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Board Meeting Minutes for April 25th 2011

Board of Directors Meeting

April 25, 2011

ATTENDING: (Board members) Arthur Aldridge, Beverly Block, Aaron Curtis (OSFCI President), Rick Lindsley (OSFCI Treasurer), John Lorentz (OSFCI Secretary), Andrew Nisbet III, D. Stephen Raymond, Debra Stansbury, and Marc Wells.

Tammy Lindsley was not in attendance due to child care issues. Her absence was excused.

Also attending were Sam Justice (OSFCI attorney), Devlin Perez (OryCon 33 Chair), David Schaber (GameStorm 13 Chair); Jason Bostick, Michael Monical, Ruth Sachter, and Chris Shaffer.

The meeting started at 7:36, Aaron Cell Phone Time.

I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Michael: Are the minutes in the packets in the back of the room? John: No. They were sent to everyone on the Board list and posted on the OSFCI web page. There are a few copies at the front of the room.

There was a question about the minutes from the special meeting in January. The copy that was distributed didn't include the attendance list. John will make sure the web version has that list.

The minutes from the previous meeting were then accepted by general acclamation.

II. Treasurer's Report (Rick Lindsley)

Rick sent out the treasury report earlier in the day and copies were distributed at the meeting. (See below.)

We are doing very well. We've already passed the $7,000 in income that we'd conservatively budgeted for, and GameStorm isn't done with their accounting. And so far the expenses are looking good.

Since the last meeting: we had to pay an additional amount for the insurance for GameStorm in order to include the hotel in the liability coverage (a requirement the hotel has added since last year's GameStorm); we spent the capital funds on the wireless equipment (that was at, or under, budget). Stephe: GameStorm has asked the money to be transferred over also for the OSFCI overhead fee and some of the other items.

Rick: The account balances in his report were as of last night. Aaron: Are we tracking outstanding debts, such as uncashed checks? Rick: Yes, there are a small number of those. There was some discussion of the flow of funds from merchant and PayPal account to the appropriate bank accounts.

The treasurer's report was then accepted.

IV. Reports on Sponsored Activities
A. Conventions and Bids
1. OryCon 32 (Tammy Lindsley)

The Board read through the report that Tammy e-mailed earlier (see below)–she was unable to attend to due to child care issues:

For my final report as chair of Orycon 32, I'm pleased to say that our books are closed and we reported an income of $12,091.16 over our expenses. This income has been dispersed as follows:

  • OSFCI - $6,045.56
  • Endeavor - $446.40
  • Clayton - $446.40
  • Sue Petrey - $446.40
  • Campbell Pin Fund - $100
  • Gift to Orycon 33 (Tempest) - $4,160.00 (to cover their fee, hotel room nights and per diems)
    Local non-profits:

  • Film Action Oregon - $223.20
  • Willamette Writers "Books for Kids" - $223.20

Rick included the budget spreadsheet along with his report and should be able to answer any additional questions the board may have as he worked closely with the 32 treasurer in completing the document.

I want thank everyone who helped make Orycon 32 such a success and perhaps I'll throw my hat into the ring to chair another one some year.
Stephe had a question about how the donation to OryCon 33 should be handled, since he is treasurer for that event. The consensus was that it should be listed as a donation under income, and then the expenses for Tempest should be listed as expenses.

OryCon 32 had a surplus of roughly just over $12,000. What was the attendance? About 1,408 (very close to the budgeted number). It was close to the budgeted number of people, and still had a surplus of $12,000? Yes–both OryCon 31 and 32 had a higher percentage of people buying their memberships at the door than in recent years, making for a higher income. (And expenses for Ory 32 were $4,000 lower than that was budgeted.)

OryCon 32 has now closed its books. The report was accepted.

2. GameStorm 13 (David Schaber)

The convention went well, and everybody had fun. There was a 23% increase in attendance from last year (984 people total). The books will be closed sometime soon, probably by the end of May, certainly by the time of the next OSFCI meeting in July (they're still waiting for three areas to get settled–the final hotel bill, the final Hospitality receipts and LARP). The books will be closed earlier this year than last, and they're hoping to move it up another month next year.

A GameStorm financial report was distributed. There was some discussion of how much was taken in via the tip jar in Hospitality and on Artifact sales (both pre-con and at-con.) Any idea why the attendance has gone up to much? Yes–much more publicity (and staying at the same hotel for several years.) Any chance of overfilling the hotel? Not for several years–they figure it can hold 1500 people at a GameStorm. (The Vancouver Hilton has more meeting space than the old Doubletree Columbia River–just fewer sleeping rooms.)

