Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI)
Code of Conduct

OSFCI does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, inappropriate language or unwelcome physical contact. This policy applies to any attendee’s interactions with fellow con-goers, program participants, hotel employees, and guests of the hotel, including panel discussions. Be respectful of and courteous towards others. Attendees are expected to understand that one needs to ask before touching and that “no” means “no”. If someone says “no” or “go away”, an attendee’s business with that person is done. Violation of this policy can result in action by the convention committee ranging from warnings to having the violator’s badge revoked with no refund, and the decision of the event chair is final. Action by the convention in no way precludes the injured individual or the hotel from pursuing whatever remedies, civil or criminal, they see fit. After the event, OSFCI may take further action, including banning the violator from further events. Please note that other behaviors, including but not limited to destruction of hotel property, can also result in the actions described above. A copy of the procedures for enforcement of this code are available on the OSFCI web site at http://osfci.org/code.html.

OSFCI Statement of Inclusiveness

OSFCI is committed to creating a safe and inviting space that is inclusive of all fans, gamers, families, and members, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, orientation, or gender identity. We take security and anti-harassment policies very seriously to ensure safety and respect for all attendees of all of our sponsored events."

Procedures for Enforcement


  1. The events shall draft written policies listing who is designated as having the power to revoke event memberships, and the event chair shall forward a copy of this to the Board prior to the event. (These people may be designated by name or by staff position.)
  2. The event security of any OSFCI event shall note any warnings given in the written security logs for the event.
  3. Except in the case of extraordinary situations, anyone who has their event membership revoked shall have their membership fee immediately refunded.
  4. The event chair is the final authority on any actions, including membership revocations, during the event. (The OSCFI Board is only involved with any further actions taken after the close of the event.)

OSFCI Board of Directors

  1. Copies of the written security logs from the event shall be forwarded to the OSFCI secretary within two weeks of the end of the event or prior to the next scheduled meeting of the OSFCI Board of Directors (whichever comes first). The secretary will forward copies to corporate counsel.
  2. The OSFCI Board shall be informed of any membership revocations as soon as possible after the close of the event.
  3. The Board shall review any membership revocations and the event security logs at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting following the event.
  4. The Board may take further action-up to and including a permanent ban from all future OSFCI events. All such actions will be decided by a simple majority vote of the full Board.
  5. If the Board does vote to exclude someone from further events, the minimum length of that ban is one year, dating from the time of the Board decision.
  6. Anyone who is banned from further events shall be informed of this ban in writing, and be given to opportunity to appeal the ban at a following, regularly-scheduled Board meeting.
  7. Board reviews and ban appeals may be heard in closed session, upon request of either the Board or the person being heard.
  8. Actions by the hotel or its staff, including ejecting someone or permanently banning them from their property, are not appealable to the OSFCI Board.
  9. Anyone who owes money to OSFCI, or one of its events or activities, may not attend any other OSFCI event until this debt is satisfied. This includes (for example) debts to the Susan Petrey charity auction or an OryCon art show, but does not include private debts to dealers at an event.

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