with laminated badges rather than using the old badge printers.
  • There will be special stuff for the 30 year vets.

    B. Funds and Awards
1. Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund

Susan Petry Report not given, Debbie and Paul were otherwise occupied today and could not attend.  Report emailed, see attached.

2. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund
3. Endeavour Award

Clayton and Endeavour Reports, given by Page as Jim Fiscus is not available.  See attached reports.

Highlights include:

  • Clayton Fund got a request to help with some prescription costs.
  • Endeavour Award is investigating fund raising options and their 10th Anniversary Splash at Orycon 30
  • Discussion of matching funds.
  • Sam Justice requested information regarding Jo Clayton's estate.

Reports Accepted

IV. Other Continuing Business
A. Hotel Committee

Hotel Committee report—Patty Wells reporting

  • The Marriott has a new owner who is not non-profit friendly.  They are actively discouraging all non-profit business.
  • Aaron and John are working with the new hotels:
  • Orycon 31 will be in the Doubletree at Lloyd Center on Thanksgiving Weekend (there is a Supercomputing Conference taking over most hotels in Portland on our usual weekend)
  • GameStorm 11 will be at the Vancouver Hilton in Washington, hope to have a signed contract in May
  • Public opinion favored Thanksgiving to using two hotels in Washington
  • Doubletree wants our business
  • Jantzen Beach did not even reply to our inquiry
  • Patty is in favor of splitting the two conventions up, using two hotels, rather than putting all of OSFCI in one hotel.

    B. Audit Committee

Audit Committee—Arthur reports they have not met yet, waiting on taxes.

    C. IT Committee

IT Committee—Arthur reports that the SpireTech relationship is officially over.  Dreamhost is now up and running.

  • Orycon 30 webmaster Rick is trying to deal with the PayPal glitch
  • GameStorm needs to get transferred over to the OSFCI server

    D. Other Subcommittee Reports
1. Storage Locker Committee

Storage Committee—Debra reports that DJ is working on finding a new storage locker.  Need a report for the next OSFCI meeting

V. New Business
A. GameStorm 11 (2009) bid

GameStorm 11 bid, Chair Beverly Block.

  • Will continue to comp industry people
  • Events Coordinator is Mary Olsen
  • Need a Webmaster and Scheduling Second
  • Treasurer is Mark Burns
  • Event will take place Thursday through Sunday—a four day convention
  • Probably will be last weekend in March, contract is still in process with Vancouver Hilton
  • Projecting higher numbers
  • Cost will be the same or less
  • Room nights will be $106 for single bed, $116 for 2 beds.
  • Questions regarding the budget—it will be revised.
  • Bid accepted, no objections


    B. Orycon 31 bids

Orycon 31 bids—none yet.

  • Issues regarding getting a Guest of Honor on Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Will have a brainstorming meeting in early June, will postpone Orycon 31 bid until July
  • Question:  If OSFCI invite a Guest of Honor two years in advance, we need to publicize this so as to not blind-side bidders.  Need to work on verbage for inviting guests without a bid.

C. Proposal for OSFCI sponsorship of a Campbell Award Pin (Jay Lake)

Proposal for including Campbell pin under OSFCI—Jay Lake proposing.  (And he brought cookies)  See attached proposal

  • Wants a non-profit umbrella, not looking for money.
  • Cost will be the Treasurer's time
  • Directed Donations
      • Fee line for mailing and overhead

 Called to vote:  All in favor, no objections.

Jay Lake will work on a formal budget for next meeting.

D. Proposal to Fix or Replace the badge printers

Not addressed due to time issues.

    E. Proposal for a new Registration System

Request to form Registration Committee to form a system that can go from Convention to Convention, tracking data and creating badges.

  • Beverly Block will run the committee with John Lorentz, Mark Burns and Stephe as members.  Alan Olsen is willing to help.
  • Will work on creating a central OSFCI database

    F. Proposal to sign OSFCI up with Mission Fish for EBay auction ease

Not addressed due to time issues

    G. Query about what level of Committee/Staff deserves OSFCI points.  Clarification and Consistent Ruling requested.

Not addressed due to time issues

    H. Query regarding "How to get a charity listed with OSFCI" Do we?  What is our policy? (J Kovach)

Not addressed due to time issues

    I. Other

Printer and laptop donated to FreeGeek, paperwork given to Treasurer

Next meeting will be Tuesday July 15th, 2008     Location TBA

            (Tammy, Beverly and Sam Justice will not be available.)