Sarah Bryant

Member since 2006

Sara Bryant's BA is in history. She has also studied linguistics extensively. Sarah is retired from a career as a public health manager in Austin, Texas. She moved to Oregon in 1995 and has been a reader of SF since childhood. Sarah is also a marathon runner (okay, a marathon walker,) having finished the 2006 Portland Marathon in 7 hrs 28 minutes, saying, "Well, you didn't expect me to set a speed record, now did you?"

James W. Fiscus

Member since 1996

James W. Fiscus is a Portland, Oregon, freelance writer. He is a former columnist for the SFWA Bulletin, the journal of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He was Oregon/Washington correspondent for The Medical Post (Toronto) and The Medical Tribune (New York) and has written books on history, film, and medical issues. Much of his fiction has made use of knowledge he gained while obtaining a master's degree in Middle East and Asian history from Portland State University.

He served as Editorial Director and Media Relations Manager for the National Resource Center for Safe Schools in Portland and as Senior Public Relations Specialist at Legacy Health System in Portland. He is chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund. Jim was born in Eugene, Oregon and raised in the New York-New Haven area.

Page Fuller

Member since 1996

Page Fuller served on the board of Oregon Science Fiction, Inc., (OSFCI) for eight years, serving as both president and treasurer for several years during her time on the board. She also worked on committees dealing with rules and regulations, tax preparation, bookkeeping, safety, and management. She co-chaired OSFCI’s main convention, OryCon, in 1998. She has managed the accounting and taxes for her family’s business, for her husband’s business, and for a family trust. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund.

She graduated with honors from Kent State University and worked with civil engineers as a designer and drafter on numerous projects, including the Alaska Pipeline.

Marilyn J. Holt

Member since 2000

Marilyn J. Holt was co-founder and co-director of the Clarion West Science Fiction Writer's Workshop, an acclaimed six-week in-residence professional writer's workshop held annually since 1984. Her stories, articles and contributions have appeared in BBW magazine, A Room of One's Own, Puget Sound Business Journal/SBA Guides, and many other publications. Her articles on venture capital and high-growth enterprises are regularly published in business magazines and in on-line journals. Marylyn Holt lives in the Seattle, Washington, area.

She is an investment banker and management consultant who founded Holt & Company in 1980. Since 1985, Ms. Holt has specialized in high-growth management consulting and corporate finance.

Sara Mueller

Member since 2003

Sara Mueller is a Portland area science fiction and fantasy writer. Born in Marquette, Michigan, she holds a degree in English and Anthropology from Sweet Briar College in Virginia, with post-graduate training in teaching English and Creative Writing from the University of Nevada at Reno. She has worked, in no particular order, as a theatrical lighting technician, a professional recreation actor, a speaker on Elizabethan history, horse trainer, children's’ riding instructor, and assistant dog trainer. Her current hobbies include historical research, knitting, and role-playing games.

Alan Rosenthal

Member since 2006

Alan Rosenthal was born in Toronto, Canada, and has been reading and collecting science fiction for more than 30 years. He joined the Ontario Science Fiction Club in 1978, and has been involved with science fiction fandom ever since, both as a convention runner and as a fanzine publisher. Alan attended his first Pacific Northwest science fiction convention, OryCon 11, in 1989, and moved to Seattle in 1993 where he now lives with his wife, Janice Murray, a variable number of cats, and an indeterminate number of books. He hopes to one day have enough bookshelves. Alan is currently employed by Microsoft as a senior technical writer in the IT Operations field.

Sheila Simonson

Member since 2000

Sheila Simonson has published four historical novels and five mysteries. She was born in Montana, raised in Oregon, and has masters degrees in English from the University of Washington and history from Portland State University. She taught English and History at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, for more than thirty years. She also taught fiction and science fiction writing. Over the past few years she led academic tours of Scotland and Ireland. Sheila is now retired and working on an historical novel set in early 19th Century Ireland. She lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Shawn Wall

Member since 2005

Shawn Wall's family has lived in Oregon for over five generations. She was raised in Oregon, California, and Florida. Her degree is in Architectural Drafting, with additional work in Zoology and Software Technology. She worked for Powell's Books for over twelve years, starting as a clerk and rising to become manager of Powell's Tech Store for six years. Following her time with Powell's, she served as Assistant Director of the Northwest China Council. She is currently Office Manager of Portland State University's Department of Engineering and Technology Management. She is an enthusiastic and skilled gardener.