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Board Meeting Minutes for March 24th, 2003

Meeting Minutes

March 24 2003


Present: Board and officers: Linda Pilcher, Mark Wells, Lisa Axmaker, David Levine, David Schaber, Jean Stump, Patty Wells, Andrew Nisbet, Lea Rush, Aaron Curtis, Jean Stump, Jim Fiscus, Scott Sanford, John Williamson, and Stuart Axmaker.


The meeting was called to order at 7:29 pm by Linda Pilcher.



Treasurer's Report:

Submitted treasurers report (in record)


Convention Reports:



Orycon 24:

There are about $150 in outstanding artshow checks.

Some of the checks have not been cashed yet.

Lea suggested that we cancel the bank account used last year and open a new account.

She suggested going with Wells Fargo.




     Orycon 25:

   There was a meeting yesterday.

We have guests and a hotel. We are running behind on the regress report

$9000 and 300 members.





     GameStorm 2003:

     Sold 99 room nights.

Submitted preliminary treasurers report (in record)



     Left Coast Crime:

     We have to make sure books by may




Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

     No report.





Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

     No one has applied

We put an ad in the Norwescon program book.




Endeavour Award:

We have received 36 books so far. Looking for more people to read.

We are recruiting the judges.



Continuing Business:


     Subcommittee reports:



Banning Policy:

No report



Corporate Credit Card:

       No report.



Other continuing business:


The person that was banned did not show up to appeal. The letter was sent in January.


Linda requested a timeline of events for the lost art of Gail Butler.


Jean requested a list of people who had bounced checks at previous conventions.









New Business:


Convention Bids:


Melanie Schaber submitted a bid for Orycon 26.

Andrew suggested this might be too early to put in bid proposals.


It was suggested that procedure for Bidding be presented at the Annual Meeting and maybe a panel at orycon.


After some discussion the motion to accept Melanie’s bid was passed.




David Schaber and Rodney Barnes submitted a proposal for GameStorm 6



GameStorm 6 is tentatively negotiating for April 10-12

There were concerns about the weapons policy.

We need to make sure to run official policies by our lawyer before publishing them


David S. proposed OSFCI negotiates hotel contracts for all conventions, as opposed to each con doing there own.

Marc mentioned that OSFCI needs to review all contracts before they are signed.

motion that conventions an have OSFCI do hotel negotiation and the board create a negotiating committee...a clause be written that all OSFCI events must coordinate negotiation activity with the committee and the committee should be chosen at the annual meeting


Motion passed.


All management agreements to be modified to include the new clause on hotel negotiations.



Since we have a GameStorm contract negotiation in progress, The Board appointed a negotiating committee to help with negotiations until the Annual meeting.



The committee will consist of Patty Wells, Melanie Schaber, Aaron Curtis, Lisa Axmaker,

and Ben Yalow (Advisor)


Aaron mentioned that we should replace the locks to the garage.

The Board authorized Aaron to buy new locks.


Motion to adjourn passed


Meeting adjourned at 9:11