Westercon 54: Memberships

Membership rates for Westercon 54 are: The deadline for pre-registration has passed. All memberships and tickets must be purchased at the door. Registration will be open at the following times: You can search the membership list to see if you or someone you know is a member.

Please take a moment right now to check the label on your progress report. This has your real name, address and badge name if you have requested one. We send out progress and regress reports to convention members and, from time to time, special mailings to the people who have attended one of our conventions. Unfortunately, if we don't have your correct name and address, the mailing will not get to you. If you move during the year or want to make any other changes, please drop us a postcard.

If you need to transfer your membership, please let us know in advance so we can have the correct badge ready at the convention. All we need is a signed note from the original member.

Note that, unlike OryCon, there is no membership limit for Westercon 54.

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