Currently, Gamestorm has $14,676 (not counting the money going to GS 14). The hotel bill is about $3300 of that. The other items are pretty low, so it's likely that GS 13 will end up with more than $10,000. (This is after donations from priors cons of about $5300.)

[This was actually discussed later, but was part of GameStorm 13.]
The Clear wireless modem/routers have been purchased, and the cost so far is under budget. Aaron: Paul (Brinker) was the keeper of the Clear equipment? Yes, but he will be posting instructions on how to set it up. (And he is not moving to New Zealand.) Will the equipment that we have now be suitable for OryCon at the Doubletree? Yes, it's been tested at the hotel. Rick: There is one small irregularity that's just being handled by the treasurers right now. They wanted a debit card to run the account, and the OryCon Even account's debit card was used. Rick then shifts the money over to cover the charge. This will probably be shifted to OSFCI corporate card. It also turns out that they have a $10 daily charge, in addition to the $45 monthly rate. This will save a little bit of money (especially for Game Days).

The report on GameStorm was accepted.

3. OryCon 33 (Devlin Perez)

There are roughly 450 people registered for next year, which is pretty good. The planning is going pretty well, other than some web site issues which are being worked on. GOHs are set, including (possibly) another media GOH. (Someone from Stargate Atlantis.)

Ruth: Any committee positions you're still trying to fill? No, the committee is pretty set. Beverly has set up a wiki for OryCon, similar to what she's done for GameStorm. She's hoping this will help people build up a repository of knowledge, so that there will be more continuity from year to year.

The OryCon 33 report was accepted.

4. GameStorm 14

They sold 191 memberships for 14 at GS 13 (much higher than previous years). The hotel contract has been signed for next year.

5. 2013 Westercon Bid

Gene's partner is sick, so he couldn't be at the meeting. His report was "Everything is on track." They have the seed money, are still looking at hotels.

B. Funds and Awards

1. Campbell Pin Fund

Jay is dealing with the appearance of a new tumor. Should OSFCI appoint someone to help him finish the fund-raising? Ruth and/or John will check with him, and also find out how much money still needs to be raised. Rick: After that immediate money is raised, is there then an ongoing amount needed from year-to-year? Arthur: The initial amount planned to be enough to purchase all the pins needed for the foreseeable future. And the plan was that OSFCI would not be raising the money? Exactly–Jay just needed a corporate umbrella open the bank account and to make donations to it tax-deductible. And we also decided to chip in some seed money ($500). Rick pointed out that OSFCI is very flush right now, and maybe at some point we should help finish this.

[Ruth and John spoke with Spring Schoenhuth, who produced the pins, in early June. Spring said there was still about $1800 owing, but that Dell Publications–owner of the Campbell Award–may fund the difference. So there's no reason for OSFCI to take direct action now, save for the occasional donations from event surpluses.]

2. Clayton Memorial Medical Fund

3. Endeavour Award (James Fiscus)

No formal reports were submitted. E-mail received from James Fiscus stated that there had been no changes from the previous meeting.

4. Susan Petrey Fund

Copies of the report were distributed at the meeting (Paul and Debbie could not be at the meeting because they were heading to Australia)–see below.

Their report was accepted.

IV. Other Continuing Business

A. John Andrews Worldcon Grant

It's still in process–the committee (Ruth, Beverly and Marc) are waiting to hear back from the person chosen to receive this year's grant.

[Followup: Ellen Klowden has accepted the John Andrews grant for traveling to Renovation, is very grateful for the help, and is very excited to be going.]

B. Banning Policy

Previously, the Board hadn't been sure what updated policy had been adopted several years ago, and Sam wasn't available at a previous meeting to ask. Sam (at this meeting) and David said that nothing had been adopted then (so the previous policy was still in place). In that case, the previously appointed committee (Tammy, Jim and Andrew) will take over and try to draft a new policy.

Aaron: At a minimum, we need to clarify what the existing policy is. (There was some discussion about the necessity of appointed committees to actually meet in between OSFCI Board meetings.)

After some discussion, it was determined no one likely had a definitive version of what was being discussed as a new Banning Policy five or six years ago, but various people had copies of intermediate drafts. Aaron wants the appointed committee to firmly set meeting times. In the meantime, John will send copies of both drafts to Sam for his review.

