Westercon 54

Portland, Oregon
July 5-8, 2001

Progress Report Three

Usher in the new millennium by taking a Westercon Odyssey to Portland, Oregon!
July 5-8, 2001

Doubletree Jantzen Beach Hotel
Doubletree Columbia River Hotel

Guests of Honor

Tim Powers: Author Guest of Honor
Mike Glyer: Fan Guest of Honor
Terri Windling: Editor Guest of Honor
Frank Lurz: Artist Guest of Honor

Contact information:

Westercon 54
PO Box 5901
Portland, Oregon 97228-5901
(360) 993-2001


OSFCI is the sponsor of OryCon, CON, Westercons 37, 43, 48, CascadeCon, Smofcon 8, Potlatchs 5 & 8, 1996 World Horror Convention, the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund, the Endeavour Award, the Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund.



Dean Koenig

I'm always fascinated by the creative process. The hours of pondering the missteps, then out of nowhere, the muse comes and starts dragging you around until you've created something special. 

My first experience at a con was sitting at panels and being treated to these glimpses of genius. The writers and storytellers. Not just of the worlds they had created, but the lives and thoughts that brought those worlds to life.

We are very lucky to be living in a time when so many talented writers and artists have the ability to ply their craft. At Westercon, you will have the added honor to meet them, hear their ideas about the creative process, share a drink with them, perhaps even dance with them. For me, this is what conventions are all about. I sometimes think about what a convention with H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, or H.P. Lovecraft would have been like. The opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes and gain a greater appreciation of the genius.

A Westercon is a truly an incredible opportunity to rub elbows with those that bring life to paper (or other mediums). It's also the place where the next generation of talent can get their inspiration. I think this is why I and so many other volunteers have been working for over a year to bring you this convention. It's our chance to give something back to the writers (editors, artists, and the rest) and to the fans that support them. It's your chance to meet your avatar of your muse.

I look forward to seeing you there!



Membership rates for Westercon 54:

Attending - $55 until 3/15/01
Supporting memberships are always $20.00
Children - 6 to 12 half of current adult membership; 5 and under free (applies to child's age at time of convention, children must be accompanied by adult member)

Special offer: Purchase a full (adult) attending membership for a child, and receive free child care (space permitting)!

The label on your progress report contains your name, membership number and status ('A' attending, 'S' supporting, 'C' child with child care or 'G' guest), badge name, and address. Please let us know if any of these are incorrect or have changed. We'd hate to lose you! To transfer a membership, please let us know in advance (either by mail or email), and we'll have the correct badge ready at the convention.


Patty Wells, Melanie Schaber and Andrew Nisbet

After a successful OryCon the staff at the Doubletrees are looking forward to our Westercon. You should be able to make room reservations by calling the main hotel number, or by returning the form at the end of this article. The hotel chain has moved to a system where the calls are routed to pods of customer service staff, which means they may be less familiar with our rates. However, we are in their system under Westercon 54.

Remember that the party hotel is the Doubletree Jantzen Beach. The quiet hotel is the Doubletree Columbia River. For your planning purposes, the Dealer's Room and Art Show will be at the Jantzen Beach, as will all open parties. More programming, Child Care and Children's Programming, Filking, the Fanzine Room and the fannish Clubhouse will be in the Columbia River. We don't anticipate the room crunch we normally have at OryCon, but some room types will still go fast.

Our rate is $98 for one to four people (each additional person adds $15). The convention rate is guaranteed for all rooms available even after the block has ended (June 16th, 2001). There's just no guarantee that there will be any rooms left at either hotel at that point, so make those reservations well in advance. If and only if, you specifically request a river view room, you will be charged $15 extra.


If you plan to hold a party, you must reserve in the Party Hotel which is the Jantzen Beach. The hotel will again be requiring a $100 damage/cleaning deposit for open parties. Since this started with OryCon all deposits have been completely refunded and the hotel has been very happy with us. Please note that this policy is being applied to all groups not just our conventions. Your open parties will need to be registered in the office so we can coordinate with the hotel and help you get any extra trash bags and/or cleaning supplies from the hotel.


The suites are all booked through the Westercon 54 committee. As part of our contract, we have received special suite rates for Westercon 54 members and maintain booking control of all the suites. The hotels will not book these suites directly, but only take reservations from the Westercon committee. We anticipate having enough suites for most uses.

