Westercon 54

Portland, Oregon
July 5-8, 2001

Progress Report Two

Usher in the new millennium by taking a Westercon Odyssey to Portland, Oregon!
July 5-8, 2001

Doubletree Jantzen Beach Hotel
Doubletree Columbia River Hotel

Guests of Honor

Tim Powers: Author Guest of Honor
Mike Glyer: Fan Guest of Honor
Terri Windling: Editor Guest of Honor
Frank Lurz: Artist Guest of Honor

Contact information:

Westercon 54
PO Box 5901
Portland, Oregon 97228-5901
(360) 993-2001


OSFCI is the sponsor of OryCon, CON, Westercons 37, 43, 48, CascadeCon, Smofcon 8, Potlatchs 5 & 8, 1996 World Horror Convention, the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund, the Endeavour Award, the Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund.

Notes from the Chairs

Robert Verde and Dean Koenig
Westercon 54 Co-Chairs

It's time for another write-up from the convention chair. Keeping in the spirit of a Portland Westercon, this time the message is coming from Dean Koenig, the other chair. Robert and I have been working hard to make sure Westercon 54 will be a very memorable convention for everyone. I especially want to welcome everyone to the city of Portland. I encourage all of you visiting the area from out of town to pry yourselves away from the hotel to see the Columbia Gorge to the east, the spectacular Oregon coast to the west, or at least the world class brew pubs and book stores in downtown Portland.

Since our guests include some very interesting renaissance types, you might be in a quandary deciding when to leave the hotel to see these wonderful sights. These fascinating people at one moment could discuss oil painting technique and, before you know it, they're talking about the influence of Particle Physics in sociology. Combine our great guests with the incredible pool of talented convention runners, and you have a perfect formula for a great Westercon.

Once again, welcome to the City of Roses! I'll see you in the other hotel...

From the Registrar

Membership rates for Westercon 54

Attending - $45 until 12/31/00
Attending - $55 until 3/15/01
Supporting memberships are always $20.00
Children: 6 to 12 half of current adult membership; 5 and under free
(applies to child's age at time of convention, children must be accompanied by adult member)
Special offer: Purchase a full (adult) attending membership for a child, and receive free child care (space permitting).

The label on your progress report contains your name, membership number and status ('A' attending, 'S' supporting, 'C' child with child care, 'G' guest or 'INT' interested party), badge name, and address.

Please let us know if any of these are incorrect or have changed. We'd hate to lose you! To transfer a membership, please let us know in advance (either by mail or email), and we'll have the correct badge ready at the convention.

Westercon 54 Hotels

Patty Wells and Melanie Schaber

The room rates have been set: $98 (per night, plus tax) for four people, plus $15 for a rollaway bed (maximum five people per room). If you specifically request a river view room, it will also be an additional $15. If you don't request a river view, but you get one anyway, it will not cost you extra.

Just like at Westercon 48, the Columbia River will be the Quiet Hotel ( i.e. no open parties). The Jantzen Beach will be the Party Hotel. We will have more information about registering your party with the convention in later PRs and at the convention.

To aid you in your decision in choosing which hotel might best suit your needs for Westercon 54, here is some additional information. Jantzen Beach will be home to the Art Show and Dealer's Room (in the main ballroom) as well as the the larger events (Masquerade, Variety Show, Dances, Opening Ceremonies, etc) in the downstairs ballroom. There will be programming in both hotels, with the majority of programming taking place in the Columbia River.

We will also be handling the room bookings the way we do for OryCon and our last Westercon. Sleeping rooms will be booked directly with the hotel, but we will be overseeing the booking of the suites. Details will be available in the next PR, but know that suites will be assigned based on giving priority to the bidders for the 2003 Westercon, followed by other bids and cons/fannish groups, and other requests as they come in. Look for a booking form in PR #3.

We will again have a shuttle to run between hotels for anyone who needs that extra bit of assistance getting back and forth under the bridge and across the parking lot.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

Disability Concerns?

Page Fuller
Disablility Liaison

I will do my best to make the concerns go away. We want everyone to enjoy the convention. Westercon in Portland will be in two hotels and for those with walking problems, we will have a shuttle system in place to handle ambulatory, wheelchair or mobie transportation between the two hotels.

What else can I do to help? If you have any special needs, please send me an email at page@prodigy.net or call me at 503-254-0552.


Westercon 54 is a weapon-free convention. This means the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a designated event, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. Prior to any such designated event, the Special Events department must approve the use of a weapon as part of the event. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

In addition to the prohibitions in the Oregon Revised Statutes, the Convention Committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the Committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped before they are taken out of the room.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.