C. Bylaws Committee

Nothing to report yet. Stephe was appointed chair of the committee. The committee needs to report back in time for suggested changes to be mailed out before the Annual General Meeting–which is why the committee was charged to present any recommendations no later than the December Board meeting.

V. New Business

A. New Badge Printers

We still don't have a proposal to consider, so we'll drop this from the queue for now, until someone comes up with a proposal for us to discuss.

B. GameStorm 14 Management Bid

We have a proposal from Michael Monical for chairing GameStorm 14. It includes a narrative now on how the convention will be run (if everything goes well).

There was some discussion on child care and YA policies. Michael wanted to know what OSFCI's specific policies are with young adults and children, and the liabilities involved. Andrew: OryCon has used professional (and bonded) child care providers, so that the liability falls on them. OSFCI, as such, just has a set of general policies. Michel: GameStorm isn't ready right now to provide child care, but we would like some guidance in dealing with young adults.

Marc: It would be a good idea to contact Kumoricon, since their situation is very close to what GameStorm's is. Beverly: Since GameStorm 10, there's been a policy that anyone under the age of 18 needs a signed waiver from a parent in order to attend the convention. If they're 15 to 17, they don't have to have a parent on-site, but they do need to provide the waiver. For 10 and under, the parent has to be with them all the time. Aaron asked Sam if this level of restrictions was necessary. Sam: Yes–the liability would come from a failure to supervise. The problem is that as you make the policy more specific, then anytime you violate the policy, you open yourself up to more liability. It's a good idea to have a policy; it's also very important to make sure it's enforced. (There was more discussion about past incidents.)

John asked that the discussion be moved back to actually covering the proposal we had in front of us (instead of spending the rest of the evening talking about child care). Are there any changes planned for GameStorm next year? Michael: No, it's pretty much going to be the same. I would like to raise the amount of our charitable donations. Andrew: Michael has worked on Gamestorm before, has the experience, and has the approval of the usual folks who work on GameStorm. Andrew moved that we accept the proposal.

There was some discussion on what the management agreement entails, and whether it benefits both parties, and what resources OSFCI provides to the people running an event. What liability coverage does OSFCI provide to the event chair? Sam: Under Oregon law, an officer or director of a non-profit group is not personally liable for the actions of the organization unless there was at least gross negligence involved. This includes the staff of the event.

After considerable discussion on how OSFCI can provide detailed information on the resources the event chair has to draw upon, and who the insurance policy covers, it was agreed that OSFCI does need to have a better inventory of its equipment.

Beverly seconded the motion to accept the proposal, as long as a management agreement is signed before the next Board meeting (actually, before the Game Day in June). John moved that this be amended so that the official budget of the event (Gamestorm 14) will be that which is presented at the next Board meeting. In times past, the "official" budget of an event was that which is adopted by the committee of the event after they start meeting. In recent years, that's started to change to define the official budget is that which is presented with the bid. But that budget is often put together before the previous year's event even takes place, so there's not enough information. John would like OSFCI to return to the previous practice, so that we have a budget (which according to the management agreement can't be significantly changed) which is based on current information.

The final version of the motion was that the management agreement would be modified to explicitly include the event chair, committee and volunteers in the liability coverage, and that OSFCI would make all its resources (including equipment and documents) available to the event. John pointed out that the agreement for GameStorm has never included the game days, just Gamestorm itself, so it needs to be modified to include those. The modified motion passed and Michael Monical was provisionally approved as the chair of GameStorm 14.

C. Storage Equipment and Storage Manager

Devlin Perez presented a proposal for purchasing new materials for the storage (a new cart for the steel, and new carts for the art show panels) and a new refrigerator for use at conventions. After some discussion, this proposal was tabled until the next Board meeting.

Devlin also volunteered to act as a Storage manager for OSFCI. This person would have a detailed inventory of the equipment, as well as a set of the keys, and would be responsible for checking the equipment in and out of the storage unit, and making sure everything is labeled and stored properly. The Board appointed Devlin to be the OSFCI Storage Manager.

D. Other New Business

  • Dave Schaber requested access to the GameStorm web site, since he is now the webmaster for GameStorm 14.
  • John presented a request to borrow OSFCI equipment for the Reno Worldcon (following up on a tentative request made about 18 months ago). This request was approved.
  • Aaron purchased $95 worth of games at the Gathering of Friends flea market, paying cash (so he has no receipt). He asked for Board approval in reimbursing him for this amount. This was approved.


The date of the next meeting will be settled by e-mail. [July 10th, at Rick and Tammy Lindsley's house at mid-day.]

