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Portland, Oregon
December 2-4, 2005
Red Lion Convention Center Hotel

Theme: Expecting the Unexpected!

Files from Friday night's icebreaker:

What Is a SMOFcon?

SMOFcon is the annual gathering of the "Secret Masters Of Fandom," the people behind the scenes at your local Science Fiction conventions. For more info, see

This convention is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI).

Last-Minute Info:


David Schaber - Chair
John Lorentz - Treasurer
Ruth Sachter - Registration
Jen Contrares - Hotel
Debra Stansbury - Hospitality
Linda Pilcher - Publications
Patty Wells - Program
David Levine - Web Page


Our hotel is the Red Lion Hotel Portland - Convention Center, and the room rate is $69/night.

To make a reservation, you can:

Update October 26: It should now be possible to make a reservation at the convention rate via the hotel web site: If this doesn't work, you can:

Nationally Known Meeting/Contracts Expert Added as SMOFcon Speaker:

The SMOFcon 23 committee is pleased to announce the addition of Tyra Hilliard as a keynote speaker at this year's SMOFcon.

Why a guest speaker for a SMOFcon, when it is normally con runners with expertise training other con runners? Good question. It was a new thought for me too. I have done program for a few SMOFcons before and never felt the need for an outside speaker. However, my perspective is different this year. Orycon and our gaming con lost the hotel we'd been in for well over a decade. I ended up taking point on hotel search and negotiation. This meant I spoke to a dozen hotels in the spring and gathered as much information on contracts as I could. It had been a few years since I had done this, and it became glaringly obvious to me that the chains are moving towards having more non-negotiable legal language and the financial consequences of some of the language that was presented to me are becoming higher all the time. There are very few professional meeting planners within fandom, and none who are in Ms. Hilliard's unique position of helping to plan the standards for contracts for years to come.

Ms. Hilliard will add to the theme of Expecting the Unexpected by delivering an interactive presentation that explains some attrition, cancellation, and force majeure language, including how to recognize bad contract language.

Below is a brief biography detailing Ms. Hilliard's accomplishments in the meeting and event planning industry.

TYRA W. HILLIARD, J.D., CMP is an associate professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, teaching courses in meeting and event management, including Meetings Law and Risk Management for Events. Tyra is a frequent contributor to meeting industry magazines, does customized training in the area of legal and risk management for meeting and event managers, and enjoys facilitating educational programs at industry group meetings. Tyra is currently the Chair of the Convention Industry Council's APEX Contracts Panel and Chair of the Professional Convention Management Association's Council on Education. She was named "One of the 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry" by MeetingNews magazine in 2004. Prior to embarking on a career in meetings education, Tyra worked in the meetings industry as an attorney, an association meeting planner, a catering manager, and a convention and visitors bureau sales manager. Her industry experience allows her to address the legal and business aspects of meeting planning from the very different perspectives of the hotel, the meeting planner, and the law.

SMOFcon is very grateful to San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions (SFSFC) and Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee (SWOC) for granting monies to help fund this speaker. And we are grateful to Tyra Hilliard for waiving her normal speakers honorarium for this event.

Tyra Hilliard is first rate and very well respected in the industry. She's also quite interested in how much we do as volunteer meeting planners. And even if you never plan to negotiate a contract, if you work on cons you need to know how difficult it can be to navigate through contracts and what we as convention planners are looking at in the future.

You will be impressed, I guarantee you.

-- Patty Wells


Through October 31, 2005: $55.00 (US)
At the door: $70.00 (US)
Supporting Membership: $25.00 (US)

Please note: pre-registration will remain open past October 31, 2005, just the rate is changing.

To join,

Mailed memberships should be received by November 21, 2005. After that please use the online membership form (preferably before November 30, 2005) or buy your membership at-con.

We will be accepting cash and checks at the con. Unfortunately we will not be able to take credit/debit cards at-con.

If you're sure you're coming and will be paying for your membership at the door, feel free to email to let us know.

Members (as of 11/27/05):

Please email if we need to change or correct your listing, and of course if you have purchased a membership and are not listed.
Terry Adams
Kimm Antell
Bobbi Armbruster
Gene Armstrong
Margaret Austin
Renee Babcock
Margene Bahm
Stephanie L. Bannon (S)
Kurt Baty
Judy Bemis
Beverly Block
Gary S. Blog
Kent Bloom
Stephen Boucher
Seth Breidbart
Elaine Brennan
James M. Briggs
Carla Broggi
Kimberlee Marks Brown
Mark Burns
Roberta L. Carlson
Paul Carpentier
Sandra Lynn Childress
Michael Citrak
Sue Ellen Colter (S)
Steve Criss
Debbie Cross
Aaron G. Curtis
James Stanley Daugherty
Kathryn Daugherty
Linda Deneroff
Gay Ellen Dennett
Vincent J. Docherty
Bobbie DuFault
Bruce Durocher
    Martin Easterbrook
Cecilia Eng
David Evans
Gary Feldbaum (S)
Naomi Fisher
Crickett Fox
Pam Fremon
David Gallaher
Deb Geisler
Janice Gelb
Jerry Gieseke
Glenn Glazer
Don Glover
Marc Gordon
Ed Green
Darrel L. Exline/The
   ConFurence Group (S)
Glen Gyldersleve
Hal Haag
Shouichi Hachiya
Mrs. Kevin Standlee aka Lisa Hayes
Jack Heneghan
Mark Herrup
Mike Higashi
Phil Hilliard
Tyra Hilliard
Joyce Hooper
Craige Howlett
Andrew Nisbet III
Jerry Kaufman (S)
Rick Kovalcik
Elspeth Kovar
Grant Kruger
Milton Le
Ruth Leibig
    David Levine
Mark A. Linneman
David Lohkamp
John Lorentz
Robert J. MacIntosh
Rachael Madsen
Jim Mann
Laurie Mann
Dave McCarty
Martin McClure
Christian McGuire
Karen Meschke
Craig Miller
Sue Mohn
Patrick Molloy
Ted Monogue
Mary Morman
Liz Mortensen
Jim Murray
Aaron Nabil
Michael Nelson
Mary Olsen
Mark L. Olson
Priscilla Olson
Margaret Organ-Kean
Bill Parker
Tony Edwin Parker
Elayne Pelz
Devlin Perez
Linda Pilcher
Michael Pinnick
Michael Pins
Gary L. Plumlee
Daniel R. Reitman
Sue Renhard
    Susan Robinson
Ruth Sachter
John T. Sapienza
Peggy Rae Sapienza
Sharon Sbarsky
Dave Schaber
Andi Schecter
Marah Searle-Kovacevic
Ariel Shattan
Kevin Standlee
Ann Stansbury
Debra Stansbury
Ian E. Stockdale
Geri Sullivan
Becky Thomson
Suzanne Tompkins
Alexander von Thorn
Barbara Van Tilburg
Tom Veal
René Walling
William Warriner
Marc Wells
Patty Wells
Roger Wells
Tom Whitmore
John Williamson
Pam Wilsonsage
Sally Woehrle
Paul Wrigley
Ben Yalow
Kate Yule
Scott Zrubek
And little birdies have told us to expect:
Jenn Contreras
Jane Dennis
Scott Dennis
Page Fuller
Jean Goddin
Erik V. Olson
John Piper
Melanie Schaber
Joyce Scrivner

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