Westercon 54: Hotels

We're back in "The Other Hotel"! :-)

Update 5/2/01: We have filled up the non-smoking rooms in our block at the Jantzen Beach DoubleTree. However, there are still non-smoking rooms at the Columbia River DoubleTree.

We did have convention rooms/rates for the 4th at the Columbia River, but those are now sold out. We have just added a block of rooms for the 4th (and a few for the 3rd) at the Red Lion Inn at the Quay in Vancouver, at the rate of $85 a night. To phone, call 360-694-8341 or check the web site at http://www.redlion.com/properties/vancouver.html

The problem with getting any sort of block on the 4th at the Jantzen Beach is that their view of the Fort Vancouver fireworks is so good that they are able to run very expensive parties and get their premium rates of the year.

Energy Surcharge: For a brief time the hotel was planning to add a $3.00 Energy surcharge per day per room to our attendees as they were to everyone else. After a pleasant discussion they graciously waived this for Westercon attendees. However, it automatically shows up on the guest charges at the Front Desk computers. It should be taken off the charges for all Westercon attendees, and we and they will monitor this to the best of our ability, but it is one thing to watch for being accidently left on your bill. Since this is part of their standard billing program it currently has to be removed from each bill individually. We're sorry to give you one more thing to look out for, but it beats paying the extra charge.

How to Reserve Rooms: You can make room reservations by calling the hotel (The Columbia River Doubletree phone is (503) 283-2111, the Jantzen Beach phone is (503) 283-4466) or by printing and mailing this form. When making your reservation, be sure to specify that you are with "Westercon 54".

As stated before: the rate is $98 for 1 to 4 people (an additional person adds $15 for a rollaway bed, which you must request). The convention rate is guaranteed for all rooms available even after the block has ended (June 16th, 2001). There's just no guarantee that there will be any rooms left at either hotel at that point -- so make those reservations in advance. As of this writing there are many rooms available in both hotels and in all portions of the block. However, some types of rooms fill soon and it is to your benefit to book soon.

If and only if, you specifically request a river view room, you will be charged $15 extra. There have been a couple of instances where this charge has been added when a booking is placed in a riverview room without the request. Per our contract his is only for requests, and it is best that you double check your rate before getting off the phone. Any problems we have had with this, or with mistaken rates or being told the block is filled are ones we have been able to solve. It's been our experience that the Doubletree's new system of having off property pods of people answering reservation requests has led to some very strange things being said, although most reservations are being processed correctly and with no problem.

Remember that the party hotel is the Doubletree Jantzen Beach. The quiet hotel is the Doubletree Columbia River. For your planning purposes, the Dealer's Room and Art Show will be at the Jantzen Beach, as will all open parties. More programming, Child Care and Children's Programming, Filking, the Fanzine Room and the fannish Clubhouse will be in the Columbia River.

Parties: If you plan to hold a party, you must reserve in the Party Hotel which is the Jantzen Beach and specify that you will be holding a party/want the party area. The hotel will again be requiring a $100 damage/cleaning deposit for open parties. Since this started with OryCon all deposits have been completely refunded and the hotel has been very happy with us. Please note that this policy is being applied to all groups not just our conventions. Your open parties will need to be registered in the office so we can coordinate with the hotel and help you get any extra trash bags and/or cleaning supplies from the hotel. We control the suite reservations and need to be contacted if you want one for a specific night, whether for a party or for the weekend. Craig Howlett will be assisting in arranging for the suite requests.

Suites: For suites, the rates are as follows:

Shuttles: We will again have a shuttle to run between hotels for anyone who needs that extra bit of assistance getting back and forth under the bridge and across the parking lot.

How to Get to the Hotels: Click here for a map (13K) that shows how to get to the hotels by car.

For More Info: The hotels have their own Home Pages on the Web:

Contact Us: Please feel free to contact us with your questions, special requirements, and if any problems arise. You can use the Westercon PO Box, the general e-mail address, or reach us directly at patty@teleport.com and d.schaber@home.com.

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