Suites available include Presidentials (which are primarily used for our hospitalities - think the OryCon Hospitality Suite) but of which limited nights may be available at $350 per night, Parlor Suites (think the Fanzine Lounge at OryCon), at $250 per night, and Executive Suites at $150. To book a suite, send email to the regular Westercon 54 hotel liaison email addresses listed above with the following information: your name, the group/con with which you are affiliated and will be hosting a party, the type of suite and nights requested. We will sort these all through and begin assigning suites by March 15. Any request received prior to that will be held. We'll give highest priority to bidders for upcoming Westercons and other conventions and to publisher's parties. We'll do our best to accommodate all suite requests.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions, special requirements, and if any problems arise. You can use the Westercon PO Box, the general e-mail address, or reach us directly at patty@teleport.com and mel-content@home.com.



Mark which hotel you wish to stay at and send this application to the proper address.


Doubletree Hotel Columbia River
1401 N Hayden Island Dr.
Portland, OR 97217

or call (503) 283-2111


Doubletree Hotel Jantzen Beach
909 N Hayden Island Dr.
Portland, OR 97217

or call (503) 283-4466


NAME _____________________________________________________


CITY/STATE ________________________________________________

ZIP/POSTAL CODE ____________


ARRIVAL DATE ___________ DEPARTURE DATE__________

ARRIVAL TIME ________ (Arrivals after 6 pm must be guaranteed.)

CREDIT CARD INFORMATION [Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club]

CARD # _______________________________EXP. DATE _______

SIGNATURE ____________________________________________


The Westercon 54 room rate is $98 (plus 11.5% tax) for up to four people ($15 per additional person after those four, with a maximum of five people in a room due to fire code restriction).

BEDS: [ ] ONE [ ] TWO [ ] ROLLAWAY ($15)

Check in time is 3 pm. Rooms must be guaranteed to be held past 6 pm on arrival date. All unreserved rooms will be released on June 16, 2001. After that, rooms are subject to availability but remain at the $98 rate.


Westercon 54 will begin at noon on Thursday, July 5 and end at 4pm on Sunday, July 8. As much as we'd like to have it otherwise, Westercon 54 will not be run on a 24-hour basis. Everything (programming, filking, gaming, hospitality and the dances) will shut down from 4am to 8am each morning. This allows everyone to find their rooms at least once a day (making the hotel happy), and gives the hotel and Westercon staff a chance to refresh things for the next day.


Page Fuller

I will do my best to make the concerns go away. We want everyone to enjoy the convention. Westercon in Portland will be in two hotels and for those with walking problems, we will have a shuttle system in place to handle ambulatory, wheelchair or mobie transportation between the two hotels. What else can I do to help? If you have any special needs, please send me an email at page@prodigy.net or give me a call at 503-254-0552.



Westercon 54 is a weapon-free convention. This means the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a designated event, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. Prior to any such designated event, the Special Events department must approve the use of a weapon as part of the event. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

In addition to the prohibitions in the Oregon Revised Statutes, the Convention Committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the Committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped before they are taken out of the room. The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.


Smoking is not allowed in any convention space during Westercon 54. Additionally, smoking has been banned in public work areas (including all restaurants) in Multnomah County last July. Smoking is still allowed in bars and private sleeping rooms.


No animals are allowed on hotel property except ADA compliant working animals.


Children must be accompanied by an adult in order to purchase a membership, and all children must be registered with the convention. Those five and under will still be admitted free to the convention and receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. At all times, these children must be under the supervision of an adult, or in child care. If a young child is found unattended, that child will be delivered to child care and the parents billed. Children six to twelve are admitted at half the adult price, and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. However, if they are not capable of independence, then they must be under adult supervision or in child care. Regardless, all children under the age of 12 must be under direct adult supervision after 8PM. Additionally, no one under the age of 12 may work as a volunteer for more than four hours a day. (Six hours a day for ages 12 through 16.) Remember that child care for the entire weekend (on a space-available basis, of course) can be obtained by purchasing an adult membership for your child.


Ruth Sachter

Programming has been busy sending out program participant invitations, planning items, and figuring out what's going to be where. Keep an eye on our webpage for updates on who has committed to be a program participant; the next Progress Report will have the full list to date.

