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Board Meeting for September 26th 2005

Board of Directors Meeting

September 26, 2005

ATTENDING: (Board Members): Aaron Curtis, Karyn Hoffert, John Lorentz (OSFCI Secretary), Aaron Nabil, Andrew Nisbet, Linda Pilcher (OSFCI President), Patty Wells, John Williamson (OSFCI Treasurer); (Other): Jenn Contreras (OryCon Treasurer), James Fiscus (Endeavour Award), Page Fuller (Clayton Fund), David Schaber (Smofcon).

Sheryl Hester was absent, due to being at work and couldn’t get here. The Board decided it was an excused absence.
The meeting started at 7:28PM, Linda’s Telephone Time. ("Must be a west side time zone.")

I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Copies of the minutes, and several other items, were passed around. (They were also posted on the web site.) The minutes were accepted as an accurate record of the meeting.

II. Treasurer’s Report (John Williamson)

We have $720.84 in our account. (This does not count the amount from cashing out a CD earlier this summer.) A transaction record is attached. The big income & expenses this year have included the surplus from last year’s OryCon and the insurance bill for this year.

So far, we’ve taken in $3,754 this year and spent $3,626,84—so, not counting cashing out the CD, OSFCI is drawing in a slight surplus for the year. If we count all the accounts, including unused conventions accounts, we have about $8,000. But the operating fund only copes to about $700 right now.

Have we received the surplus from Gamestorm 7? Not yet—that will take us up to about $10,000 in all accounts.

John L: The entry for "Registration Equipment" for OryCon—what was that for? David: That was for reg cards and consumables (? the tape was a little faint). John L: Aren’t those kinds of expenses usually paid by the events themselves? David: Often OSFCI has made a bulk purchase for several events, and the events have repurchased the supplies from OSFCI. John W: Since I’ve taken over as Treasurer, I’ve seen OSFCI pay various expenses for OryCon, but I’ve also seen OryCon pay for, for example, the OSFCI PO Box, so it seems to balance out. John L: Since OSFCI has been just scraping by, we should probably not be paying for consumables that the events themselves should be buying.

Patty: During a conversation about who was running this year’s Fan Lounge, I discovered that Arthur hasn’t yet been reimbursed by last year’s OryCon. He turned in his receipts last year, just about the time Lacey disappeared on us. We should make sure this is taken care of…at least make him a program participant for this year, and the $200 reimbursement will be going to him either from this year’s OryCon or from OSFCI. This is also an indication that there may be other similar problems from last year that may yet surface.

Aaron’s Garage: Has this been reimbursed yet? (Aaron Curtis’ garage was slightly damaged when the art show panels, donated by CascadiaCon, were being delivered to his garage; the Board decided via e-mail to pay for the repair of the damages.) As it turns out, a friend of Aaron’s came over and fixed the garage, and is refusing any payment. It was decided to offer him a comped membership (probably as a program participant) to OryCon or Gamestorm (whichever he preferred). Does this establish a precedent, that OSFCI pay for these damages in the future, no matter what the cost? We’ll handle each incident as it comes up—we will strongly suggest that each event, if they rent a truck for the event, also purchase any optional insurance to cover these costs.

Aaron C: This does raise the question of finding a permanent home for this stuff. His wife doesn’t want it to remaining in their garage permanently. Much discussion ensued about finding storage space. Andrew: Ideally, it would be good to take the stuff from Aaron’s garage to OryCon, then from OryCon to the new storage facility. However, every time we’ve priced storage facilities, the costs would have broken our budget. Maybe PODS? Linda Pilcher: They’re real expensive. Maybe we could put a call out to convention attendees: "Wanted: storage space. Will trade for convention memberships." Andrew: It would add more worries about the security of the items being stored. While normally I wouldn’t think someone would steal art show panels, the fact of the matter is that someone did steal our art show panels.

Linda: Maybe we should look out in the suburbs, like Canby? John L: The problem with that is that it really adds to the cost of transporting the equipment, when you factor in 25¢ (or more) a mile to drive out there and back (not counting the time costs). Linda: But maybe that will still be cheaper that paying storage costs in a more central location.

