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Board Meeting for May 23th 2005


Annual Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2005

(Notes taken by David Schaber, OSFCI Secretary)

Meeting was called to order at 7:39 pm.

In attendance: Marc Burns, Aaron Nabil, Martin McClure, John Bunnell, Ruth Sachter, Patty Wells, Marc Wells, Debbie Cross, Daniel Reitman, Lea Rush, John Bartley, Mary Olsen, David Lohkamp, Devlin Perez, Jenn Contrares, David Anderson, Fred Torck, Dianna Cerasin, Jerry Gieseke, James Fiscus, David Levine, Aaron Curtis, Pat Steed, Brenna Sharpe, David Schaber, Linda Pilcher, John Williamson, Scott Sanford

Minutes from the 2004 annual meeting were accepted.

Treasurer's Report (presented by John Williamson):

(see Report)

  • John stated we are getting by.
  • John gave backdated reports for 2003 and 2004.
  • Insurance is becoming our biggest expense, The costs are larger than the convention coverage.

Motion to accept report passed

President's Report (presented by Linda Pilcher):

It has not been a good year. We replaced the treasurer about half-way through, though it took a while, and the assistance of several people to accomplish this.John Williamson was appropriated from GameStorm and begged into being treasurer. He has taken the task to heart and has gotten things back in order. This man has spent massive amounts of time rebuilding information and collecting together a lot of knowledge that has been spread out amongst far too many people. I know I spent several hours or so sitting in Banks with him while we talked confused bank personel into fixing accounts. John, could you stand up? Please give him your thanks.

Due to the kindness of some folks up in Puget Sound, we have replacement pegboard, iron and carts for the cost of one ad and four memberships. If you have priced any of the equipment, you will understand this is a good deal. It should be delivered in September after the NASFIC.

There should be a report on the garage from our attorney tonight.

The hotel moved and left no forwarding address. Patty Wells, taking a great deal of her personal time, found a new facility and negotiated a better contract than we could have expected for O27. Let's have a round of applause for Patty.

We are committed to doing a Smofcon this year, and OryCon of course. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have dropped the Westercon bid. We do not have a suitable facility nor chair.

Other than that, I have put new vinyl tiles in my kitchen and have found paint that is effective on those old fake marbley looking countertops – mine was nasty yellow – and I am painting it black. I am repainting the cabinets also. It should look like one of those Sanitary Kitchens from the 1930's when I am done. (Wait for laugh)

Linda gave details of Garage issue.

Patty gave details on negotiating with new hotel

Election of Board of Directors:

The ten directors are elected to alternating two-year terms, with five being elected each year. Last year there were six directors elected. The four continuing members are: Linda Pilcher, Aaron Nabil, Aaron Curtis, and Andrew Nesbit. Members whose terms were expiring were David Schaber, Scott Sanford, Patty Wells. John Williamson, and Lacey Axmaker (Melanie Schaber has resigned)

David Schaber reminded people that a majority vote is needed to be elected to the Board.

The annual general meeting has elected five people to the Board of Directors: John Williamson, John Lorentz, Patty Wells, Sheryl Hester, Karyn Hoffert

(David Schaber was noted as being the 6th most votes and was suggested by the membership for appointment)

Continuing Business:

Chartered Organizations:

  • Sue Petrey Scholarship:
    Sent $1600 to Clarion west for scholarship
    Will be sending $1500 to Clarion East
  • Clayton Fund:
    Sent $2500 in aid to two writers last year
    We have about $6000 in fund currently
  • Endeavour Awards:
    We have approx $50 in fund currently.
    Working on future fundraisers.

New Business:

John Bartley suggested we post an explanation of OSFCI "points" and when they are calculated. There was discussion of when the points should be calculated. A motion was made to have the Board address this issue formally. It was also suggested a legend be added to list as to conventions noted.

Agenda amendments:

Jim Fiscus proposed amendment changes:

  • amendment #1: after much discussion and friendly amendments to clarify wording, motion to accept amendment # 1 was passed
  • amendment #2: after much discussion and friendly amendments to clarify wording, motion to accept amendment # 2 was passed
  • amendment #3: after much discussion and friendly amendments to clarify wording, motion to accept amendment # 3 was passed

(See amended bylaws – *changes in bold)

Meeting adjourned at 10:24 P.M.




Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI)

Board of Directors Meeting

May 23, 2005

(Notes taken by Mark Burns)

The past president Linda called the meeting to order

Present were: (Board Members): Linda Pilcher (OSFCI Past President), Aaron Curtis, John Williamson, John Lorentz (Via phone), Andrew Nisbet (unsure if he stayed), Karyn Hoffert, Patty Wells, John Williamson; (Others): Mark Burns, Fred Tork, Mary Olsen, Ruth Sachter (with John Lorentz on the phone from Anaheim)

(Editor's note Fred was there because Mark Burns offered him a ride home.)

Sheryl Hester was not present at the AGM but was elected to the BOD at the AGM. She was excused as she had no way of knowing she was elected. Mark Burns and ? (I think it was Mary though I am not sure) were nominated by the BOD to count the votes for the various offices by Linda, 2nd ? Approved by acclamation.

Nominations of officers were held. John Lorentz was nominated and elected Secretary (comments were made about his excellent job in the past).

John Williamson was nominated and elected Treasurer – suggested that he continue in that position due to his having successfully sorting out the mess.

Linda Pilcher was elected President. Ballots were made and votes were tallied.

(Mark Burns being nominated to tally the votes for the election of officers retained a count but was told that he need only indicate the winners to John L over the phone.)

In accordance with the newly adopted bylaws personal schedules were consulted and the board decided to schedule the next meeting on July 24, 2005 at 13:00. The remainder of scheduled to be determined at the July meeting with consultation via email prior to it.

Meeting was adjourned about 11 pm.