Smoking is not allowed in any convention space during Westercon 54. Posted restaurant and/or bar smoking areas are exempt from this policy, as are private sleeping rooms.

No animals are allowed on hotel property except ADA compliant working animals.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a Westercon 54 membership.


Ruth Sachter

Right now we're busy collecting ideas to develop and suggestions of people to invite as program participants. We'll be using our OryCon invite list as our base and add to that. Our current timetable calls for mailing programming invitations in early January 2001. Regrettably, even with the increased space available for Westercon, we will not be able to accommodate everyone who is interested in participating in programming.

We'll anticipate being more heavily programmed than an OryCon but probably a bit lighter than Westercon 48 -- eight or nine tracks instead of 12 or 13 should be quite enough. After all, one needs some free time to visit the Dealers Room, Art Show, Hospitality, Club House, as well as take in some local sightseeing.

Very little is set in stone but due to its great success in Conolulu, we will have another Baseball panel. We're also still looking for more creative voices for program development, if you'd like to help please let me know. Being in Portland is not necessary as long as email is your friend. Help with art-related programming would be especially useful.

As to what else, feel free to write in or email your suggestions to: ruths@spiritone.com or w54prog@spiritone.com.

Tim Powers
Author Guest of Honor

Tim Powers is a two-time winner of the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award. He is known for his intricately plotted stories filled with well-rounded and often outlandish characters, as well as his penchant for exploring the darker and horrific sides of fantasy and science fiction.

In addition to his Phillip K. Dick Memorial Awards for The Anubis Gates in 1984 and Dinner at Deviant's Palace in 1985, he has also been honored with the 1993 World Fantasy Award for Last Call, and most recently received the 1996 Locus Award for Best Dark Fantasy/Horror Novel for Expiration Date. He is also a writer-in-residence for the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop.

Set during the cold war, his newest novel, Declare, is due for release from Avon Books in fall 2000.

Mike Glyer
Fan Guest of Honor

Mike Glyer has published fanzines for 30 years, including the fannish newzine File 770. His writing and 'zine have won six Hugo Awards. Mike co-chaired Westercon 31 in 1978, which was inspired by its Baskin-Robbins-esque number to create the first "Ice Cream Social" at a convention. He also chaired the 1996 Worldcon, L.A.Con III. But, along the way, he's also been assigned to the "really fun" jobs at conventions -- running the Green Room at the 1989 Westercon and editing the Worldcon daily newzine 1980 to 1984. He's been a member of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society almost as long as he's been in fandom. His one professional fiction sale appeared in Alternate Worldcons. Mike is married to Diana Glyer, an English professor at Azusa Pacific University, chair of the 1997 Mythcon, and a scholar interested in C.S. Lewis and the Inklings.

Terri Windling
Editor Guest of Honor

Terri Windling can do it all. A renowned editor, illustrator, book publisher, and writer, her passion for the fairy tale contributed to a recent revival and reassessment of the field. Becoming an editor at Ace Books in 1979, she produced the Elsewhere trilogy of anthologies and Faery! These projects showed her wide knowledge of fantasy beyond standard fantasy genre boundaries. Before leaving Ace, she also developed the Ace Fantasy line of books, as well as establishing the Fairy Tales series, which showcased the early work of such authors as Steven R. Boyett, Emma Bull, and Charles DeLint.

Moving to Tor Books in 1987, she began collaborating with Ellen Datlow to develop Tor's fantasy line, the result of which was The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series of anthologies. Also with Datlow, she has edited a series of modern revisionist fairy tales with a strong element of feminism.

Terri's first novel, The Wood Wife, was published in 1996. It was awarded the 1997 Mythopoeic Award for Best Novel of the Year. Terri is currently working on a collaboration with Wendy Froud called A Midwinter's Faery Tale (forthcoming in October 2000). Her newest solo effort, The Moon Wife, is also due for release in 2000.

To read more about Terri Windling's work, visit www.endicott-studio.com.

Frank Lurz
Artist Guest of Honor

Born in 1942, Frank Lurz has sketched and painted since childhood, but never pursued art seriously until he left his career in medical research in 1989. As a young boy, his life was changed forever when he saw the art of Chesley Bonestell featured on the big screen in the Robert Heinlein film, "Destination Moon." In his teens, he became an amateur astronomer, spending his daylight hours reading science fiction. Not surprisingly, astronomical art and spacecraft are common themes of his paintings. Pursuing a career in medical research at U.C. San Francisco, Frank often used painting as a means of tension release after long hours in the operating room. His wife, Fay, finally grew tired of his 4:15am wake up calls and demanded he "get a life," so in 1989, he showed his art at his first Con. He has appeared as Artist Guest of Honor at BayCon '95, Starquest 1 and OryCon 19.