What about requiring each Board member to take his/her share of the equipment? Patty: We stored the Internet Café equipment in our house for a year between OryCon 25 and 26…I don’t want to do that again. (Andrew: "You can stack them on the street in front of my house, I won’t mind." Patty: "We have stuff still in boxes in the garage from our last move." Linda: "I have the OryCon 25 CD-ROMs." John L: "You have part of them. I still have quite a few.")
Back to the discussion at hand:

John L. suggested that, if we ended up at the Vancouver Hilton, maybe we should be looking in Clark County for storage space (it should be cheaper there than in Portland). Patty: Unfortunately, although the nice lady is holding the space for us at the Hilton next year, the God’s honest truth is that we don’t know where we’ll be next year. David: It’s the same weekend no matter which hotel, isn’t it? No…it’s the second weekend in November at the Hilton; it’s the third weekend of November at the Marriott. The Hilton is not pushing us to make a decision before OryCon this year.

Linda: Shall we get back to dealing with the Treasurer’s report? Patty: Yes, but see…now we’ve already done the OryCon hotel report!

Andrew: We need to discuss how to get more OSFCI money from the events. I don’t know how we should word it, but we do expect to be signing the contract for next year’s OryCon, likely sometime later this month, and we need to include this there. Aaron C: How much of the stuff being stored is OryCon-specific? Almost all of it. Even when we had all the equipment that was lost with garage, if you eliminated the archives, probably 2/3 was strictly for OryCon. We lost Reg equipment, Hospitality equipment, Art Show Panels, Internet Café computers

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by the Board.

David: We have about $200 coming in from the NASFiC for rental of the registration equipment.

III. Reports on Sponsored Activities

A. Conventions and Bids

1. OryCon 27
Patty: The O27 chair isn’t here, but I want to bring up the Diana Callihan topic. Diana owes OryCon almost $500 from a hotel room bill (for her own room) at last year’s OryCon, which she charged to the OryCon master account. She was sent a letter in May informing her that she needed to pay this bill, but it wasn’t sent registered. So we have someone who’s planning a party at OryCon this year (to promote Wiccon), who has been told that she cannot attend an OSFCI event until this debt is taken care of…but will likely say that she hasn’t received any such letter.

Patty felt that some who threw a party at OryCon should at least be an OryCon member. Patty proposed that she be sent a registered letter informing her again that she cannot attend an OSFCI event while this debt exists, because she really does owe us $500. (Linda: It’s only $434.)

Aaron N: What would prevent her from just showing up and throwing a party? Patty: We’ll close her down. We are limited by the contract to only 10 party rooms a night. The hotel is going to be counting, and they’ll be checking with us about the parties being thrown. Any rooms outside our contracted amount will be shut down by the hotel, because open parties at Marriotts are against the rules. Maybe they won’t bother to check. Patty: Oh, they will. I’ve already been through hell to get the 10 allowed parties each night. Maybe they’ll be able to pull off a stealth party. Patty: No, because they are planning on including spiritual drumming in their party. But they should be allowed the opportunity to have someone who is a member of OryCon to throw the party.

Linda: The important thing is to make sure that a registered letter goes out to her. John L: It will go out this week. Jim: What action has Sam taken on this? Has he been briefed on this? If not, he should also be asked to go after her for the money. Patty: No, this wasn’t passed on to Sam at the time because Diana’s husband had just died. Jim: Even she has to file papers inform us that she can’t pay it right, but can pay it off over time, that at least would be something.

It was decided to sent the letter to her (and a copy to this year’s OryCon)— if nothing is heard back, we’ll take this to Sam. John L: The letter will go out this week.

Andrew: We should warn OryCon Reg that she has an existing debt, and maybe warn OryCon security that there exists a possibility of a non-official party at the convention, maybe watch for flyers. Patty: Marc has been in contact with DJ (OryCon Reg) and right now, it looks like no one associated with the party has an OryCon membership₀mostly because they kicked the three people with memberships off their committee!

Linda: Did we have anyone else banned from attending? Edgar. OK, so we have two people we need to watch out for—Diana and Edgar.

Why is this a Board action and what all is the Board doing? Patty: We are just sending out a letter to Diana to remind her that she cannot attend any OSFCI even while she owes money to an OSFCI event. (Patty: If we see any money from this person, I will die of shock. Andrew: Don’t tell her that, it may encourage her.)