It's in the other hotel -- a fact of life for the last two Portland Westercons -- applies to programming at this one too. Over in the Jantzen Beach Doubletree, the Mt. St. Helens Ballroom on the lower level, is where you will find Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, certain large scale programming tracks, and evening events such as the Masquerade, Variety Show, and dances. The nearby Jantzen Room will be home to smaller programming tracks, as will some of the rooms in the Mt. St. Helens Wing.

The Columbia River Doubletree (OryCon's home base) will have programming tracks happening on all three floors of the hotel. Part of the lower floor -- the Willamette and Deschutes Rooms -- will be devoted to children's programming. On the lobby level, we'll be putting the Riverview Ballroom to good use for a wide variety of things including filk concerts (day and night), the Locus Awards Banquet, Regency Dancing, and the ever-popular Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Ballroom boasts plenty of room (and a no-host bar!). Smaller tracks of programming will find homes over in the Interstate Wing. Upstairs we'll fill the Klamath, Rogue, and McKenzie Rooms.

We are very pleased that Mary Rosenblum will be coordinating the Writers Workshops for Westercon 54. Mary ran the Writers Workshop for Potlatch 5 in Portland a few years ago. She keeps busy writing SF&F, mysteries as Mary Freeman, and she teaches writing locally and nationally to teens and adults. For more information: ruths@spiritone.com or w54prog@spiritone.com


Ann Hoffert and Tracy Bailey

AHHHHH! We need your advertising!

Full Page $60.00

Half Page $40.00

Content/Ad Deadline PR#4 March 18, 2001

Each page will be in "half size" - 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Due to Post Office requirements, we are accepting ads from non-profit groups for the Progress Reports only. For more information email annhoffert@home.com.


Megaera Jarvis

We now have ad rates and deadlines for the Westercon 54 Souvenir Book. We'd be happy to work with you or answer any questions you might have.


Fan Pro

Full Page

$100 $280

1/2 page

$50 $160

1.4 page

$25 $90

1/8 page

$10 $50

Ad prices are for black-and-white copy, interior pages. Please inquire about rates for color ads, or inside front/back covers. The fan advertising rate applies to fan clubs, conventions (including Worldcon bids) and other fan activities. Any ad submitted under this rate must be from such an organization and can only be promoting or offering information about itself and/or its activities -- including fund raising, membership rates and information. Payment must be included with your ad. The pro advertising rate applies to all other individuals, businesses and organizations. All ads must be received by May 1, 2001. If you have questions or need more information, please contact me at mj@imagemarket.com.


Jeff Peck

We're planning to have a great selection of anime for Westercon 54. Things are still very much in the formative stage at the moment, but if you have any requests or suggestions of anime titles you would like to see, please feel free to contact me! jeffnanne@earthlink.net


Lacey Axmaker

Greetings! I hope you are prepared for a great Westercon Art Show! Hopefully, I will be too. I have been the Art Show Director for Orycon for five years now, so most of you know me. For those who don't, I hope to see you soon. Frank Lurz is our Artist Guest of Honor. He does stunning alien landscapes. We have many wonderful things planned for the art show including programming, an artist lounge, and of course, beautiful art. I will be sending the invitations in mid-January. If you wish to be on the mailing list let me know by e-mail or through the Westercon PO Box. We will also have more information at the Westercon Art Show web site at http://www.aracnet.com/~cptspith/artshow/wartshow.html. If you have questions or comments, e-mail me at laceyax@bigfoot.com


Ariel Shattan

With the birth and growth of the children of fans, conventions must now attract and amuse the next generation of fans. This means Children's Programming, and lots of it. This Westercon, we plan to offer a number of events for the younger fan. There will be programming events echoing all the major sorts of programming that adult fans enjoy: gaming at various levels, panels, arts and crafts, science, costuming, and filking. We also remember that kids are kids, and that they need physical activity, too. Thus, we plan to offer some playground games and other opportunities to run and shout. Most of this programming will be conveniently scheduled in the Columbia River Hotel on the lower level (around where Child Care will be).

If you want to lead a children's programming event, suggest an event, or let me know what sort of thing your child enjoys, please send me email. I would also encourage young fans to lead or share in leading one or more events. A quick note telling me what ages your children are would also be appreciated, so that the activities can reflect the needs of the kids attending. That email address: sa32@uswest.net.

A note to parents: Children's Programming is not babysitting. All Children's Programming events will require either a certain level of maturity and ability to listen and participate constructively, or a parent in attendance with the child. Children who disrupt an event will, depending on age, be asked to leave or escorted to Child Care, and the parent will be responsible for fees incurred.


