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Board Meeting Minutes for May 21st, 2001

Meeting Minutes

May 21st, 2001

Present: Linda Pilcher, David Schaber, David Levine, James Wilsonsage, Lea Rush, Marc Wells, Sam Justice, Melanie Schaber & Jim Fiscus.

Meeting starts at 7:40 pm.

Minutes from the May 21st meeting were accepted.

Treasurer Report: Rent on the Garage is payed.

Filed an extension on income tax, as all the information is not in yet.

Need to find out how much the new Web server cost. Motion to accept budget was passed.

Orycon 22: No regress report was sent. When Page returns, we will work out the problems with the ad sales.

Orycon 23: Everything seems to be on track. Memberships at around 300. Set up a Paypal account to start accepting online payments.

Hotel contracts are signed thru 2006 for Orycon. There is atill a $3.00 energy charge that needs to be worked out. Orycon 26 will be on an off weekend.

Gamestorm 2001: Working a contract with the Doubletree CR . Moving to the Doubletree will allow GS to grow nicely.

Westercon 54: Everything seems to be going ok. Memberships seem to be coming in better than expected.

Left-Coast Crime: Everything is on track. Funds and Awards:

Endeavor Awards: The books look good.

With Page being out of town for such a long period, we need to look to add more people

to the Endeavour Board.

Still need to set up the fundraising packet.


Sub Committee Reports;

Memorial Page: The sub-committee has not met yet.

Continuing Business:

Archivist: Letter was sent to Roger. Awaiting reply.

Bid Proposals: James Wilsonsage placed a bid to Chair Orycon 24 It was determined that the decision would be made at the July meeting.

Hotel contracts: Patty Wells and Melanie Schaber have negotiated contracts for Orycon 24 & 25. Motion to accept and sign contracts was passed. Linda Pilcher then signed the contracts.

Meeting adjourned 9:03 pm