Andrew: We should discuss the situation with Wiccon, since it may have an impact on OSFCI. The Wiccon committee has had a coup, throwing three people off the committee, including the person who legally held the name. We have at least the potential of a convention with marginal connections to OSFCI, taking place in Portland that may fail and we might be viewed as part of the same group, the group of "any odd type of convention in Portland" even though we’re not connected with them. Indeed, they may have claimed a connection with us when they were negotiating their hotel contract. (Their hotel space was entirely reserved on the credit card one of the people who was recently purged.) Patty: That’s another reason that sending out the registered letter to her may well help cover us, if she later claims a connection with us. John L: Which hotel are they using? The Sheraton.

Linda: Any more questions directly concerning OryCon? Karyn: There have been problems with the meeting times not being announced, and the program schedule hasn’t yet been posted as it should have been.

Linda: Any other questions about OryCon 27? Patty: We need to remember to push out the PR in order to try to attract more attendees. John L: I know that one of the things I was supposed to do as was decided at the last meeting was to collect library information for flyer distribution, which I haven’t had time to do yet&$8212;but I should be able to tackle it soon since the Hugo ballot’s just about ready. But I was also to collate the contact information that other people collect…and I haven’t received any of that yet. So people are reminded to do that.

Current membership count is somewhere between 400 to 500 people, plus "a large stack of them." (It was assumed that this didn’t included the program participant comped memberships.) John L: At the last meeting, we’d said that "By September, at the time of the next meeting, we should have about 900 memberships" and we were going to compare that to what we have in hand. Dave: We’re probably about there. Patty: It would be real good that if we could compare this to the actual count so that we can determine if the Board needs to do a big PR push. (John L also apologized that his spellchecker did to Dave’s name two paragraphs down from there in the July meeting minutes.)

Linda has placed an ad in the Program Book for OryCon 28. Aaron (not sure which one): What’s the deadline to put in an ad for Gamestorm? Last week—it might still be possible to get one if it’s submitted right away.
2. Gamestorm 8
We have a hotel contract for Gamestorm 8; we have a budget for Gamestorm 8. John L: Should we worry that the budgeted expenses for Gamestorm 8 is $2,000 less than what was spent at Gamestorm 7. Aaron C: This year, we won’t have the large card game tournament (which cost $2,700 last year), and we won’t be flying a guest in from Germany at the last minute.

The Board approved signing the management agreement. How many copies do we need? Three: one for Gamestorm, one for OSFCI and one for Sam.

There was discussion on Gamestorm 9’s hotel location. Patty: The Sheraton would really like to host Gamestorm. If they hadn’t been planning on renovation during Gamestorm’s time next year, they’d have happily matched the Red Lion’s offer. They do have the preferred weekend penciled in for Gamestorm in 2007&8212;if GS wants to continue growing, that Patty feels that the Sheraton is the best location. Andrew: The closest light rail station is now open, so it’s now possible to walk to the hotel from the light rail (rather than taking the hotel shuttle from the airport light rail station); this doesn’t, however, solve the last of fast food in the neighborhood.

[Linda: It’s now 8:21PM.]
3. Smofcon 23
Dave: We now have 72 memberships. We should get about 15 memberships from Gamestorm and OryCon, a bulk-discounted rate that’s also partially paid for by the event committees. We have a special guest coming to Smofcon. (Patty has more information below.) Board members are especially urged to purchase their memberships, especially before the next progress report—so that we can assure people that local fans are participating.

Patty: In the five years since I last negotiated a hotel contract, it has gotten very much harder. Ben Yalow was at a professional conference called APEX, which are the people who decide industry standards for hotel contracts. There he met a woman who is on the board for this group. She first met her husband at a truck(?) convention, so she has liked fans because of that. Tyra Hilliard at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and was last year voted one of the 25 most influential people in the hotel industry.

Patty & Ben convinced her to waive her usual honorarium, and come with only her expenses paid. Patty estimates it will cost $600-$750 to bring her here. So far, Patty has raised $250 so far (from SFSFC), with good possibilities of another $500 donation. She will only do one major session, but might do some other panels and will be available for discussion in the bar and such. She helps people understand what’s new, offers contract language; we’ll have someone interview her, to ask her what’s going on and how groups like ours, who are informal, can interact with hotels.

John L: We decided at our meeting last Monday to change the rates for the convention, keeping the $55 rate longer, and have the at-door rate at $70 rather than $75. That should still give us enough money for the convention. We’ve run into problems on the hotel web site—ever since the Red Lion improved their web site, you can’t make reservations online with our group code. So we have updated information on the Smofcon web site on how to reserve rooms.

