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Board Meeting Minutes for May 20th, 2002

Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2002


Present: Board and officers: Mark Wells, Melanie Schaber, David Schaber, Dean Koenig, Patty Wells, Lea Rush, Andrew Nesbit, Jim Fiscus, Aaron Curtis, and John Williamson.


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 pm by Linda Pilcher.



The following correction needed to be made: Change Sam Butler to Sam Justice.

Motion to accept minutes with change passed


Motion was made to accept Lisa Axmaker to the Board of Directors for a one year term. Passed.

Motion was made to accept David Levine to the Board of directors for a one year term. Andrew Nesbit proposed that we ask David Levine if he wants to accept before we appoint him.


Election of Officers: Nominations:

Linda Pilcher for President

David Schaber for Secretary

Jean Stump for Treasurer


Nominations were closed.


Treasurer's Report :

James Wilsonsage was not present at the meeting. Jean Stump promised an

updated Treasurers report would be forthcoming.



Convention Reports:


Westercon 54:

     Almost ready to close the books (see report). Plan is to $750 to the Endeavour Awards.

Also plan to

donate $250 for a memorium to Bruce Pelz.


Orycon 23:

     Should have the books closed in a few days. Plan to donate some money to the

Endeavour Awards

and the rest of the surplus will be sent to OSFCI.



Orycon 24:

     Had a meeting yesterday. Our memberships seem a bit low. Plan to start a light advertising

campaign. We have a full committee with the exception of Hospitality.



     Orycon 25:

     The board appointed Melanie Schaber as the OSFCI representative to Orycon 25.

    Marc Wells is the treasurer.


GameStorm 2002:

     We have not closed the books because of some outstanding checks. We have a

sizable surplus

this year.



     GameStorm 2003:

     We started negotiations with the Hotel. They are unwilling at this point to sign a

multi-year contract. The official dates of the convention are March 15-17, 2003.

Are considering dropping the computer gaming and adding a video room.

The board appointed Andrew Nesbit as the OSFCI representative to GameStorm 2003


Left Coast Crime:

The convention went very well. Looks like we are going to have a considerable surplus.

It may take several months to get the books closed. There is a $630 check for insurance

that has yet to be cashed. If you can’t find it, let Debbie Cross know so a new check

can be issued.

Debbie thanked the many people who went out of their way to help out during the convention.




Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

     We gave two scholarships out last year. Have about $7000 in the fund. Motion to appoint

Paul Wrigley and Debbie Cross to administer the Susan Petry fund was passed



Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

   (See report).


Endeavour Award:

(See Report)

Motion was made to accept the Clayton and Endeavour reports passed.



Continuing Business:


     Subcommittees reports:


         No reports.


Other continuing business:

     Gail Butler Art disk: Gail is getting an estimate, and will inform us as soon as she finds out.



     The FAQ has been updated. Motion to send the FAQ to David Levine to post on the website






New Business:


     John Bartley proposed we form a subcommittee to investigate putting together a fen cookbook

To honor Damon Knight. A motion was made to have the corporation financially

support this endeavor for up to $1000. A friendly amendment was made to submit a report to

the BOD to see if this is worth pursuing. Passed.


Motion to adjourn was passed.


Meeting ends at 9:35 pm