Anne Peck

As far as child care goes, we won't have specific information until after we have hired the nannies, which will be sometime in April. However, we would like suggestions for operating hours. Since most kids start to meltdown at around 8 p.m., we're thinking about closing Child Care at that time, but we will consider keeping it open later if the demand is there. Child Care will be in the Columbia River Hotel, Interstate Wing (first floor).

Scheduling your child for Child Care will be done in the Child Care suite and not at the office. Prices have not been set at this time, but we should have more information on rates by the next Progress Report. Child Care Registration will include information bracelets. Age range for child care is age one to age eight. No infants under the age of one year. We are going to have a space for nursing mothers in Child Care if they wish to come in and use it.

We are going to encourage proactive child care this year. We will only be showing three films a day, and we would like more suggestions for child based activities: storytime, learning activities, games, etc. We will be connected with Children's Programming, and if you wish your child to go to a certain panel and are unable to take them, Child Care will do so. Parents can come in and play with their children if they wish. If parents want to come in and volunteer in Child Care, they can get complimentary child care services. Free free to contact me with questions or suggestions. Special offer: Purchase a full (adult) attending membership for a child, and receive free child care (space permitting). jeffnanne@earthlink.net


Dick Pilz, Roz Malin, and Evan Pilz


Foods and beverages for the Club House are being chopped, mashed, smoked, brewed, and baked. We will have our old standbys such as leg-of-lamb, smoked salmon, baklava, ginger mead, and ale. We will also have some new foods and drinks. As in the past, we will be open at 8:00 in the morning and close around 9:00 in the evening. We will also close during major events such as opening ceremonies. Dick plans on having three or four mead and ale tastings. These will probably be in the late afternoon or early evening. Right now in glass and aging are a Barley Wine, Plum Mead, Black Raspberry Mead, Kiwi Mead, Apple Cyser, and a GrapePyment. Yet to be brewed are an India Pale Ale and a Ginger Mead. For those food fans who volunteer in the Club House, there will be a copy of our cookbook and a Westercon apron. Please drop in and visit!

Dick Pilz
Hey, Mom! Is it beer yet?
503-235-0668 dickpilz@gurudyne.com


Paul M. Wrigley

Westercon 54 promises to have the best selection of book dealers at a Westercon since the last Portland Westercon in 1995. To date the following have purchased tables:

Cargo Cult Books & Notions
Dragon Tales Books
Rob & June Edwards
Lady Jayne's Books
Stuart-Paschelke Collectors
Bruce Thompson
R.F. Wald
Wrigley-Cross Books
Ygor's Books

In addition we will feature a fine selection of dealers in wares other than books:

Angelware Creations
The Autumn Studio
Catalyst Studios
Charae Crystals
Darlene P. Coltrain
Costuming by Aziza!
Dreaming Wolf
Dyrewulfe's Treasures
Express Yourself
Everett Comics
Fantasy Art Resources
Friends of Filk
The Fur Connection
Games Plus
Little Toad Designs
The Magical Aardvark
Quicksilver Fantasies
Springtime Creations
Rita Stochosky, Woodturner
The Sign of the Unicorn
The Stag & Griffith

Until a final layout of the room is designed, the Westercon Dealer Room is temporarily full, but I do expect we will be able to fit in more tables. If you are interested in being put on the waiting list should space become available, please contact me. Paul M. Wrigley wrigcros@teleport.com (503) 281-9449


Karen Rall

FOLK MUSIC PROGRAMMING has been a valuable part of Westercon for many years, and I am hoping that this coming summer we will be able to add to the collection of good memories. Invitations are currently being sent out to a variety of performers throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and even into the Midwest. I'm sure many of you have favorites I may not be aware of or don't have contact information for, so I would encourage you to write me about them. I am tentatively planning for about 6 hours of concerts and a similar number of panel discussions and workshops. The exact amount will depend upon the responses we get from the performers and from all of you, as well as the time available in the overall convention schedule. We will also have at least one Open Song Circle each evening, maybe two on Friday and Saturday, and hopefully a "Dead Guitar" gathering on Sunday afternoon. I usually run a "Moderated Chaos" format, meaning that anyone can jump in at any time on any topic, although I (or my designated moderator) will step in as needed to keep things balanced and give everyone a chance to participate. If the majority wants a different format, or we have two rooms, we can also do Bardic, Poker Chip, Song List, or something else.

