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Board Meeting Minutes for July 30th, 2001

Meeting Minutes

July 30th, 2001

Present: Linda Pitcher, David Schaber, David Levine, James Wilsonsage, Lea Rush, Marc Wells, Patty Wells, Andrew Nisbet, Dean Koenig, Melanie Schaber, Page Fuller & Jim Fiscus.

Meeting starts at 7:30 pm.

Minutes from the July 30th meeting were accepted.

Treasurer Report:

Found out OSFCI went over the $100,000 mark last year, the taxes are more complicated.

Motion to accept budget was passed

Orycon 23: Everything seems to be pretty much on track. Memberships at around 700.

We are a little behind on the memberships, but hope that picks up. Watching the budget


Have received about 75 memberships thru paypal.

Westercon 54: Do not have all the bills in, but looks like we may have come ahaid. Waiting for the Hotel bill.   There was only one security issue.

Left-Coast Crime: Everything is on track. Funds and Awards:

Endeavor Awards: The books look good.

Still need to set up the fundraising packet. The board suggested that the Endeavor

awards should look into more fundraising.

Sub Committee Reports:

Memorial Page: The sub-committee has not met yet.


Management Agreement: David Schaber and Dean Koenig will. Via email, work out the details.

Continuing Business:

Bid Proposals: James Wilsonsage presented a bid to chair Orycon 24, with Lacey Axmaker to Vice-Chair. The Board accepted and agreed to his bid.

Hotel contracts: Patty and Melanie are working with the hotel to fix the scheduling mistake.

New Business:

Security Report: Peter Vollon was ejected from Westercon for accosting one of the members. The Hotel banned him from Doubletree properties for two years. The board decided that banning him from OSFCI functions for 1 year would be appropriate. The secretary will send out the letter of banning.

The subject of re-writing the banning policy was brought up. David Schaber and Sam Justice will work out a New Banning policy to present to the BOD.

Badge replacements: Melanie Schaber suggested that we move away from the badge frames the conventions currently use. She presented two options: Laminated badges and a preinted hard badge. The board decided to have Melanie gather more information and present a more detailed report to the BOD.

Meeting adjourned 9:14 pm


endeavour award

report to the OSFCI board

september 24,2001

The Endeavour Committee voted to add writer Mary Rosenblum to the Committee and asks the Board to ratify her appointment.

Our judges for 2001 are in the midst of judging our finalists. For 2002, we already have 12 books entered, which means that books are coming in faster than last year. We also have two of our judges for 2002 in place, pending confirmation at the end of the year.

The Endeavour Award has placed a page in the OryCon 2001 program book, listing our finalists and all books entered for the award. We have also distributed flyers with the information.


James W. Fiscus

Chairman, Endeavour Award Committee

Committee members and anniversary dates of their appointment:

Members of the Award and Administrative Committees September 24, 2001


Committee Member First Appointed Term Anniversary
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 2001
Page Fuller, Treasurer October 1996 November 2001
Sheila Simonson October 1996 November 2000
Michael Coney July 2000 November 2000
Marilyn J. Holt September 2000 November 2000
Mary Rosenblum September 2001 November 2001


clayton memorial medical fund

report to the OSFCI board

september 24,2001

We have not given out assistance since May of last year. We have received two requests for aid in the past several months. Neither person, however, was eligible for assistance. The first was a writer from a non-SF/F writer living in California who was thus outside of both our geographic and professional scope. The second request for aid was from a California woman whose child is being treated for cancer who was also outside of our scope.

To ensure that the SF/F writing community knows about the Clayton Fund, we placed a column in the Westercon program book and have done so again in the OryCon 2001 program book. We have also prepared and distributed a flyer with information on the fund.

Finally, the trustees of the Clayton Fund have asked Geri Jeter and Marc Wells to serve on the Board of Trustees and they have accepted. We ask s the OSFCI Board to so appoint them.

We also ask the OSFCI Board to modify the Clayton Fund charter, changing the terms of service for trustees from one year to three years.

Members of the Award and Administrative Committees September 24, 2001


Committee Member First Appointed Term Anniversary
James Fiscus, Chairman October 1996 November 1999
Page Fuller, Treasurer october 1996 November 1999
Mary Rosenblum October 1996 November 1999
Geri Jeter August 2001 November 2001
Marc Wells, OSFCI Board Member September 2001 November 2001


James W. Fiscus

Chairman, Clayton Memorial Fund Board of Trustees


clayton memorial medical fund / kennedy book

report to the OSFCI board

september 24,2001

As the Board is aware, before her death Peggy Kennedy signed the copyright for her books, Dragon's Clutch, Dragon's Kin, and Dragon's Home, over to OSFCI, directing that Page Fuller and I manage the properties. (Dragon's Clutch had been completed before her death. Dragon's Kin lacks only the final two or three chapters, and there are detailed notes for its completion. We have only brief notes for Dragon's Home. Thus, if there is a demand we would be able to finish and bring out the second book. It is unlikely that the third book could easily be produced.) We filed for a Transfer of Copyright, which has been accepted by the Register of Copyrights. All documents will be filed with OSFCI attorney, Sam Justice.

We obtained permission from Sony Pictures to use a photograph of Peggy taken during her appearance on the game show Jeopardy on the back cover of the book.

Thanks to the volunteer work of Bruce Holland Rogers and Stephen Stanley of Eugene, Dragon's Clutch has gone to the printer, under the imprint of Roger's Panisphere Books and Audio. The book is now at the printer, Lightning Source. We have ordered 60 copies, to be divided between the family, given as thanks to people who helped bring the book out, and to individuals who asked for copies of the book.

Lightning Source prints the books as Print on Demand. They will be available for order from bookstores through the Ingram's catalogue or from Panisphere Books, likely by mid-October. Price is $16.00 US.

We have placed a promotion in the OryCon program book, with a color picture of the book cover. All profits from sale of the book will go, as Peggy Kennedy directed, to the Clayton Fund.


James W. Fiscus Page Fuller