Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2002


Present: Board and officers:Mark Wells, Melanie Schaber, David Schaber, Dean Koenig, Patty Wells,Lea Rush, Andrew Nesbit, Jim Fiscus, Aaron Curtis,and John Williamson.


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 pm by Linda Pilcher.



The following correction needed to be made: Change Sam Butler to Sam Justice.

Motion to accept minutes with change passed


Motion was made to accept Lisa Axmaker to the Board of Directors for a one year term. Passed.

Motion was made to accept David Levine to the Board of directors for a one year term.Andrew Nesbit proposed that we ask David Levine if he wants to accept before we appoint him.


Election of Officers: Nominations:

Linda Pilcher for President

David Schaber for Secretary

Jean Stump for Treasurer


Nominations were closed.


Treasurer's Report :

††† James Wilsonsage was not present at the meeting.Jean Stump promised an

††† updatedTreasurers report would be forthcoming.



Convention Reports:


†††† Westercon 54:

††††† Almost ready to close the books (see report).Plan is to $750 to the Endeavour Awards.

††††† Also plan to

††††† donate $250 for a memorium to Bruce Pelz.


†††† Orycon 23:

††††† Should have the books closed in a few days.Plan to donate some money to the

††††† Endeavour Awards

††††† and the rest of the surplus will be sent to OSFCI.



†††† Orycon 24:

††††† Had a meeting yesterday.Our memberships seem a bit low. Plan to start a light advertising

††††† campaign.We have a full committee with the exception of Hospitality.



†††† Orycon 25:

††††† The board appointed Melanie Schaber as the OSFCI representative to Orycon 25.

††† ††Marc Wells is the treasurer.


†††† GameStorm 2002:

††††† We have not closed the books because of some outstanding checks.We have a

††††† sizable surplus

††††† this year.



†††† GameStorm 2003:

††††† We started negotiations with the Hotel.They are unwilling at this point to sign a

††††† multi-year contract.The official dates of the convention are March 15-17, 2003.

††††† Are considering dropping the computer gaming and adding a video room.

††††† The board appointed Andrew Nesbit as the OSFCI representative to GameStorm 2003


†††† Left Coast Crime:

††††The convention went very well.Looks like we are going to have a considerable surplus.

††††† It may take several months to get the books closed.There is a $630 check for insurance

††††† that has yet to be cashed.If you canít find it, let Debbie Cross know so a new check

††††can be issued.

††††† Debbie thanked the many people who went out of their way to help out during the convention.




Funds and Awards:


†††† Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

†††† We gave two scholarships out last year.Have about $7000 in the fund.Motion to appoint

†††† Paul Wrigley and Debbie Cross to administer the Susan Petry fund was passed



†††† Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

††† (See report).


Endeavour Award:

†††† (See Report)

†††† Motion was made to accept the Clayton and Endeavour reports passed.



Continuing Business:


††††† Subcommittees reports:


††††††††† No reports.


††††† Other continuing business:

†††† Gail Butler Art disk:Gail is getting an estimate, and will inform us as soon as she finds out.


††††† FAQ:

††††† The FAQ has been updated.Motion to send the FAQ to David Levine to post on the website

††††† Passed.





New Business:


††††† John Bartley proposed we form a subcommittee to investigate putting together a fen cookbook

††††† To honor Damon Knight.A motion was made to have the corporation financially

††††† support this endeavor for up to $1000.A friendly amendment was made to submit a report to

††††† the BOD to see if this is worth pursuing. Passed.


††††† Motion to adjourn was passed.


††††† Meeting ends at 9:35 pm