John L mentioned that OryCon owes Smofcon $55.66 for OryCon art show address corrections that came back to the OSFCI/Smofcon PO box. Jenn Contreras (who is the OryCon Treasurer) will make sure that gets paid.

Linda: The $76 PO Box fee on the Smofcon financial statement—that’s for the OSFCI/Smofcon box? John L: Yes, Smofcon will pay for the PO Box this year; the L.A.con IV Hugos will pay for it next year (since John L is the L.A.con IV Hugo Administrator and will be using the OSFCI PO box as the mailing address for those ballots). Why is Smofcon paying bank fees? It was too much of a hassle to try to get the no-fees account for the short period we’ll have account open— January should be that last month we use it.


B. Funds and Awards.

1. Susan Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund
Nothing was heard about the Fund in time for this meeting. Debbie Cross and Paul Wrigley (the Fund administrators) are busy shutting down their store, and it was felt that likely there’s been no activity since the last meeting. But we will remind them to get in an update for the next meeting.

2. Jo Clayton Memorial Medical Fund (see update below)
The Fund administrators would like Karyn Hoffert appointed to serve as a member of the Fund’s Board of Trustees (to replace David Schaber, who is no longer on the OSFCI Board—since the Fund’s charter requires an OSFCI member to be a trustee); and to reappoint Geri Jeter, Ruth Sachter and Marc Wells as trustees. There were no objections from the Board.

The Clayton Fund is changing its bank account, so they need a copy of the IRS determination letter (available on the OSFCI web site) and a signed copy of the BOD minutes where this change was approved. The Board approved this with no objection. Should the OSFCI Treasurer be included as a signer on the Clayton account? John W: As long I’m kept informed of the bank account number and the bank the account’s located at, I’m comfortable with this on the affiliated funds—they’ve traditionally been given more leeway than the event accounts.

Has the fund be used recently? Jim: No one’s asked for grants recently. John L: Are there any requirements on how often it must be used. Sam says it’s fine as long as payments are made every couple of years, or so.
3. Endeavour Award (see update below)
Jim: The list of finalists is on the update—they were announced at the Awards dinner Sunday night at CascadiaCon. The web site has been revised by Robin Catesby(?), and the Award now has a logo. The raffle at CascadiaCon brought in $150, and CascadiaCon donated an additional from a charity auction $923.

The OSFCI BOD affirmed the reappointment of James Fiscus, Page Fuller and Marilyn J. Holt to the Endeavour Committee with no objections.

Ursula K. Le Guin has donated two Miyazaki statues (that the director gave her, signed): a gardener and Howl’s Castle. They will be sold in a way to maximize the money—probably via eBay. They will likely be displayed at OryCon.

IV. Other Continuing Business

A. OryCon 28 Hotel Location

Patty: Most of this topic has already been covered earlier. As we’re working on the convention this year at the Marriott, it’d be helpful to drop a bug into people’s ears that we need to decide about next year’s location.

B. Subcommittee Reports

Andrew: There is supposed to be a meeting of the various event treasurers, to act as an audit committee to go over all of the books. It would be a wonderful thing if this group could manage at least one meeting before the annual meeting.

John L: As of the last meeting: (a) we were going to tackle a revised management agreement; (b) we had a hotel committee appointed.

Web Site Hosting: John L: As of the last meeting, Aaron Nabil was going to do more research of possible web site hosting alternatives. Aaron N: We have found that, if we switch hosting companies, David isn’t interested in continuing to maintain the OSFCI site. John L: Wasn’t he going to be step away from that, anyway? Aaron N: In this case, David doesn’t want to take on all the work that would be needed to export all the programs, templates, etc. to make them work at the new site.

John W: What would be the cost savings of moving to a new hosting company? Aaron N: The savings could be as much as $400 a year—SpiritOne has sometimes made web hosting available to non-profits for no cost.

Patty: One thing to consider is the problems with finding a new person to maintain it. Mike S is doing a good job with the OryCon site, but we don’t know if he’s interesting in doing this over a long period of time, and we really need that for OSFCI’s site.

Aaron N will continue to explore this. How long are we currently paid for? We renewed for a year last April.

V. New Business

A. Bids for OryCon 28

Linda: At the last meeting, we had one bid in hand, with the possibility of two more. One of those two materialized; the other unmaterialized.

The two bids were presented by Mary Olsen and David Schaber; everyone was given copies of both proposals. Each person was given five minutes to make a proposal, and then the floor would be open for questions. A coin was tossed: Mary called heads; it was tails. David chose to go first, rather than waiting until the second half to receive the kickoff.

