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Board Meeting for January 26th 2004

Meeting Minutes

Jan. 26 2004


Present: Board and officers: Linda Pilcher, David Schaber, John Williamson, Aaron Curtis, Scott Sanford, Patty Wells, Melanie Schaber, Jean Stump, Lia Rush and Lisa Axmaker. Also present: Sam Justice, Tim Troupe, Rodney Barnes and Jim Fiscus.


The meeting was called to order at 7:39 pm by Linda Pilcher.


Motion to accept Minutes from Previous meeting passed (with spelling corrections).



Treasurer's Report:


Motion to accept Report was passed.



Convention Reports:    



     Orycon 25:

Getting the final numbers figured.

The damage to the hotel was less than expected. Insurance to cover.

Funds need to be transferred to Orycon 26 (registrations) and OSFCI.

The radios are still missing and a reward was posted for the return of them.



     Orycon 26:

Had our first meeting Yesterday. Filled may committee postions.






GameStorm 2003:

     Books almost closed.

Still need to get the treasurer to fill out tax paperwork and distribute surplus.



     GameStorm 6:

     All going well.

Have one confirmed GOH and one possible.









     Westercon 56:

   Books still open.

Westercon has about $1000 in the checkbook. funds need to transfer to the OSFCI account.





Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

No report





Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

See report

Have received no requests.

No money out or in.

Two writers were contacted but declined the offer

John W. asked if there was an ad GS could put in their program book.






Endeavour Award:

We have more books in. .

We received $100 from a sale of donated books.



Continuing Business:


     Subcommittee reports:


Hotel Negotiation Report:

Contracts for 2008 and 2009 Orycon...GameStorm 2005 and C-Cubed contracts signed.

Will begin negotiations for SmofCon for 2005




Purchasing Committee:

Still gathering information. Researching who we are buying from and what we are buying.

Lacey suggested using a standardized accounting procedures for the con, maybe including these procedures in the management agreement.

Scott proposed that Lacey submit a written proposal to the board.





Capitol Expenses:

Equipment replacement:

The itemized report is sitting in Linda’s kitchen.




New Business:


Con Reports:


Aaron Curtis submitted a bid for GameStorm in 2005.

Motion to accept proposal passed.


Dave Schaber submitted bid for SmofCon in 2005.

Motion to accept proposal passed.


Melanie Schaber submitted a bid for westercon 2007

Submitted a con budget but needed a bid budget.

Proposed we vote on it via email after seeing a bid budget


Aarons suggested having one day events for small fee and small budget.

Scott suggested proposing a bid for the year for all one day events

Dave suggested doing it as GS advertising.


Told Aaron to come up with a detailed plan of what he intended.


Other New Buisiness:


Motion to go to executive session



Returned from exec session


Motion to adjourn passed


Meeting adjourned 9:25