The meeting was then adjourned at 10:07PM

Treasurer's Report 4/25/11

1. Current Status

Orycon 32 books are now completely done. Since Tammy will likely not be able to come tonight, she has forwarded her final budget statement to me and I've included it as an attachment.

GS12 books are now completely done. GS Even account is holding $1000 in seed money, ready for GS 14.

Gamestorm 13 is issued kudos for already having transferred their OSFCI membership fee to OSFCI. This means that most of this year's income for OSFCI is now accounted for (and it is above our conservative projections.) GS 13 is still finalizing their books for other aspects of their convention.

Final accounting for wireless access capital purchases came in this last week while I was on vacation, so full details of that are not reflected in the figures below. However, there were no surprises.

Westercon bid account is open and has about $375 in seed money after buying checks and a endorsing stamp.

Getting records together for taxes.

Check written for Mel Krehbiel for $300+ to replace an old Orycon check never cashed.

Current (as of 4/25/11) account status:

Acct Balance Change from 2/1/11
Orycon Odd $8144 (+$2812)
OSCFI checking $23435 (+$7758)
Endeavour $5026 (+$449)
GS Even $988 (-$2759)
Merchant $3936 (+$3368)
GS Odd $18568 (+$14190)
Orycon Even $2440 (+$9438)
Campbell $288 (+$100)
OSFCI savings $19880 (+$1)
Westercon Bid $378 (+$1)

2. Issues

  1. I still need to purchase a Chicon Worldcon membership for the John Andrews 2012 award.
  2. We still need to name a recipient for this year's John Andrews award.

Susan Petrey Report

Attached are the financial reports for 2010 & 2011 Q1. Hardcopy of the backup information for 2010 was provided to the Treasurer at the AGM. Copies of the agreement between OSFCI & OCF have been provided to the Secretary – we hope that any discussion will be at a meeting we can attend. If the next meeting is on a Saturday, we have conflicts on both possible dates. July 9 is our monthly Open House and July 16 is the Gresham Art Walk. Mondays still work well for us. However, we can't attend Monday's meeting as we will be on our way to Australia.

Debbie Cross
Paul M. Wrigley

Susan C. Petrey Scholarship
Income Statement - 2010

Balance (12/31/2009) $10,665.75
Oregon Community Foundation - 2010 $2,168.00
OryCon 32 Income $1,658.00
Other Donations $50.00
Brew Pub Tour & Donations $700.00
Interest $9.46
Total $4,585.46
Scholarships $4,000.00
Fellowships $1,800.00
Total $5,800.00
Balance (12/31/2010) $9,451.21
OCF Balance (12/31/2010) $45,322.67

2010 Recipients

  • Cassandra Clarke (Cuerto TX)
  • Laura Praytor (Long Beach CA)
  • Ian McDonald (Susan C. Petrey Fellow)

2011 Recipients

  • Charles Stross (Susan C. Petrey Fellow)

Income Statement - Q1 2011

Balance (12/31/2010) $9,451.21
OryCon 31 Donation $1,444.87
Interest $3.71
Total $1,448.58
Scholarships $4,000.00
Fellowships $1,800.00
Total $5,800.00
Balance (3/31/2011) $5,099.79
OCF Balance (3/31/2011) $46,068.74

2011 Recipients

  • Charles Stross (Susan C. Petrey Fellow)
  • Alisa Alering (Bloomington IN)

Subject: GameStorm 14 Proposal

To: OSFCI Board Date:
April 9, 2011
From: Michael Monical

My friends and gaming colleagues have encouraged and agreed to support my proposal for GameStorm 14 (2012).

This proposal is in conformance with OSFCI Convention Proposal Guidelines available on the OSFCI Website at

Gamestorm 14 Vision Statement

GameStorm 14 is held at the Vancouver Hilton on 22-25 March 2012. Attendance exceeds 1,200, up almost 20% due to the success and acclamations from GS13 and expanded outreach efforts. Most of the memberships are preregistration however so revenues are only up slightly. The hotel continues to provide excellent service and GameStorm met its full room commitment.

Standard board gaming continues to be the central anchor of GameStorm utilizing most of the convention space and attracting most of the attendees. Role Playing Games (RPG), RPGA, Collectible Card Games (CCG), Miniatures, Live Action Roleplaying (LARP), Camarilla, and Console Gaming all have increased participation. Space limitations have started to impact scheduling as all hosted genres continue to grow.