[Q & A Format]
David Schaber: David would like to take the opportunity presented by the new hotel(s) to re-evaluate and rebuild much of the convention, since it’s expected there will be many changes to the committee. He will be working hard to train new people in many positions, especially things like Hotel.

Mary Olson: Dave touched on many of the same reasons that I have for wanting to chair the convention. She’s hoping to train the next generation. There have been several balls dropped during the last few years—the PO box in particular. (Dealers would have its own mailing address.) After running dealers for several years, this year I’ve been involved with Programming to broaden my knowledge.

Linda: Why should we let you do it? What have you done recently? What things have you done recently that would justify you being the chair?
Mary: I’ve been involved in running conventions for several years, and I’ve handled money as part of running dealers.
David: Most recently, I’ve worked on the NASFIC (as has Mary). I’m now chairing Smofcon and I’m learning a lot, with it being a smaller convention.

Andrew: Dave, you’re now chairing Smofcon, you’re working on OryCon Programming as tech support, you probably have backup functions for Reg—are you up for doing all those things, and chairing next year’s OryCon, also?
David: Smofcon will be done two months after this year’s OryCon—there’s a long gap then before next year’s OryCon. I’m hoping to get someone else to be the tech support for next year.

Aaron C: Mary, who’s going to be running program.
Mary: I’m hoping for Andrew’s support, but I have not asked him to run it. Andrew suggested Helen Umberger, no matter which person was chairing. That would take the Programming software out of the hands of the people who developed and used it and, we could find out how well it actually works. He would be willing to run if Helen does not wish to.

Andrew: The last time I remember that two bids went before the Board, I opted out when I got my guest choice. Can these bids be combined?
Mary: I’m really anxious to get Doctorow. David: I’m only really attached to bringing in Drew as a guest.
David: It would be nice to have Spider Robinson as a guest because of what happened to him last year. (He was invited as a guest by someone who didn’t have the authority to invite him as a guest.) Can he be out in another slot? Toastmaster? It wouldn’t cost too much to bring him down.
Mary: There is a chance that Doctorow would be too expensive, since he’s living in the UK right now.

Patty: As much we’ve been talking about bringing in new blood̴Dave has chaired before, Mary has not. We’ve been talking about getting more people to run Hotel—I’d really like to see us expand out and get some more experienced Chairs.

Andrew: Dave, as a swap for Fan GOH and Spider as Toastmaster—if you weren’t chair, what job would you do?
David: Either Programming or Ops, probably Ops as the first choice.
Mary: That would be acceptable to me.

[David and Mary adjourned to the porch to discuss combining their bids. Linda: "It’s 9:15, telephone time."]

Mary: We had a discussion outside and I decided that I would really some guidance, so we would like to present a joint bid, which would have me as Chair, David as a co-Chair. In the event we can’t get Helen Umberger, we would like Andrew to run programming. Andrew: I will really regret this…but if I can find someone to put into training, I will.

Patty: I’ve got tell you…Dave, when I asked you at last Monday’s Smofcon meeting about someone that was supposed to be done four months ago, you turned around and told me "There are only so many hours in the day." Having gone through Smofcon with you this year—I am comfortable with you in a lesser role, but not as a co-Chair. It’s been taking months to get things done for Smofcon, and I’m uncomfortable with that with something like OryCon, and would not be comfortable with David in that position until at least another year’s gone by.

Mary: What about a vice-chair position, or an assistant to the chair?
A vice-chair can by as large or as small a role as the person’s willing to do. I would be comfortable with David in that position as long as there is a set chain of command, with Mary in charge.

Linda: So we’re looking at a Chair and a Vice-Chair?
Mary: Yes, that’s what I intended. I think I misspoke earlier.
David: I will admit have been a little flakey in the earlier going in Smofcon, but I feel that I’ve gotten back on track. I can’t make people buy Smofcon memberships if they don’t want to. I have been trying to get the word out about the convention.

Patty: I guess my question is—Linda, how much pressure did you have to put on David to get these things done?
Linda: We’ve had a number of e-mails. The most recent was when I did the PR and checked on the meetings in August.

John L: I appreciate very much, David, that you’ve had a lot on your plate. Patty and I (and Ruth) are dealing dying relatives, dying parents, in fact—and we’re still getting things done. So I can certainly understand the uncomfortableness of relying on you in a position of responsibility with OryCon next year, because it’s been like pulling teeth to get some of things done this year.