I have run Folk Music Programming at several conventions in the last five years, as well as having been a participant at many others throughout the NW and a few in the Bay Area so I have a list of tried and true activities, but I'm always in the market for new ideas. Music Programming, even more than some other areas of a convention, is dependent upon the participation of its attendees to take place at all. So please let me know what you would like to see, and I'll do what I can to make it happen. I hope to have some more detailed information available in the next Progress Report, and I will also be sending out emails as plans come together, so let me know if you'd like to be included in that discussion. You can reach me at quarong@aa.net or at 253-639-6483 between 7-10pm and on weekends. Thank you for your input! I look forward to seeing you in July!


Simone Cooper

With your help we hope to provide a friendly, pleasant atmosphere for role-playing games and to support your creativity and contributions to the science fiction and fantasy community. Just a few of the NEW things we have in mind for gaming this year include:

One thing we can do to make gaming an exciting part of the convention is to promote a wide variety of events and generate interest in them in advance of the convention. For this reason if you are thinking about running an gaming event at Westercon 54, please register it with us in advance. If you meet our Wednesday, March 14, 2001 deadline, your event will be included in a special pre-registration booklet, so that both avid gamers and new fans can better plan their schedules. I f you wish to have the pre-registration packet sent to you, please contact me by e-mail or via the Westercon 54 P.O. box. In this PR, you will find an event submission form that you can return by postal mail or e-mail. We will also have a web form available on the website at http://www.osfci.org/cgi-bin/gamereg.cgi. Thanks to the many people who have expressed interest in gaming events and the gaming track so far! Now in order to make gaming a reality, we need your events. (503) 283-0542 simone@wyrdrune.com


Food. Drink. Food. Cameradie. Food. Good fun. Oh, did we mention the food? As with OryCons and Westercons past, we will have an excellent Hospitality Suite, featuring breakfast fare in the morning, as well as cold and hot dishes at various times during the day... and of course, feel free to come in and grab a snack or refreshment in between your busy convention schedule! We look forward to seeing you there!


Liz Mortensen

We're pleased that Westercon 54 will continue the tradition of hosting the Locus Banquet and Awards Presentation Friday evening, July 6th. It was a sold-out event last year at Conolulu -- David Hartwell's selection of Hawaiian shirts alone was worth the price. The menu (and thus the price) hasn't been set yet (the holidays got in the way), but we'll have the information on the web page as soon as it is available, and of course in PR #4. Be sure to join us for one of the major events of Westercon!


Janet Borkowski

Imagine yourself on a dark stage and suddenly, from out of nowhere, Music! Lights! And you, in a dazzling costume! Gasps of awe and amazement! And what's this? An illustrious panel of judges,all murmuring their approval of You in Your Costume in all your Glory! Does this sound good to you? Then have we got a Masquerade for you...

Westercon 54 wants you and your costume for our Saturday Night Exravaganza. The usual rules apply (no nudity, no obscenity, no costumes over 10 feet in height, no peanut butter...), but other than that, any and all costumes and costumers are welcome, from the newest novice to the mightiest master.

Say you don't have a costume, but want to help? We can do that too! For more information, please e-mail Janet Borkowski norcia@spiritone.com


Barbara Hoffert

The year 2000 is at an end, and now the real millennium will start! A good resolution for 2001 is to be in the Westercon 54 Variety Show! Burn up the Westercon stage with your dancing skills! Take advantage of a great opportunity to show off that award winning costume you wore in the cons past!

Do you have the soul of a performer that no one has recognized? Were you too embarrassed to participate in your high school talent show because you thought you'd look silly? Here's your chance to amaze and amuse the masses attending this year's Westercon. Costumes from amateur to professional, from new creations to old favorites are welcome. Show the Westercon audience your best (or favorite) presentation, dance, song/filk, or whatever performance you can come up with. This is an all-age show, so make sure your presentation isn't rude, nasty or naked! Children have not been forgotten, either. Kids - get your parents to help you show your precocious skills and personality on our stage. And the best part? Absolutely, 100% guaranteed, No Judging! You are all equally gifted to us.