In addition to his career as an artist, Lurz is also a certified fencing master of the Italian School. He runs a fencing school in Marin County, California, and during the academic year, he serves as assistant director of the Fencing Masters' Training Program at San Jose State University. At science fiction conventions, he frequently gives lectures on dueling and demonstrations of the theory and technique of classical Italian swordplay.

Progress Report Ad Rates and Deadlines

Full Page $60.00
Half Page $40.00

Content/Ad Deadline Mailing Deadline
PR 3 December 10, 2001 January 30, 2001
PR 4 March 18, 2001 May 1, 2001

Please notice that the deadlines have changed from Progess Report 1. Each page will be in "half size" - 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Ad rates for the program book will be decided at a later date. Due to Post Office requirements, we are only accepting ads from non-profit groups for the Progress Reports only.

Art Show

Lacey Axmaker

It is still too early to give any real details about the Art Show. Our Artist Guest of Honor is Frank Lurz. He is a wonderful artist and a very charming man. He was the Artist Guest of Honor for Orycon 19. There will be a mailing for the Art Show with more details around January 2001. If you are on the OryCon list for Art Show, you will automatically receive a copy of the mailing. If you change your address, please send the new information to the Westercon 54 P.O. Box. You may also contact me at laceyax@bigfoot.com.

Children & Child Care

Children must be accompanied by an adult in order to purchase a membership, and all children must be registered with the convention. Those five and under will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. At all times, these children must be under the supervision of an adult, or in child care. If a young child is found unattended, that child will be delivered to child care and the parents billed. Children five and under will still be admitted free to the convention. Children six to 12 are admitted at half the adult price, and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. However, if they are not capable of independence, then they must be under adult supervision or in child care. Regardless, all children under the age of 12 must be under direct adult supervision after 8PM. Additionally, no one under the age of 12 may work as a volunteer for more than four hours a day. (Six hours a day for ages 12 through 16.)

There will be child care available at Westercon, provided by a licensed agency. We'll have more information on this in the next progress report, including rates and information on making reservations. Remember that child care for the entire weekend (on a space-available basis, of course) can be obtained by purchasing an adult membership for your child.

Club House

Dick Pilz, and Roz Malin and Evan Pilz

The Club House is a quiet Hospitality. We will be serving high quality food and beverages. Either Friday or Saturday, there will be a "tasting" of main courses and beverages. There will be a small fee for those who attend the "tasting" (similar to the "When in Doubt..." chocolate tasting).

As with all of the other departments, we will need volunteers. Those volunteers that spend five hours helping in the Club House will receive a copy of our new cookbook! The cookbook will showcase some of the recipes that will be served over the course of the Westercon weekend. Those who volunteer to help us with the "tasting" will also receive a limited edition chef's apron!

For those fans who enjoy puttering in the kitchen, please come help in the Club House. We would be honored to work with you. Contact us at: dickpilz@gurudyne.com

Westercon 54 Dealers

Paul Wrigley

Information packages will be mailed out to all Dealers who have requested one by the August 15th deadline. If you haven't received one by September 1st, please contact me by email at wrigcros@teleport.com or call me during the evenings (5:30 - 7p ) or the weekend at Wrigley-Cross Books (503 281-9449). I will be attending Bouchercon in Denver from September 3rd - 17th and you will be unable to reach me during that time. However, there is no need to panic as all Dealer Forms received by October 15th will receive the same priority.

If you have any questions, please don't hestiate to contact me.

Wrigley-Cross Books
1809 N.E 39th Avenue
Portland OR 97212

Email wrigcros@teleport.com

Phone (503) 281-9449
Toll Free (877) 694-1467


For those of you new to conventions, a filk is defined as: a song, often an amusing parody, with science fiction or fantasy lyrics set to the tune of a folksong, popular song, or another filksong (there are some totally original filks). To filk is to write or sing filksongs, and filkers are those who do so.

Westercon 54 invites you to participate in a wide variety of music events. We plan to have daytime and evening concerts to allow you to hear the newest and best of science fiction/fantasy music! If you'd like to volunteer to participate or run any filking events, please contact our chairs.


Simone Cooper

Gaming still needs your input! In addition to games, we are still looking to develop panels (game development, scenario development, the game market, writing games professionally, etc.), tournaments (official and unofficial for board and role-playing games), and specific game information tracks (WotC lines and gaming worlds, various independent lines and gaming worlds, etc.).

We want to make the Westercon gaming track educational and fun for everyone. If you have a contact or interest in specific gaming areas or with specific clubs, publishers or other organizations, please let us know. Your ideas are important to us.