Andrew: Still, as long as there is a chair and a vice-chair, and a signed management agreement with Mary. I’ve certainly approved bids with people (although in lower positions) that I felt weren’t capable of doing the work.
Patty: I would prefer that he was chair’s advisor rather than vice-chair, but I’ll agree to this bid. I just won’t be uncomfortable with it.

Mary: In the end, the responsibility will come to me, and I’ll make it gets done.

Jim: Should the management be written to specify who would take (i.e. someone other than David) should Mary have to step down? The management agreement is just written between OSFCI and the event chair, so if the chair needs to step down the Board will revisit the situation.

The Board approved Mary’s bid "as spoken" (with David as vice-chair).

Linda: Please realize that you have a lot of people you can call on for help. Andrew: We should go against tradition, and not wait until Sunday of OryCon this year to put out the flyers.

B. Other New Business

Karyn: OryCon would like $60 for a toaster oven to cook cookies in the Green Room. John L: Will the circuit in the hotel room handle a toaster over? Patty: I believe it will. The Board approved this expenditure, if Ruth’s and John’s old one isn’t still workable. [Turns out that all John & Ruth had in the garage was the old toaster oven box—the over itself was long gone.]
Linda: To wrap up:

  1. John L. will get the letter out to Callihan by the end of the week. (Is there a possibility of a compromise? Linda: Yes, if she’s willing to make payments.)
  2. Mary will contact the possible OryCon 28 GOHs, explaining that it’s one of two possible weekends, depending on the hotel.

Do we need to be set the day and time of the next meeting? John L: It’s too late—according the revised bylaws, we only move the meeting off of the default Monday dates at the first Board meeting of the year. We didn’t do so, so we’re stuck with the Monday dates, no earlier than 7:30PM.

The Endeavour Award

Report to the OSFCI Board

September 26, 2005

2005 Award
The Endeavour Award finalists for this year are Alphabet of Thorn, by Oregon writer Patricia McKillip, from Ace Books; The Child Goddess, by Washington writer Louise Marley, also from Ace; Paradise Passed, by Oregon writer Jerry Oltion, from Wheatland Press; The Secrets of Jin-Shei, by Washington writer Alma Alexander, from HarperCollins; and Two Trains Running, by Washington writer Lucius Shepard, from Golden Gryphon Press.

Cascadia Con/Fund Raising:
Committee members Marilyn Holt and Sara Mueller represented the Award at CascadiaCon. Our finalists were announced at the award dinner Sunday night. We jointly hosted a party and reception for our finalists with SF Canada Sunday night. The raffle we held at CascadiaCon raised $150.00. We also received a donation from Bobbie Du Fault's fan group of $923.00, bringing the total raised at the con to $1,073.00.

Committee News:
Mike Coney, who has been diagnosed with a nasty form of lung cancer, has resigned from the committee.

We ask the Board to affirm the reappointment of James Fiscus, Page Fuller, and Marilyn J. Holt to the Endeavour Committee, with their terms to end in November 2008.

Endeavour Committee, September 2005

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2008
Page Fuller October 1996 November 2008
Marilyn J. Holt, Treasurer September 2000 November 2008
Sara Mueller October 2003 November 2007
Sheila Simonson October 1996 November 2007

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Endeavour Award

The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund Award

Report to the OSFCI Board

September 26, 2005

Requests for Aid:
The Board of Trustees has received no requests for aid since our last report.

The Fund will have about $6,000 in its account.

Committee News:
The Clayton Fund's charter from OSFCI requires us to have an OSFCI Board member on our Board of Trustees.

Because David Schaber is no longer on the OSFCI Board, we have elected Karyn Hoffert to serve as a member of the Clayton Board of Trustees, with her term to expire in November 2007. We ask the OSFCI Board to ratify her appointment and to confirm the re-appointment of Geri Jeter, Ruth Sachter, and Marc Wells to the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees, September 2005

Committee Members First Appointed Term Expires
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2006
Page Fuller October 1996 November 2006
Karyn Hoffert, OSFCI Rep July 2005 November 2007
Geri Jeter November 2002 November 2007
Ruth Sachter November 2002 November 2007
David Schaber June 2003 July 2006
Marc Wells, Treasurer November 2003 November 2007

James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Clayton Board of Trustees