Our board game Guest of Honor, Martin Wallace, is well received and participates in panels, special tournaments and in a Martin Wallace board game timeslot. His latest work is featured with special play tests sessions. The RPG GOH participates in and leads games of his creation and awards prizes for participation. Both GOH's also participate in successful dealer events.

Hospitality garners favorable comments with healthy and labeled food choices as well as exceptional comfort food. Donations return 35% of this expense.

During the year three well attended GameDay events in June, October and January were held at the hotel which helped assure the success of GS14 and allow staff to enjoy a more laid back gaming experience. The GameDays also provided a test bed for the scheduling system that is crucial to the success of GS14 as well as training for GameStorm staff.

GameStorm provides limited child care and juvenile supervision, which allows parents to enjoy a worry free convention experience. A professional child care staff, the ability to preregister for specific periods, and the availability of individual pagers were key to this success.

Our improved scheduling system, developed in prior years, tested in programming and training events during the year and tested at GameDays greatly improved the GameStorm experience for schedulers, game masters and attendees.

GameStorm 14 generated sufficient excess revenue to make a record setting contribution to Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

GameStorm 14 Support Request

We are requesting OSFCI support for the conduct of GameStorm 14 (2012), three GameDays events, and GameStorm participation in external convention events such as OryCon and WorldCon.

The support requested from OSFCI is the "full" standard GameStorm Convention package that has been provided through the years, including but not limited to:

  1. Corporate Umbrella - corporate protection for the individuals involved in the planning, organization, and execution of GameStorm activities.
  2. Insurance - liability coverage for the events.
  3. Financial Support - maintaining continuity and oversight of GameStorm financial activities and ensuring all tax requirements are met and any necessary permits or licenses are obtained. GameStorm has been a financial contributor to OSFCI since its inception so no new financial support needs are forecasted outside the oversight needs and the rollover of prior year seed money.
  4. Non-Profit Status - ensuring GameStorm is conducted and accredited as a charitable non-profit event.
  5. Material and logistical support - maintaining and overseeing the capital assets, equipment, and expendables.
  6. Legal support and guidance - reviewing of GameStorm activities for risk and exposure.
  7. Administrative Support - Mailing, printing, office and office supply support
  8. Hotel Liaison support - providing oversight to hotel liaison function and negotiating contracts for future years' events.
  9. Child Care/Juvenile Supervision Oversight and Guidance. GS 14 will consider child care and juvenile supervision activities. OSFCI's experience is specifically requested.


OSFCI has previously negotiated a hotel to host GameStorm 14. No change to the hotel venue is anticipated. The Vancouver Hilton is anticipated to fulfill GameStorm growth for at least 3 more years (to a maximum of 1,500) at which time a change in venue or cap on registration may be necessary.


Executive Committee

  • Chair - Michael Monical; Role: Support to Executive Committee; Experience: GS1 Chair, GS2 Vice Chair
  • Vice Chair - Chris Shaffer; Role: Support to Executive Committee; Experience: GS 13 Vice Chair for Events & Game Library, GS 12 Game Library
  • Vice Chair for Future Operations - Rodney Barnes; Role: Gamestorm 15 Proposal; Experience: GS Co-Chair, RPG Coordinator/Panel Coordinator
  • Registration - Beverly Block; Role: Personnel activities (registration, volunteers, etc.) and IT Experience: Co-Chair GS 9, Chair GS 10 & 11 GS Executive Committee since GS7
  • Outreach - Jason Bostick; Role: Promotional activities, dealers, publications, etc.; Experience: GS13 Outreach & MIB, GS12 MIB
  • Events - Michael Birkes; Role: Coordinate events and event scheduling; Experience: GS13 LARP Coordinator
  • Operations - Doug Walker; Role: Logistical and support activities (hotel, security, delivery truck, storage, etc.)
  • Treasurer - D. Stephen Raymond; Role: Finance; Experience: GS13 Treasurer, GS12 Treasurer
  • OSFCI Liaison - Andrew Nisbet (anticipated) plus OSFCI President, as determined by OSFCI Board

This team will form the executive committee of the ConCom (Convention Committee) and will provide a high likelihood of success for GameStorm 14. In addition we have tentative commitments from many of the GS13 ConCom and of 75+ individuals to support GS14. A listing of those individuals is provided on the attached ConCom list. It should be noted that the portfolios of the executive committee and roles assigned to ConCom staff are not finalized and rotation of staff to new positions and responsibilities will be encouraged.


