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Board Meeting Minutes for July 22nd, 2002

Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2002


Present: Board and officers: Linda Pilcher, Mark Wells, David Levine, Melanie Schaber, David Schaber, Lacey Axmaker, Patty Wells, Lea Rush, Aaron Curtis, Jim Fiscus, Sam Justice, Stuart Axmaker, Roger Wells, and John Bartley.


The meeting was called to order at 7:41 pm by Linda Pilcher.



The following correction needed to be made: Change Persons present at last meeting, and some spelling errors.

Motion to accept minutes with change passed



Treasurer's Report :

Jean Stump was not present, but sent the Financial report. Melanie Schaber verbally reported updates to reflect changes from more current data. The old CD matured, and was automatically rolled over. It was suggested placing into another account that pays higher interest when this CD matures.


Motion to accept amended Treasurers report passed.



Convention Reports:



Orycon 23:

     Approx. $7500 surplus. Waiting to resolve an issue with the bank (They are still charging for the credit card machines). Should have the books closed by the next meeting. Announced that Orycon 23 would donate $1000 to Endeavour, and buy a second card printer. The remaining surplus would be sent to OSFCI.



Orycon 24:

     Set up a timeline, and hammered out the budget. All the meetings (except those at the Hotel) will be held at the BPA building. There are about 600 pre-registered members. There was some concerned about the low numbers.



     Orycon 25:

     Are discussing GOH’s. Decided to have a Science GOH.


GameStorm 2002:

     We have not closed the books because of some outstanding checks.


     GameStorm 2003:

     Have a signed hotel contract, It is not as good as last year, but we got a better room rate. We are still deciding on a GOH for GameStorm 2003.


GameStorm wants to establish another bank account and seeks approval: Granted.


     Left Coast Crime:

   The convention was a success. Over $10000 was raised for Oregon Literacy. There is a considerable surplus. Hospitality was a hit.



Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

     No report.



Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

   (See report). Have changes to the charter. Board to vote on changes and to set up a Bidwell account.


After much discussion, motion to let Clayton set up a Bidwell account passed.


The board voted on several revisions to the Clayton Charter. (short version) All motions for changes were discussed and voted on. All motions passed.


The board voted on the ratification of trusties. All were accepted..


Endeavour Award:

Page has been busy, so no financial report.


Orycon 23 pledged $1000 to the Endevour. Jim mentioned he would like to offer the writers $100 as insentive to attend Orycon.

The issue of fundraising was brought up. Jim said they were moving in the right direction and are looking to recruit more/new administrators.


Page would like to find someone to replace her as Treasurer.



Continuing Business:


     Subcommittees reports:



Still talking to folks about putting it together.


Banning Poilcy:

David Schaber presented the board with a revised version of the Banning Policy. After much discussion, it was moved that the document go back to sub-committee.


Other continuing business:








New Business:


David Schaber then presented an OSFCI Recognition Guidelines Proposal, which was first proposed in 1993 and which he has updated. He moved OSFCI budget funds for award purchases & to decide if awards to be given for previous year's efforts. The Recognition Guidelines will be provide to con Chairs and OSFCI BOD members. Approved unanimously.



James Wilsonsage resigned as co-Chair of Orycon 24 due to personal reasons.



Lacey proposed a Preferred Vendor list for greater efficiency & savings in purchasing. Vendors would offer credit terms so as to reduce financial burdens on con staff & reducing stress & urgency on convention treasurers.


Jean Stump told Melanie Jean wants a PO Box for the OSFCI Treasurer to expedite payables. Marc Wells suggested selecting vendors on the island & noted a corporate account has saved $$. He added preserving institutional knowledge (perhaps on an unlisted web page?) to maximize use of those vendors. Bart asked to be on the committee which establishes financial controls, uses a similar system & notes great abuse in this system in the US Army. Fiscus expressed concern with who's allowed to spend & AaronC concurred. David moved to move this to a subcomittee of Jean Stump, Lacey Axmaker (subcommittee chair) & John Bartley; motion adopted with no dissent.


Motion to adjourn was passed.


Meeting ends at 10:12 pm