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Board Meeting Minutes for March 26th, 2001

Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2001

Present: Linda Pilcher, David Schaber, David Levine, Andrew Nesbit III, Lea Rush, Marc Wells, Dean Koenig, Melanie Schaber, Jim Fiscus, Aaron Curtis, & John Bartley.

Meeting starts at 7:40 pm.

Minutes from the March 26th   meeting were accepted.

Treasurer Report: James (treasurer) was unable to attend meeting.

Orycon 22: The regress report still has to go out. Kristy has been collecting reports. 6 6 of the 10 Ads sold did not make it into the program book. Orycon 23 has agreed to place those ads into the souvenir book, and Orycon 22 will transfer funds to Orycon 23.

Orycon 23: Memberships are at 320. there are 22 dealers. There is some information on some dealers that needs to be looked into. Publications has everything on track.

Gamestorm 2001:. 199 members attended the convention. The break even point was 120. There is a problem with the T-shirt manufacturer trying to overcharge the convention Sam Justice has been informed of the problem, and is looking into it. The gamestorm committee decided to do a 25%/25%50% split of the surplus. 25% to OSFCI, 25% to charity (To be determined by the Chair), and 50% rolled into Gamestorm 2002's books for seed money.

Westercon 54: The next meeting will be at the retreat. Worked out time schedules for events.

Left-Coast Crime: No report

Funds and Awards:

Clayton Fund: (See attachment)

Endeavor Awards: (See attachment)

Sub Committee Reports:

Memorial Page: There has been some discussion on the matter.


Continuing Business:

Archivist: Roger Wells is willing to be our Archivist. We need to Officially offer it to him. The secretary will write an official offer and mail it to Roger.

Bid Proposals: Aaron Curtis submitted a bid to chair Game Stom 2002. Motion was moved, seconded and passed.

Hotel contracts: Patty Wells and Melanie Schaber have negotiated contracts for Orycon 24 & 25. Motion to accept and sign contracts was passed. Linda Pilcher then signed the contracts.

New Business:

Webmaster: Motion was moved and passed to award the OSFCI Webmaster OSFCI


Special thanks go to David Levine for getting the Webpage back online.

New Equipment: John Bartley proposed that we authorize him to ask for donations for computer equipment. Motion was passed.

Ex-Officio Members: Andrew Nesbit brought up the fact that OSFCI has not been enforcing the appointment of Ex-Officio members to and from each convention. It was agreed that OSFCI would start to enforce this. As a result, Leah Rush was appointed to Orycon 23, Andrew Nesbit was appointed to Gamester 2002, and David Schaber was appointed to Westercon. It was suggested that Patty Wells be appointed to Left Coasdt Crime.

Peggy Kennedy Book: (See attachment) Motion to adjourn was passed.