Oh, and Dealers? Here's an excellent opportunity to strut your stuff. What would a show be without commercials? And hey, no one will be able to channel surf or leave the room for a beer while you're on. We realize it's early, but if you're interested in participating in the Variety Show, please let us know. We have pre-registration for this event available. If you have something to share or want a pre-registration packet sent out, let me know. Call or e-mail me! (503) 649-2744 barbarahoffert@home.com


John C. Bunnell

We who live in and around Portland know that Portland is chock-full of interesting and worthwhile places to eat and things to see. The goal of the Westercon 54 Restaurant & Visitors' Guide is to introduce some of the best of these restaurants and attractions to the many convention members who are coming from outside the area.

To that end, your friendly neighborhood editor is hereby inviting interested folk to contribute reviews, suggestions, and short articles from which the Guide can be compiled (thus saving said editor from the task of writing the whole guidebook himself). The initial plan calls for restaurant categories to include "Best of the Island", "Downtown Scene", "Wide World of Food", "Portland Legends", "Maxing the Expense Account", "Brewpubs and Brews" and "Budget Gourmet". (This list may be modified or rearranged along the way.)

I'd also like to see contributions and suggestions focusing on local attractions (museums, bookstores, parks, landmarks, shopping, etc.) and ideas for day trips (the beach, the Gorge, the Tualatin/Willamette wine country, Mt. Hood, etc.). With the con coming up in July, it's not too soon to write and turn in your contribution now so that Ye Editor has time to organize and compile the material into final form and get it printed. Submissions need not be lengthy; for single reviews, two or three paragraphs is fine, longer surveys will probably max out at a thousand words or so.

Send all contributions to the below e-address; I can handle most PC word processor formats (and plain text, of course). All contributors whose work is included in the final guidebook will be credited -- think of this as your chance at literary immortality! JCBunnell@sff.net


Sean Prescott and Josh Moore

Blood. Sweat. Volunteers. Hey, you knew that was coming, didn't you? I mean, it wouldn't be a true convention without uttering that predictable yet oh-so-important plea. All conventions are successful due to the tireless efforts and sacrifices of volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering your time on site at the convention, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators. sabbataholic@juno.com (Josh Moore)


Mary Kay Kare

A bid has been filed to hold Westercon 56 (2003) at the SeaTac Doubletree, just south of Seattle. This ensures that only northern zone (37 degrees N) bids will be listed on the ballot next summer. The final deadline for filing a bid for the site selection ballot is April 15th, 2001. (The filing papers must be in the hands of the Westercon 54 committee by that time.) The ballots, and the Westercon Bylaws, will be included in PR #4, which will be in the mail by May 10th. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Kay at marykay@kare.ws.


Marc Wells

This year, Westercon is sponsoring "Story Time" for kids on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (and Sunday afternoon, if we don't finish on Saturday). The story will most likely be Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth. Get the kids ready for bed (and give yourself an hour or so break!). Contact Marc Wells if you have questions or comments. marcw@mailcity.com


Marc Wells

Yes, there will be another frantic edition of "Whose Line is It, Anyway?" at Westercon 54. Most of the usual suspects will be there as well as some new faces and new ideas. Feel free to send ideas for situations ahead of time to the nominal MC, Marc Wells by e-mail or via the Westercon PO Box. And don't forget to bring that really interesting thing you found in the trash heap the other day for the props game. marcw@mailcity.com


Mary Rosenblum

There will, of course, be a writers workshop at Westercon this year. We will be offering both the usual adult workshops, as well as a youth workshop. For all participants, we are offering the usual detailed critiques from professional writers. This is an excellent opportunity to receive some valuable input on your work, whether this is your first attempt at a story or your fiftieth rejected manuscript.

This year we will accept submissions in two adult divisions: novel and short story. Short stories are limited to 7000 words. Novels must include a detailed plot synopsis along with the first three chapters (or less), up to 60 double-spaced pages total. Participants may submit one piece to each of the two divisions, and participation is limited to registered members of Westercon.

Our youth workshop is open to any Westercon member who is18 years of age or younger. Participants may submit either a short story of up to 7000 words or a novel synopsis plus first three chapters, up to 60 pages of manuscript.

All manuscripts must be typed, double spaced, and have numbered pages. No electronic submissions will be accepted this year. Creating a professional, printed manuscript is part of the learning process! Do leave 1 " margins and use a readable 12 point type. Unreadable manuscripts will be returned for resubmission, if there is time.

Further details and deadline dates will follow in Progress Report 4, and will also be posted on the website. We want to extend a special welcome to our youth participants this year! Send in those submissions! Please feel free to contact me at mrosenbl@earthlink.net.

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