The budget for GameStorm will not change significantly from the prior year's structure except to expand to accommodate expected growth. The budget is attached and based on a minimum membership projection of 800 with an anticipated membership of 1,100. We will have an expanded outreach program and expect a higher percentage of preregistrations.

Budget Highlights.

  1. Game Day events will be funded to provide outreach activities for OSFCI events and exercise staff and convention activities.
  2. Support in the form of babysitters, gift cards for spouses and refreshments may be provided to programmers to allow concentrated programming and training activities to improve the event scheduling experience for schedulers, GMs , and attendees.
  3. Limited Child Care or Juvenile Supervision will be considered for the convention. It is anticipated this will be a pay as you go activity.
  4. Approximately 20% of the membership will be comped to convention staff and game masters who actually put on the event.
  5. No increases in membership fees are anticipated.


Jason Bostick ran outreach programs for GS13 which contributed to the approximately 20% increase in GS membership. Starting relatively late with little support from the prior year's Outreach Coordinator, Jason was successful in achieving several milestones in advertising, contact, and promotional activities.

Outreach will be divided into several sub categories, focusing on the specific needs of growth and advertisement. These sections will include:

  • Dealers and local support: This group will focus on the dealers room as well as local companies for advertising and display purposes
  • External Distribution Advertising: this will include communication with other Conventions for ad swaps and advertisements at information booths, as well as distribution of our primary flyers to the extensive outreach list created during GameStorm 13.
  • Industry Support: working together with Events and Swag, this group will work to acquire major industry support in the forms of large scale advertising, swag for the GM & Volunteer support program, and industry guests (as applicable)
  • Public Relations/Digital Media: These people will be involved with the facebook and twitter communications, online community calendars, local and national podcasts, press releases, and other media needs as required by the convention.

To make all targets, the staff of outreach will need to grow from its current level of 2 (Dealers, swag, and digital were not included in last year's outreach staff) to a minimum of 10-15. Many of these positions will be short and easy, such as distribution of flyers to local game stores and coffee shops, while others will be more involved.

Rough Timeline is as follows.

  • Mid May - Finalize first round of outreach recruitment. Receive initial advertisement for flyers, prepare small run for convention release. Post advertising for first Game Day
  • June - In coordination with first GameDay, distribute first round of flyers to game stores.
  • August - Begin communication with dealers and industry to sell ad space and reserve dealer spots.
  • September - Advertise for 2nd Game Day
  • October - Game Day #2 - release first mass distribution flyers. Begin distribution to coffeeshops and others who are willing to put it up that early.
  • January - Game Day #3 - Final push of Flyers and advertisements. Begin posting on Community Calendars for March Event.
  • February - Finalize Dealers, program book advertisements, and advertisement swaps. Begin receiving of product support for SWAG.
  • March - Podcasts and other video/audio media meetings.

Weapons Policy - GameStorm 14 will have the same weapons policy as GameStorm 13.


An uneventful convention in the realm of security is desired. A full time security staff of volunteers will be available from the beginning of the convention through to the close. The responsibility will be primarily property security, checking that doors are secure and convention policies are enforced.

"Incidents" are likely to be confined to participants and GMs unhappy with some aspect to the convention that did not come off as planned. These occurrences will be handled by staff and escalated up the staff chain as appropriate. Any confrontational or physical altercations will be referred immediately to hotel staff with GS staff activities limited to participant protection.

Contingency Plans

GameStorm has established sufficient historical data from hotel room registration, preregistration, and event scheduling to forecast participation throughout the year. The established metrics will be tracked and presented quarterly to the OSFCI board in July, October, and December. At any point, reevaluation can be made as to necessary adjustments.

GameStorm 14 currently has $3,820.00 from pre?registration sales at GameStorm 13. Continuing preregistrations sales for GameStorm are anticipated to keep us ahead of expenditures and commitments at all times. The treasurer maintains the GameStorm budget. Expenditures are generally by reimbursement or direct payment by the treasurer and only as allotted in the budget. Budgetary changes are authorized by Executive committee only. Our treasurer has an established procedure for reimbursement, and direct charges to GameStorm can only occur with his authorization.

The highest risk is room night guarantees, as most budget items can be adjusted if registration goals are not obtained. Failure to achieve at least 70% (203) of our 290 room night guarantee will result will result in an absolute maximum cost of $17,862.00 plus tax if the event is cancelled. GS13 was credited with 252 room nights for 2011. Our executive committee will closely monitor registration and room night commitments.

Submitted by:
Michael Monical
Proposed GS14 Chair