Call to the experienced game masters:

A special call to science fiction and fantasy readers from the gaming committee: How would you like to play a part in your favorite science fiction or fantasy world? Interact with other fans in character immersed in the lore and background of a book, film or comic? Explore the potential of your favorite characters beyond the ends of their books or in alternate story lines? Do you think you can plot and scheme like the characters in Game of Thrones? Face the challenge of meeting a new alien culture? Stay cool-headed in the face of horror or panic all around you? Quip and quote witht the cleverest villains?

For Westercon 54, the Gaming Department, in cooperation with other committees and conventions, want to put together a series of interactive storytelling events. For this, we need to have your suggestions of events you would enjoy.

Please do contact me at: Simone Cooper 503-283-0542 simone@wyrdrune.com.


Food. Drink. Cameradie. As with OryCons and Westercons past, we will have an excellent Hospitality Suite. At this time, it is too early for specifics, but this department eats volunteers for lunch. Like "Soylent Green", Hospitality IS people and we will need many volunteers to make it successful. If you are interested in working this department, please contact the Westercon Chairs.

Locus Awards Banquet

We're pleased that Westercon 54 will continue the tradition of hosting the Locus Banquet and Awards Presentation Friday evening, July 6th. It was a sold-out event this year at Conolulu -- David Hartwell's selection of Hawaiian shirts alone was worth the price. We'll have all the necessary information: time, menu, and cost in Progress Report #3, and on our webpage.

Masquerade/Variety Show

Barbara Hoffert and Janet Borkowski

Westercon 54 is proud to present the first ever combined Masquerade/Variety Show in the history of Westercon. While the Masquerade will be a formal presentation with an illustrious panel of judges, the variety acts will take the stage to amaze and amuse you when the judges are out.

All the usual rules will apply for the Masquerade. Awards will be given in categories ranging from novice to master and of course children's entries are always welcome. If you have a costume that you want to share, but do not wish to have judged, please feel to enter it in our Variety Show which will follow the Masquerade.

Speaking of the Variety Show, It's time to dust off that forgotten flute or drum set. How about that tap dance routine you did in junior high? Or do you feel the burning desire to perform that belly dance in public? And we'd really love to see your astounding costumes from years gone by. And no, we're not forgetting the kids - can little Bobby sing opera? Does little Suzie need to spread her acting wings? Put them on the Variety Show stage and watch their stars rise!

The best part? No judging!

Dealers are welcome to give shameless plugs for their wares that are for sale. What's a good show without commercials?

Yes! We need you all for a great Masquerade and Variety Show! For more information or for pre-registration for either event, contact Barbara Hoffert at 503-649-2744 or at barbarahoffert@home.com or contact Janet Borkowski at norcia@spiritone.com.

Outside Events and Tours

As we mentioned in PR#1, there's lots to see and do in and around Portland if you can bear to tear yourself away from the con or can arrange time for either pre- or post-con touring. A car isn't a necessity -- getting to downtown Portland or Vancouver is easy by the Tri-Met #5 bus. (See all the routes and schedules at www.tri-met.org/). We'll have more about some favorite places and activities in subsequent progress reports and on the Westercon webpage.

Meanwhile, we've been assembling some suggestions for events and tours that will be organized by Westercon, some of which we have offered at our previous Westercons, some new.

Please take a few minutes to look at the ideas listed on the questionnaire inserted in this progress report and use it to let us know which items pique your interest. Either return it by mail to the Westercon address or fill out the version that will be posted on the Westercon webpage. Be sure to title it "Westercon Events & Tours" so it gets counted. We'll tally your comments to produce a final list with firm prices and times for PR#3.


Blood. Sweat. Volunteers. Hey, you knew that was coming, didn't you? I mean, it wouldn't be a true convention without uttering that predictable yet oh-so-important plea. All conventions are successful due to the tireless efforts and sacrifices of volunteers, both on committees as well as on site at the convention itself. There are several committee positions for Westercon 54 still open. If you are interested in contributing your time and talents for the convention, please contact Robert Verde at rv@1v.net, or attend a future Westercon meeting.

Writer's Workshop

Like other Portland conventions in previous years, we're planning on offering writer's workshop sessions. Please drop us a line if you'd like more information. The rules for participation will be included in the next progress report.

Westercon Business

The reign of Sturgis was short-lived as the business meeting voted to re-adopt the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised as its parliamentary authority. But there's a good chance the matter may again be put to the vote next year.

The Los Angeles bid won the site selection vote: Westercon 55 will be Conagerie. It will be held at the Los Angeles Airport Wyndham Hotel, July 4 - 7, 2002.

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