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General Meeting Minutes for January 24, 2001

(The tape deck died during the meeting, so these notes are sketchy)

Present: Linda Pilcher, Patty Wells, Marc Wells, John Lorentz, Debbie Cross, Paul Wrigley, Andrew Nisbet, Cecilia Eng, Page Fuller, Ruth Sachter, Barbara Oldham, Fred Torck, Melanie Schaber, David Schaber, Dean Koenig, David Lohkamp, Ann Hoffert, Tracy Baily, Anthony Ward, John Bunnell, Debra Stansbury, John Bartley, Lea Rush, James Wilsonsage, Magera Jarvis, Aaron Curtis, Barbara Hoffert, Michael Monical, and Scott Sanford.


Meeting was called to order at 7:39 pm.



Minutes from the 2000 annual meeting were accepted.


Treasurer Report (James Wilsonsage):


James handed out the budget for 2001, but had not finished compiling a financial report in time for the meeting. (The report was submitted to the BOD at a later date.)


Election of Board of Directors:

The ten directors are elected to alternating two-year terms, with five being elected each year. Last year there were four directors elected, and three were appointed to a one year term. The four continuing members are: Dean Koenig, Linda Pilcher, David Levine, Melanie Schaber. Members whose terms were expiring were Kristy Bates, John Lorentz, Patty Wells, John Bunnell, Marc Wells and Randy Fischer (John Bunnell, Marc Wells and Randy Fischer each held one year terms).


Nominations were opened: David Schaber, Andy Nisbet, James Wilsonsage, Fred Torck, Marc Wells, Patty Wells, John Bunnell, Lea Rush, David Lohkamp, and Magera Jarvis.


Debbie Cross reminded people to put last names on the ballot–last year, a few votes had to be discarded because people just wrote "David" when multiple 'Davids' had been nominated. People need to received a majority vote by the meeting to be elected to the Board.


Paul Wrigley: The annual general meeting has elected four people to the Board of Directors: David Schaber, Marc Wells, Patty Wells, and Andrew Nisbet. (These were the only four who received more than half the vote.) The next two were James Wilsonsage and Lea Rush (the membership directed the board to appoint James and Lea for a one year term).







Continuing Business:


Bylaws Changes:


The Board of Directors formed a sub-committee to update the bylaws. The changes proposed by the sub-committee were presented at the Annual General Meeting for the membership to vote on.

John Bartley also Proposed three bylaws changes.


Following is the change and the vote result:


  1.                Article IX, add:

F – At their request and at the discretion of the Secretary, members may

Receive their meeting notification and minutes in electronic form.




  1.                Article VII, add:

By registering their intent with the Secretary, members may vote by proxy

at the Annual Meeting




  1.                Article VII, add:

Members who live within 25 miles of the site of the Annual Meeting may

not vote by proxy.


Did not pass


  1.                Article VII, add:

No member may hold more than two proxies


Did not pass


  1.                Article VII, add;

No officer may hold proxies in their role as officer.


Did not pass


  1. Article V, add


President shall report at the Annual General Meeting on the

activities undertaken by the Board on behalf of the

membership and those activities

required by statutory and other obligations imposed by law.




  1.          Article III, add:

E - No person may be elected as a Director for more than

three consecutive terms.


Did not pass






  1.         Section 11, Paragraph B

add text: "Members shall always have free and open access to all programming, records and documentation of the corporation upon written or e-mailed request; excepting: (a) privacy requirements of federal, state and local law; (b) protections determined by the Board to guard the privacy of the convention attendees; (c) bank and charge card and other account numbers of members; (d) copyrights of publishers, performers, artists and authors." .


Did not pass


  1. Suggested to add a new Section 13 (as per the 1987-01-26 By-Laws edition)

or equivalent designation:


  1. Notice of meeting and communications from OSFCI and affiliated cons shall allow the use of return-receipted electronic mail transmission to current members, and posting on Internet web sites for future members, in a format natively understandable to common text and speech only WWW browsers on multiple computing and operating systems, of information instead of US Mail on an opt-in basis, whereby the member must specifically request they receive notices and information by electronic mail rather than by US Mail. This shall not prevent a member from receiving all information by US Mail if they so prefer.



Did not pass


  1. Suggested to add a new item (4), Paragraph B, Section 5 (as per the 1987-

01-26 By-Laws edition) or equivalent designation:


  1. B. (4) The Secretary shall post all records of the Corporation and financial records provided by conventions to OSFCI (excluding data protected by privacy or other statute) to a web site accessible to the Members . The act of posting and maintaining the website may be delegated or assigned, but the Secretary shall retain oversight in the operation of that website. It must be natively understandable to common text and speech only WWW browsers on multiple computing and operating systems.


and a new item (4), Paragraph C, Section 5 (as per the 1987-01-26 By-Laws edition) or

equivalent designation:


  1. C. (4) The Treasurer shall provide financial statements to the Secretary, in an electronic format as requested by the Secretary, so statement may be posted on the website.



Did not pass








New Business:


Bylaws changes: Paul Wrigley submitted a proposal to change the General Annual OSFCI meeting from January to May.

With little discussion the proposal was voted on and passed.






Meeting adjourned at 10:14 P.M.